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By Mike Johnson on 2016-09-14 10:19:00

While there has been discussion about the WWE future of former WWE Divas champion Paige given the departure of her boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, from WWE and her Wellness Policy suspension last month, can confirm that she will be returning to the road next week. 

We have been told by multiple sources the two sides have been communicating over the last several days.  Paige is booked for next week's Raw taping in Memphis, TN as well as subsequent live events for the Raw brand.

Paige's WWE Wellness Suspension officially ends on 9/17.

Given Alberto Del Rio's departure, it will be interesting to see how footage filmed of the couple for E! reality series Total Divas is used when that series returns for it's next season.  Del Rio officially departed the company last week and is already working events internationally before returning to independent dates in the United States this October.

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