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By Andrew Twiss on 2016-09-16 23:37:00

Here are full results from NXT Live in Cocoa Beach, FL on 9/16/16

Tom Phillips is your host and ring announcer for the evening.

M&G: Oney Lorcan, CJ Dunning, Bianca Blair 

Tom Phillips is your host and ring announcer for the evening 

- Kishan Raftar def. Patrick Clark - OK opener. Patrick was doing a lot of stalling and preening to the crowd to get them to hate him. The in ring work was decent. Raftar looked better here than he has in the past, but things still kind of dragged on in the middle. Lots of basic stuff in this match: body slams and kicks to the stomach. Raftar used a modified Rings of Saturn for the win.

- Mandy Rose def. Liv Morgan - This was pretty solid work. The crowd is into Liv Morgan and enjoyed booing Mandy. Mandy got in a lot of offense, including a running knee and a double underhook face buster for the win.

- Sanity (Sawyer Fulton and Alexander Wolfe) w/Nikki Cross def. Tucker Knight and Niko Bogojevic - This was mostly Sanity in control, with Knight and Bogojevic using their weight to keep things even for a while. Eventually, the teamwork of Fulton and Wolfe turned things in their favor, as they would keep Knight backed in the corner, hammering him with strikes. Storm would do her part outside, causing interference, acting like a rabid, psychotic little dog waiting to pounce. After the match, she jumped on Knight and then Bogojevic until her partners pulled her off. I'm liking this group.

- Oney Lorcan def. Wesley Blake - Oney is the new headlock master. He opens his matches finding all angles to work a headlock in and the crowd's are starting to like it. This was a good back and forth match. Everybody got their offense in and it was very back and forth. Oney worked the leg and it paid off in the end when Blake missed a frog splash, and Oney hit a running uppercut and locked in the single leg Boston crab  (a Lance Storm specialty) to win. Both guys looked good here.


- The Authors of Pain def. Kenneth Crawford and Angelo Dawkins. - This match went on a lot longer than your typical Authors of Pain match. Sure, most of it featured the Authors in control, but it wasn't a total squash. Dawkins and Crawford got some nice hope spots in, including a nice double dropkick to clear the ring, early in the match, and give them control briefly. The work itself was decent, but it went on too long. The Authors struggle sometimes, during these long matches, to keep the audience interested. It doesn't help when it features several minutes of bear hugs. 

- Dan Matha is brought out for a promo and he wants to know what's so special about the Cruiserweight Classic. He's 6'9 and Vince hired him because he's the future. He then runs down the crowd and issues an open challenge but no one answers. He leaves while arguing with fans. A decent promo and he never seemed uncomfortable in front of the crowd.

- Billie Kay def. Aliyah - Solid stuff. Aliyah is getting more confident in the ring and her matches are starting to flow better. There are less awkward pauses and slow motion offense. Billie controlled most of the action in a relatively short, but enjoyable match.

- Cedric Alexander def. Andrade Cien Almas. - Such a fun match. Both men started out as babyfaces, playing to the crowd, and engaging in high speed sequences of reversals. As the match started heating up, and strikes were getting exchanged, Almas got increasingly more aggressive. He spent the second of the match working as a full blown heel. He looks 10 times more comfortable in that role. After a heated, hard hitting match, Alexander hit the Lumbar Check for the win. After the match, Almas looked like he was going to go back in to shake hands, but instead gave Alexander the middle finger and left.


- This marks Cedric Alexander's house show debut on the NXT brand.

- The show was not a sellout and there were noticeable pockets of empty seats.

- Meet and Greet before the show was: Oney Lorcan, CJ Dunning, and Bianca Blair 

- NXT returns to Cocoa Beach on November 12

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