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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-30 11:15:00 contacted Jim Cornette to see if he had a reaction to Kevin Owens capturing the WWE Universal championship last night on Raw.  Cornette commented:

"Well, first off, it doesn't matter to me personally because unless Owens is wrestling The Revival sometime soon, I'm not going to see his matches as I don't watch Raw, but I am thrilled for him and his fans and anyone who enjoys his work in the ring.  The one thing I will admit that I was wrong on with both Owens and El Generico/Sami Zayn is that I never thought they would change, but they did and for the better - they just weren't going to change for what they were being paid by Ring of Honor! [Laughs]  I've had a lot of people go after me on Twitter today but the reality is that we put the belt on Kevin Steen for a year in Ring of Honor and there was a reason for that.  But, he's won a title I don't care about on a show I don't watch, so it doesn't effect me personally, but I am happy for him, his fans, his family and anyone that wants to see him succeed."

Jim said he would be addressing the win and the barrage he received on Twitter following it on the latest edition of the Jim Cornette Experience, which he is taping today for


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