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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-25 22:30:00

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Welcome to's ongoing coverage of Northeast Wrestling "Under the Stars" the first night in a four day loop of events, at the Palisades Credit Union Park in Pomona, NY!

For Elite subscribers, I conducted interviews with Warbeard Hanson, Vinny Marseglia and "Man Scout" Jake Manning before the show.  They are up now for your listening pleasure.  If you aren't Elite, you can subscribe at

Travis Gordon vs. Caleb Konley vs. Kamataichi

All three battled.  Konley was tossed over the top by Gordon, who was then superkicked down by Kamataichi.    Konley was sent to the floor.  Gordon and Kamataichi went back and forth exchanging reversals and holds before facing off.  Gordon nailed a standing moonsault press for a two count.   Konley nailed some strikes on Gordon but was caught with a spinning head scissors,  Kamataichi returned to the fray and sent Gordon to the floor.  He nailed a spinkick on Konley for a two count.

Konley cut him off and choked him against the ropes.  Gordon returned to the apron but was snapped throat-first on the ropes by Konley.  Everyone battled back and forth.  Konley ran back and forth across the ring chopping his opponents in the corner.  Gordon cut him off with a kick and placed him on the top for a superplex.  Kamataichi slipped underneath and they did a Tower of Doom powerbomb/superplex combination.  Gordon nailed a sitdown powerbomb on Kamataichi for a two count.

Konley caught Kamataichi in the corner and bit him on the face.  He was nailed by Gordon, who hit a spinning moonsault off the top and scored the pin.

Your winner, Travid Gordon!

Good opener with some fun, frenetic action.  Konley is a good heel.  Gordon's aerial moves really popped the house.  Kamataichi looked good.


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Man Scout Jake Manning vs. Wrecking Ball Legursky (with Showtime Stevie Stamos)

Manning sat in the corner reading his handbook as Legursky told him to come out and fight.  They finally locked up and Manning was shot out like a cannon when he shoved down.   Manning kept going back to his handbook and stalling while trying to figure out how to handle the much larger Legursky.  He opted to attempt a bodyslam but was unable to lift him.  Legursky then slammed him hard.

Legursky charged Manning in the corner but an Avalanche but Manning slipped out of the way.  They faced off and Legursky beat down on Manning and this time, nailed the running Avalanche.  Legursky controlled Manning, who finally kicked him off during a charge.  Manning began avoiding him and then kicking away.  He went to the ropes and attempt a high cross bodyblock, but was caught and nailed with a Fall Away Slam.

Manning landed crumpled at the bottom of the buckles and was nailed with a flip cannonball.  Legursky pressed him above his head and slammed Manning down, pinning him.

Your winner, Wrecking Ball Legursky!

A solid story told.

They announced a tag team match.  Only one competitor, Kenny Bengal, came out.  The ring announcerasked him where his partner Dan de Man was.  He said he didn't know where Dan was and ripped the crowd.  Bengal said he wasn't leaving until he got some competition.  Ryback's WWE music played out and he came.

Ryback vs. Kenny Bengal.

Ryback nailed the Meathook and hit the Shellshock, pinning our hapless competitor.

Your winner, Ryback!

Mandy Leone vs. Sumie Sakai

They went back and forth.  Leone shoulderblocked Sakai down.  She nailed several armdrags.   Sakai pulled her hair to snap her down to the mat and cinched in a camel clutch.   Sakai choked her against the ropes.  She followed up with a pair of dropkicks and splashed Leone for a two count.    She continued to control the flow of the bout until being kicked off during a charge in the corner.  Leone nailed several clotheslines and an implant DDT but locking on a submission.  Sakai made it to the ropes and was able to escape.

Sakai cut off Leone's momentum with a neckbreaker but was caught with a running Killswitch for the pin.

 Your winner, Mandy Leone!

Short but decent match with a basic babyface vs. heel story.


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Broken Matt Hardy vs. Vinny Marseglia

Hardy took a long time to come to the ring.  He took the mic and said, "Citizens of New York, I knew you'd come."  He said they all had first class seats to render Marseglia obsolete.  He promised to DELETE!  DELETE! DELETE!  He told Marseglia that for him, it was "OVAH."

Marseglia attacked him and nailed a series of right hands.  Hardy went down in the corner.   He nailed a catapult into the ropes on Hardy.  Tully Blanchard would be proud.  He put on Hardy's robe to mock him.  He mocked Hardy's "delete" mannerisms but Hardy rose behind him, spun him around and nailed a right hand.  Hardy choked him with the robe and chopped him in the corner.

Hardy locked on a sleeper.   He was driven backwards into the buckles by Marseglia.  Marseglia charged but Hardy moved and Marseglia crashed into the buckles.  Hardy began drilling him into the buckles, then into the guard rail, yelling "DELETE" every time.  The crowd got into chanting along.  He brought Maseglia back into the ring but Marseglia cut him off and mounted Hardy, drilling him with punches.

Hardy was sent into the ropes and drilled with an elbow as he rebounded for a two count.   Hardy nailed several elbows and scored with a big standing suplex.   Marseglia grabbed Hardy and dumped him to the floor.  Hardy climbed up on the apron and nailed a shoulderblock, then hit a sunset flip into the ring.  Marseglia dropped down and drilled him with a series of punches.

Marseglia went for a suplex.  They continued to battle back and forth.  Hardy nailed a Side Effect.  Hardy began biting his arm, then went for a leg.  He charged but Marseglia kicked him off.  Marseglia ascended to the top but was nailed coming down and hit with the Twist of Fate.

Your winner, Matt Hardy!

A decent back and forth.  The crowd got into Hardy's antics but you could tell at least a portion was wondering who this madman was that had replaced the WWE version of Hardy.  Marseglia worked hard and hung in there with Hardy.

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