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By Adam Cardozo on 2016-09-04 00:17:00

It's Night Two of Chikara Pro's yearly King of Trios tournament! We are down to 8 teams in the main Trios tournament. Tonight will also determine the finalists of the Rey de Voladores, Chikara's King of the high flyers tournament. The night will be rounded out by a couple of singles matches.

Deonna Purrazo vs Crazy Mary Dobson

Crowd is hot for Crazy Mary. She takes the early advantage over Deonna with heavy strikes and kicks. She hits a top rope fisherman's suplex rolling into another Fisherman's Suplex. Deonna fights back but Crazy Mary (and the crowd) ain't having it. Mary gets her into a tree of woe and hits a stomp from the top rope.

Finish: Deonna catches Mary's leg and quickly rolls her up for the win.

King of Trios Quarterfinal Match #1: Team Nazmaldun (Hallowicked, Icarus & Jigsaw) vs Major League Moustache (Dasher Hatfield, Trent Seven and Tyler Bate)

Team Nazmaldun ambushes them during the intro, fight immediately spilling to the outside. Tyler Bate with a huge dive to the outside. Moustache Mountain hits a combo pair of piledrivers and almost ends the match right away. Jigsaw & Hallowicked with Total Elimination on Dasher and they proceed to isolate him for the next few minutes, seemingly trying to remove his mask (a big no-no and Instant DQ in Chikara). Dasher powers out of a monkey flip into a jackhammer on Jigsaw to tag in Moustache Mountain. Chaos erupts.

Finish: In the fray, Dasher is trying to powerbomb Icarus but Hallowicked turns Dasher's now loosened mask around to blind him, hits Never Wake Up for the win.

Mark Angelocetti vs Missile Assault Man

The crowd pops hard for Missile Assault Man. They stare each other down. Like last night, Missile seems hesitant to engage. The crowd wills him to action but Angelocetti makes him pay for it. Back and forth fighting in and out of the ring. Rolling Death Valley Driver from Missile. Belly to Back Face Buster from Angelocetti. 

Finish: Angelocetti steals Missile's lawn dart finisher then hits the Colossal Bomb (airplane spin out bomb) for the win.

Interlude: Max Smashmaster interrupts the intro to the next match and demands his job back. He assaults announcer Vlad Radinov until Mike Quackenbush arrives to confront him. Kimber Lee hits the ring and asks Quack to reinstate Max so she can finish what he started (when he attacked Quack several months ago, leading to his initial dismissal from Chikara). Quack agrees and Max retreats as the rest of Warriors Three hit the ring.

King of Trios Quarterfinal Match #2: The Warriors Three (Oleg the Usurper, Princess KimberLeeand ThunderFrog) vs Team Original Divas Revolution(JazzMickie James and Victoria)

Victoria and Kimber start off with some good technical wrestling. Huge reactions for Jazz vs Oleg, which results it a lot of hard hitting action. Kim tags in but gets beat on by the Divas for a long time, keeping her isolated in their corner. Thunderfrog pulls out his hammer and saves the princess, who swoons for her prince. The Divas get all their opponents out of the ring but are distracted by Oleg. 

Finish: Kim hits a distracted Mickie with a bridging German Suplex for the pin. 


Rey de Voladores 4-Way Elimination Qualifying Match #1: Space Monkey vs Frightmare vs Tony Nese vs Candice La Rae

Candice is immediately tossed to the outside and a series of dives ensue. Space Monkey traps Candice in a body scissor and eats a banana. He finishes and Candice slips on the peel. Vintage Space Monkey! Frightmare interjects to beat up Candice but Nese runs in to defend? Nese refuses to fight Candice, until repeatedly prodded where he throws Candice to the outside onto Frightmare and Monkey. Space Monkey takes control using his tail as a weapon but Nese hits a pump handle bomb to eliminate Space Monkey.

Candice and Frightmare go back and forth, keeping Nese at bay on the outside. Candice hits a series of groin-gripped suplexes. Suddenly, Frightmare catches her in a sit-out powerbomb for the pin.

Fight spills to the outside. Frightmare hits Nese with a bottle of water (ASIDE: That was MY water and it was partially frozen. Eep! Sorry Tony). Tony gets Frightmare back in the ring to hit a sit-out tombstone then a second-rope German suplex. 

Finish: Nese misses a 450 and Frightmare lands his standing moonsault kneedrop finisher for the pin!

King of Trios Quarterfinal Match #3: United Nations (Juan Francisco de Coronado, Prakash Sabar and The Proletariat Boar of Moldova) vs Team JWP (Command Bolshoi, Hanako Nakamori and Manami Katsu)

During the entrance, Juan uses his newfound assistants (recruited during that afternoon's fan conclave) as stepping stools into the ring.

The crowd is hot for Boar and "Boar's friends". JWP triples up on Juan after he persists with his bowtie taunts. Prakash tries to save him but is triple teamed. Boar tries to save them but eats triple dropkicks. Boar fights back with a triple line of clotheslines to JWP. Juan pulls Hanako to the corner and Prakash hits her with a Bronco Buster. JWP tries to isolate Juan but he winds up alone with Bolshoi.

Finish: Juan with standing cloverleaf on Bolshoi but is rolled up for pin! 

Post-match: An angry Juan dissolves the UN. No more friends. Crowd goes wild. Drew Gulak vs Hallowicked for the Grand Championship is announced for 9-17 at Wrestle Factory. 

Rey de Voladores 4-Way Elimination Qualifying Match #2: Johnny Gargano vs Amasis vs Wani vs Aerostar 

Gargano & Amasis start with some chain wrestling until Amasis gets him in an ankle lock. The crowd chants for Amasis to steal his shoes. Gargano escapes and is forced to retie his boots to a "Tie em' up Johnny, Tie em' up" chant. This is a very even contest between the four competitors, mixing dives, striking and plenty of springboard attacks until a 4-way superkick lays everyone out. The fight spills to the outside and Amasis hits a dive on everyone. Frightmare runs in and attacks Amasis, knocking him out on the ring post and eliminating him from the match.

Aerostar takes control, hitting his trust fall dive. Gargano recovers and hits a pair of spears, lawn darts Aerostar but Wani runs in and hits his corkscrew cutter to eliminate Gargano. Crowd chants "Wani Wrestling"!

Aerostar takes control and Wani is thrown to the outside. Aerostar hits a somersault dive! 

Finish: Throwing Wani back in, he hits a springboard kneedrop to Wani's back for the pin! 

King of Trios Quarterfinal Match #4: Team Sendai Girls (Cassandra Miyagi, Dash Chisako and Meiko Satomura) vs The Colony (Fire Ant, Silver Ant and Soldier Ant)

Chisako starts with a test of strength against Soldier, taking advantage with a foot stomp. Cassandra faces off with Fire, mists him and pulls his antennae. Sendai Girls try to triple team Silver but it's reversed into a Colony corner triple team on Chisako. Colony isolates and wears down Chisako with a series of submissions. Satomura tags in and cleans house to isolate Silver. Chisako locks in an armbar on Silver, who escaped and hits her with a tower chokeslam. A team fight breaks out that comes back down to Silver and Chisako in the ring, while Cassandra and Satomura hold the other ants outside.

Finish: Silver almost taps her out with a knee bar but she reverses it back into the armbar. Silver Ant taps!

That's it for Night Two! Check back at PWInsider for more results through the weekend and keep an eye on my Twitter (@juliusblaise) for live in-the-moment results and pictures!

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