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By Mike Johnson on 2016-08-18 15:06:00

WWE announced that Eva Marie, who was slated to make her "official" in-ring debut at Summerslam this Sunday, has been suspended for 30 days for her first violation of the company's Wellness Policy.  Marie was already in NYC for Summerslam activities.

The company's official statement: "WWE has suspended Natalie Coyle (Eva Marie) for 30 days effective immediarely for her first violation of the company's talent wellness policy."

Coyle, 31, was signed in 2013 for the "Total Divas" reality series and has been a regular main cast member of that E! series.  Her journey to wrestling full-time has taken several years and after an extended period training with Brian Kendrick in California and at the WWE Performance Center, she was officially brought to Smackdown as part of the brand split last month.  Since then, WWE has done a good job of building her as a villain while coming up with ways to keep her from actually wrestling in the ring. 

Coyle was to finally make her debut this Sunday at Summerslam, but as you might imagie, has now been pulled from the Summerslam card.  WWE has not yet announced plans for her replacement. Her suspension certainly screws up creative plans for Smackdown, as much of the issues surrounding the women's division in recent weeks had been built around her involvement.

Coyle will be free to return to WWE action on 9/17, the same date that Paige and Alberto Del Rio would return from their respective suspensions, which also begin today.   

Coyle becomes the company's seventh main roster Wellness Policy suspension in 2016, following Del Rio, Paige, Roman Reigns, Konor of the Ascension and Adam Rose, the latter of which is no longer working for the company. WWE does not publicly disclose Wellness suspensions for the NXT/developmental roster.

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