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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-22 02:28:00

New WWE Universal champion Finn Balor was injured during his Summerslam match against Seth Rollins, has confirmed.

Sources indicate that Balor was sporting his right arm in a sling following the PPV.  There is concern the injury is serious and could require surgery. 

In watching back the bout, Balor was grabbing briefly at his right shoulder after being nailed with a small package driver and did not raise the arm (which was holding the Universal championship) after the match.  [Update 9:35 AM: A few eagle-eyed readers have pointed out a spot where Balor was powerbombed into the guard rail as being the potential moment as well.]

We are told Balor will be getting examined tomorrow and once WWE has a determination on exactly how serious the injury is, they will go from there.  More as we get it.

[Update 9:35 AM: Balor appeared this morning on Good Morning America but did not have his arm in a sling.]

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