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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-21 10:06:00

Former WWE and WCW World champion Goldberg is in town this weekend and did a lot of media to promote the forthcoming WWE 2K17 videogame.  I had the chance to talk with him Friday at the 2K17 videogame launch party and he noted that he had double knee surgery six weeks ago.   Goldberg is still in NYC as of today I am told.

There have been a number of new WWE developmental signings in recent weeks.  Tommy End, a Dutch talent who had been working EVOLVE here in the United States and Crazy Mary Dobson (as reported by the Squared Circle Sirens website), who had been doing some enhancement work for the NXT brand, are signed.    There will be a few others who have signed or are in the process of signing starting this September.

A few people have asked about Eric Young over the last few days.  I am under the impression he has signed with WWE and is awaiting his debut.

Steven Fernandes reporting.... WWE have applied for three trademarks (performance, clothing, and toys) for "Demon King". 

Daniel Bryan did an interview with talking about being GM of Smackdown Live and SummerSlam. He was also asked about Conor McGregor's recents comments about WWE wrestlers. He said, "HA! I can’t imagine caring at all what Conor McGregor says about anything. It’s the same guy who said he retired on Twitter just to get a rise out of people. There’s a lot of awesome stuff going on like the Olympics and he’s out there trying to promote a fight. So I get it, but it doesn’t affect me one way or another. There’s been better people than him insulting wrestlers for years."

Noam Dar and Finn Balor talked about their journey to WWE below.

You can win a Breville Ice Cream maker as part of a promotional contest for the new WWE Scooby Doo animated film.  For details, click here.

The Miami Herald had a piece on WWE talents visiting the top of the World Trade Center at the One World Observatory yesterday at this link.

WWE had Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady all over NYC this weekend:


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