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By Mike Johnson on 2023-07-31 08:00:00

July 31st

On this day in history in ..

1959 - Dick Gunkel defeats Fred Blassie for the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia, ending Blassie's ninth reign with the title and starting his second reign.

1967 -  WWWF ran New York City, NY at Madison Square Garden with the following results:
Johnny Rodz defeated Frank Holtz
Guillotine Gordon defeated Bob Taylor
Bobo Brazil fought Bill Miller to a draw
Eduard Carpentier defeated Luke Graham
Irish Jackie & the Jamaica Kid defeated Sky Low Low & Little Brutus
Gorilla Monsoon & Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Spiros Arion via disqualification

1967 - WWWF ran Atlantic City, NJ, featuring the folowing results:
Al Smith defeated Chuck Richards
Sam Rubin defeated Frank Hickey
Smasher Sloan defeated Angelo Savoldi
The Sicilians, Lou Albano & Tony Altimore defeated Miguel Perez & Pete Sanchez
Batman Tony Marino defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna

1968 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino & Dominic DeNucci defeated Lou Albano & Tony Altimore in the main event of a WWWF TV Taping in Pittsburgh, PA.

1969 - WWWF ran Washington DC at the National Arena with the following results:

Prof. Toru Tanaka & Mitsu Arakawa defeated Chuck Richards & Miguel Feliciano
Antonio Pugliese & Haystacks Calhoun defeated Lou Albano & Tony Altimore
Antonio Pugliese beat Luke Graham

1970 - WWWF ran Harrisburg, PA at Zembo Mosque, featuring the following results:
Chief Jay Strongbow (substitute for Manuel Soto who was stuck in traffic) pinned Mike Conrad at 15:00
Miguel Feliciano vs. Baron Mikel Scicluna
The Mongols defeated Gorilla Monsoon & Jose Rivera in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match; fall #1 - the Mongols won at the 14-minute mark; fall #2 - Monsoon & Rivera won at the 18-minute mark; fall #3 - Rivera could not reenter the ring before the referee's 20 count
Chief Jay Strongbow defeated George Steele via submission with a sleeper at 16:00

1971 - WWWF World Champion Pedro Morales defeated Luke Graham when the match was stopped due to blood in the main event of a WWWF event in Springfield, MA.

1972 - WWWF ran Atlantic City, NJ with the following results:
Arnold Skaaland defeated the Blue Demon via disqualification
Chuck O'Conner defeated Sal El Din
Chief Jay Strongbow defeated George Steele via disqualification
Joe Turco defeated Thomas Marin
WWWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Sonny King & El Olympico

1973 - Tim Woods defeats Paul Jones for the NWA Florida Heavyweight Title in Tampa, ending the second title reign for Jones.

1976 - Hurricane Castillo defeats Jose Lotario in Bayamon, Puerto Rico for the Caribbean Heavyweight Title.

1976 - WWWF ran Philadelphia, PA at the Spectrum with the following results:
Executioner #1 won a battle royal; due to prematch stipulations, he earned a world title shot in the main event
Doug Gilbert pinned Johnny Rivera at 12:57
Executioner #2 pinned SD Jones at 5:37
Billy White Wolf pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna at 6:18
Stan Hansen pinned Jose Gonzalez at 7:22
WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino pinned Executioner #1 at 11:32
Ivan Putski pinned Rocky Tomayo at 6:20
Bruiser Brody defeated Pat McGuiness via submission at 4:32
Kevin Sullivan pinned Johnny Rodz at 4:18
Chief Jay Strongbow pinned Scandar Akbar at 5:38

1978 - WWWF ran Totowa, NJ with the following results:
Johnny Rodz defeated Jim Ray
Dino Bravo fought Stan Stasiak to a draw
Victor Rivera defeated Tony Russo
Butcher Vachon defeated Frank Williams
WWWF Tag Team Champions the Yukon Lumberjacks defeated Haystacks Calhoun & SD Jones
Luke Graham fought Dominic DeNucci to a double countout
Tony Garea defeated George Steele via count-out
WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Spiros Arion via countout

1979 - Pampero Firpo defeats Abdullah The Butcher in Bayamon, Puerto Rico to win the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Title.

1979 - WWF ran Allentown, PA at Agricultural Hall with the following Championship Wrestling TV taping results:
Dark match: Vivian St. John pinned Kitty Adams
Andre the Giant defeated Frank Rodriguez & Mark Pole in a handicap match at 4:01 by pinning Pole with a boot to the face and a sit-down splash
Swede Hanson (w/ Freddie Blassie) pinned Billy Berger with a piledriver; after the bout, as Berger was being carried out on a stretcher, Hanson knocked him off of it
Tony Atlas in his WWF debut,  pinned John Schmidt
Tito Santana pinned Jose Estrada at 6:14 with a leglock into a bridge
Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah pinned Joyce Grable in a non-title match at 6:43 after reversing an airplane spin into a cradle
WWF North American Champion Pat Patterson pinned Johnny Rivera
Roddy Piper, in his WWF TV debut, defeated Steve King; prior to the bout, Piper got ring announcer Joe McHugh to hold the microphone while he played his bagpipes in the ring until the referee had heard enough and made him stop playing
Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Freddie Blassie) pinned Pete Sanchez at 3:16 after hoisting him up in a gorilla press slam and dropping him across his knee
Tony Atlas defeated Moose Monroe via submission with the full nelson at 3:08
Jimmy (sub. for Johnny) & WWF Tag Team Campion Jerry Valiant (w/ Capt. Lou Albano & WWF Tag Team Champion Johnny Valiant) defeated Dominic DeNucci & SD Jones at 8:54 when Jerry pinned Jones following a back drop and elbow drop
Chief Jay Strongbow defeated Ron Lee
Ivan Putski pinned JoJo Andrews at 2:58 with the Polish Hammer
Hussein Arab defeated Steve King
Bulldog Brower defeated Frank Williams
Tony Atlas defeated Ron Lee
Ted DiBiase, Tito Santana, & Steve Travis defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna, Johnny Rodz, & Frank Rodriguez
Nikolai Volkoff defeated Fred Marzino
Swede Hanson defeated Joe Mascara
Dark match after the taping: Andre the Giant, Ted DiBiase, & Steve Travis defeated Jimmy, WWF Tag Team Champions Johnny & Jerry Valiant

1982 - WWF broadcast a card from the Philadelphia Spectrum on the PRISM Network, featuring the following results:

The Fabulous Moolah & Leilani Kai defeated Vivian St. John & Peggy Lee at 9:47 when Moolah pinned St. John with an inside cradle
Salvatore Bellomo (sub. for Tony Garea) pinned Pete Sanzhez with a sunset flip at 11:12
WWF Tag Team Champions Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeated Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow at 10:49 when Saito pinned Jules following a double team behind the referee's back
WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) fought Jimmy Snuka to a double disqualification at 21:06 when Capt. Lou Albano, who Snuka brought ringside early in the contest, interfered as Backlund had the Crossface Chicken Wing applied, with a brawl ensuing between Backlund & Skaaland against Snuka & Albano, and several other wrestlers, including Salvatore Bellomo and the Demons, having to come out to pull Backlund and Snuka apart
Andre the Giant defeated Blackjack Mulligan at 9:16 via count-out after Andre kicked Mulligan off him as the two were fighting outside the ring
Ivan Putski pinned Bob Orton Jr. at 2:14 after causing him to crotch himself on the turnbuckle
WWF Intercontinental Champion Pedro Morales pinned Swede Hanson at 1:33 with a roll up as Hanson charged him in the corner; Morales had his ribs taped following a recent attack from Jimmy Snuka
Ivan Putski (sub. for Tony Atlas, said to have transportation problems) (w/ SD Jones) pinned Demon #2 (Charlie Fulton) at 1:36 with the Polish Hammer

1984 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Raleigh, NC at the Dorton Arena featuring the following results:
Tom Shaft defeated Doug Vines
Johnny Weaver defeated Bobby Bass
Rufus R. Jones defeated Jesse Barr
Brian Adidas defeated Buzz Sawyer
Assassin #3 defeated Adrian Street
Jimmy Valiant defeated Assassin #1 in a lumberjack match

1984 - WWF holds their first-ever TV Taping at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY, a venue that would become a regular haunt for their tapings for many, many year.  The Championship Wrestling taping featured Piper's Pits with numerous guests, including Kamala and Brian Blair as well as an angle where Wendi Richter, after being presented with a new WWF Women's championship, was attacked by the Fabulous Moolah, as well as the following results:

The Wild Samoans defeated Robbie Parliament & Rene Goulet at 5:50 when Afa pinned Parliament following a double diving headbutt
Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Freddie Blassie) pinned SD Jones at 5:07 by hoising him up in a gorilla press and then dropping him across his knee
The Iron Sheik defeated Jose Luis Rivera via submission with the Camel Clutch at 4:50
Rocky Johnson pinned Charlie Fulton with a sunset flip at 5:52
WWF Tag Team Champions Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch defeated SD Jones & Jeff Lang at 5:14 when Adonis pinned Lang after a belly to back clothesline off the top double team
Ivan Putski pinned Ron Shaw at 2:54 with the Polish Hammer; during the bout, Brutus Beefcake appeared ringside (Beefcake's debut)
Ken Patera pinned Billy Travis with an elbow drop at 4:46
Kamala (w/ Freddie Blassie & Friday) pinned Steve Lombardi at the 45-second mark with a splash; prior to the bout, Hulk Hogan appeared at ringside and gave encouragement to Lombardi
Greg Valentine defeated Mario Mancini via submission with the figure-4 at 2:12
WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana pinned Dave Barbie at 5:57 with the flying forearm; during the bout, Brutus Beefcake appeared at ringside
Brutus Beefcake, in his WWF debut, pinned Jose Luis Rivera at 2:52 with a sit-down splash
The Spoiler defeated Jeff Lang via submission with a claw hold at 3:24; during the bout, David Wolff joined the commentary team of Vince McMahon & Tony Garea and announced that the Fabulous Freebirds were on their way to the WWF
9/1/84 - featured Nikolai Volkoff & Freddie Blassie as guests of Piper's Pit:
B. Brian Blair pinned Charlie Fulton at 6:30 with an abdominal stretch into a roll up
Jesse Ventura defeated Billy Travis via submission with the backbreaker at 4:53; David Wolff did guest commentary for the bout
Big John Studd pinned Jeff Lang at 1:58 with an elbow drop

1984 - Giant Baba defeats Stan Hansen to win the PWF World Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan starting his fourth and final reign with the title.

1986 - All Japan Pro Wrestling ran a show at Budokan Hall, headlined by Stan Hansen defeating Jumbo Tsuruta for the NWA International Heavyweight Title. The card also saw Hiro Saito defeat Brad Armstrong in a tournament final to determine the first PWF World Junior Heavyweight Champion, and Riki Choshu defeat Killer Khan in a Death Match.

1986 - WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan defeated King Kong Bundy in the main event of a WWF house show at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City.

1987 - Jim Crockett Promotions closed out the 1987 Great American Bash tour in Miami, FL at the Orange Bowl before 16,000 fans featuring the following results:

Scott Hall defeated Bob Cook
Jimmy Valiant & Bugsy McGraw defeated Ricky Santana & the Cuban Assassin
Manny Fernandez (w/ Paul Jones) defeated Randy & Bill Mulkey in a handicap match following a flying forearm
UWF Western States Heritage Champion Barry Windham pinned Incubus with a clothesline off the top
NWA Florida Tag Team Champions the Sheepherders fought Ron & Jimmy Garvin to a double disqualification
NWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Mike Rotundo pinned Ivan Koloff (w/ Paul Jones) with an inside cradle and fast count from referee Earl Hebner, moments after the challenger shoved Hebner
Kevin Sullivan defeated Dory Funk Jr. in a Texas Death Match
NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock N' Roll Express, Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson defeated NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express, Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane (w/ Jim Cornette) via disqualification at 10:15 when Lane accidentally hit Eaton with Cornette's tennis racquet; after the bout, Cornette hit Morton with the racquet before Eaton & Lane dropped Morton with a spike piledriver
Dusty Rhodes, Nikita Koloff, the Road Warriors, & Paul Ellering defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, NWA TV Champion Tully Blanchard, NWA U.S. Champion Lex Luger, & the War Machine (Ray Traylor) (substituting for an injured JJ Dillon) at 19:38 when War Machine submitted as Road Warrior Animal repeatedly rammed a spike elbowpad into War Machine's eye

1987 - WWF ran three live events in the same night, featuring the following results:

 West Palm Beach, FL at the Auditorium:

Rick Rude defeated Jim Young (sub. for Joe Mirto)
Steve Lombardi defeated Sam Houston
Ron Bass defeated Lanny Poffo
WWF Women's Tag Team Champions The Glamour Girls, Leilani Kai & Judy Martin defeated the Jumping Bomb Angels
Kamala & Sika defeated Jacques & Raymond Rougeau
Brutus Beefcake defeated Greg Valentine via disqualification
George Steele defeated Danny Davis in a lumberjack match


Las Vegas, NV at Thomas & Mack Center:
Brady Boone pinned Barry Horowitz
Tito Santana fought King Harley Race to a time-limit draw at 17:40
Butch Reed pinned Steve Gatorwolf
WWF Tag Team Champions Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart defeated Jim Brunzell & Hillbilly Jim (sub. for B. Brian Blair) when Brunzell was pinned
Scott Casey pinned Iron Mike Sharpe
The Young Stalllions, Jim Powers & Paul Roma defeated the Shadows (Randy Culley & Jose Luis Rivera)
WWF Intercontinental champion the Honkytonk Man defeated Randy Savage via disqualification when Savage hit the referee

Landover, MD at the Capital Centre featuring:
Jerry Allen defeated Jose Estrada
Outback Jack defeated Frenchy Martin
Koko B. Ware defeated Nikolai Volkoff
Paul Orndorff fought Don Muraco to a double disqualification
Demolition defeated The British Bulldogs
Ken Patera & Superstar Billy Graham defeated Hercules & King Kong Bundy
Killer Khan defeated WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan via countout.

1988 - Jumbo Tsuruta & Yoshiaki Yatsu defeat Stan Hansen & Terry Gordy in Hokodate, Japan to win the All Japan Tag Team Title for the second time.

1988 - WWF held their "Wrestlefest" event at the Milwaukee County Stadium in Wisconsin, drawing a crowd of 25,866 fans for a 15-match card. The show was later released on Coliseum Home Video. Here are the results:
- Big Boss Man defeated Scott Casey.
- Brutus Beefcake defeated Hercules Hernandez.
- Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell) when Raymond hit Brunzell with a low blow as he was about to slam Jacques, allowing Jacques to get the pin.
- Bad News Brown defeated Bret Hart by reversing a rollup and grabbing a handful of tights for the pin.
- Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Intercontinental Champion The Honky Tonk Man via disqualification when Jimmy Hart interfered.
- The Powers of Pain (Warlord and Barbarian) defeated The Bolsheviks (Nikolai Volkoff and Boris Zuhkov) after a flying headbutt by Barbarian on Zuhkov.
- Jim Niedhart defeated Lanny Poffo with a powerslam.
- WWF World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage defeated Ted DiBiase.
- Curt Hennig defeated Terry Taylor
- Jake Roberts vs. Rick Rude ended in a double countout when Rude left the ring and Roberts chased after him.
- Haku defeated Sam Houston.
- Ultimate Warrior defeated Bobby Heenan in a "loser wears a weasel suit" match with a sleeper.
- WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition (Ax & Smash) defeated The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith) when Ax pinned Dynamite after hitting him with Mr. Fuji's cane.
- Dino Bravo defeated Ken Patera with a side slam.
- Hulk Hogan defeated Andre The Giant in a steel cage match when Hogan climbed out of the cage after hitting Andre with a legdrop (and throwing around Bobby Heenan).

1988 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Detroit, MI at Cobo Arena, drawing 7,000 fans with the following results:

Larry Zbyzsko fought Bugsy McGraw to a draw after the 10-minute mark
Jimmy Garvin pinned Ivan Koloff at 5:45; after the bout, Paul Jones argued with Koloff over the loss
Ron Garvin pinned Tim Horner at the 50-second mark with the right hand punch
Ricky Morton & Brad Armstrong defeated the Sheepherders at 12:00
Rick Steiner pinned Kendall Windham
Nikita Koloff defeated Al Perez in a Russian Chain Match
Sting & Lex Luger, & The Road Warriors defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair, NWA U.S. Champion Barry Windham, NWA World Tag Team Champions Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard when Luger pinned Blanchard at the 21-minute mark; the bout was advertised as a steel cage match
Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers defeated NWA U.S. Tag Team Champions Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane in a scaffold match
Dusty Rhodes & the Original Sheik defeated Kevin Sullivan & Dick Murdoch in a steel cage match at 3:55 when Rhodes pinned Sullivan; after the bout, the Sheik attacked Rhodes until Murdoch made the save

1989 - WWF ran Warwick, RI at the Musical Theater, featuring:

Paul Roma defeated Boris Zhukov
The Genius defeated Koko B. Ware
Jim Neidhart defeated Haku via disqualification
Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated The Rockers, Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty
Rick Martel defeated Tito Santana
Jimmy Snuka defeated the Honkytonk Man

1989 - WWF ran Augusta, GA at the Civic Center, headlined by The Ultimate Warrior pinning Andre the Giant with two clotheslines and a splash at around the 45-second mark.

1991 - WWF ran Scranton, PA at CYC with the following results on top:
Bret Hart defeated the Brooklyn Brawler via submission with the Sharpshooter
Ricky Steamboat pinned Big Bully Busick
Jim Neidhart (substitute for Jake Roberts) (with Andre the Giant) defeated the Barbarian (substiute for Earthquake)

1992 - The Ebony Experience (Booker T & Stevie Ray, later known as Harlem Heat) defeat Gary Young & Steve Dane to win the Global Wrestling Federation Tag Team Title in Dallas Texas. On the same show, Alex Porteau defeats Terry Simms for the GWF Light Heavyweight Title.

1992 - WWF ran Los Angeles, CA at the Sports Arena with the following results:
Virgil pinned Skinner
The Big Bossman defeated Nailz via disqualification
The Legion of Doom & Paul Ellering defeated the Beverly Brothers & the Genius
Tito Santana pinned Kato
WWF Tag Team Champions the Natural Disasters defeated Ted DiBiase & IRS via disqualification
WWF World Champion Randy Savage pinned Ric Flair
The Undertaker pinned the Berzerker

1993 -  WWF ran Pittsburgh, PA at the Civic Arena, featuring the following results:

Virgil defeated Damien Demento
The 1-2-3 Kid defeated Rick Martel
WWF IC Champion Shawn Micheals defeated Mr. Perfect
Jerry Lawler defeated Randy Savage via disqualification when Bret Hart interfered
The Bushwhackers & Tiger Jackson defeated Blake Beverly, the Brooklyn Brawler & Little Louie
Doink the Clown defeated Marty Jannetty
Bret Hart defeated Mr. Hughes

1993 - WWF ran Offenbach, Germany with the following results:
Papa Shango defeated Owen Hart
Tito Santana pinned the Predator (Horace Hogan)
Brutus Beefcake pinned Terry Taylor
Tatanka pinned Bam Bam Bigelow
WWF Tag Team Champions Rick & Scott Steiner defeated the Headshrinkers
Jim Duggan pinned Bastion Booger
Hulk Hogan defeated WWF World Champion Yokozuna via disqualification when Mr. Fuji broke the pin attempt

1994 - Atsushi Onita & Mitsuhiro Matsunaga defeat Mr. Pogo & Hisakatsu Oya to win the FMW World Brass Knuckles Tag Team Title in Yokohama, Japan.

1996 - WCW ran Corpus Christi, TX at Memorial Hall, headlined by Randy Savage defeating WCW U.S. Champion Ric Flair in a non-title match.

1997 - Bull Pain defeats Ian Rotten in Louisville, Kentucky for the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title.

1998 - WCW ran Shreveport, LA at Hirsch Coliseum, featuring the following results:

Ernest Miller defeated Brad Armstrong
Lizmark Jr. & Silver King defeated Damien & Ciclope
Chris Adams defeated Fit Finlay
Jim Duggan defeated Barry Darsow
Dean Malenko fought WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho to a no contest in a non-title match
Perry Saturn defeated Raven
Lex Luger defeated WCW U.S. Champion Bret Hart via disqualification in a non-title match when Scott Hall interfered; moments later, Kevin Nash made the save
Kevin Nash & Lex Luger defeated Scott Hall & WCW U.S. Champion Bret Hart

1999 - WCW ran Grand Rapids, MI at the Van Andel Arena featuring:

Vampiro defeated Chris Adams
The Barbarian defeated Lash Laroux
Jerry Flynn defeated Dave Taylor
Disco Inferno defeated Vincent
Curt Hennig defeated Jim Duggan
Perry Saturn defeated Kanyon
Sting & Booker T defeated WCW Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page & Bam Bam Bigelow in a non-title match
Buff Bagwell defeated WCW TV Champion Rick Steiner in a non-title match
Kevin Nash defeated Randy Savage

1999 - ECW ran a show at their home base, the ECW Arena, that saw Giant Kamala II (aka The Botswana Beast from All Japan Pro Wrestling) debut, and shoot to the main event, all in one night. Kamala II wrestled and defeated David (Kid) Kash early in the card, then ended up being the surprise partner of Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn in a winning effort against the Dudley Boyz & Rob Van Dam later in the show. Kamala II would be renamed 'Uganda' for the remainder of what turned out to be a brief ECW run.  The remainder of the results of the card featured:

-Jerry Lynn defeated Jason
-Yoshihiro Tajiri defeated Little Guido via submission
-Danny Doring & Roadkill defeated CW Anderson & Vito
-Justin Credible fought D-Von Dudley to a no contest
-Chris Chetti & Nova defeated Simon Diamond & Super Crazy
-ECW World Tag Team Champions Balls Mahoney & Spike Dudley defeated New Jack & Axl Rotten when Balls pinned Axl

1999 - WWF ran East Rutherford, NJ at the Continental Airlines Arena with the following results:
The Godfather & Val Venis defeated Mideon & Prince Albert following the Money Shot and Ho Train
Al Snow pinned Gangrel after hitting him with Head
WWF Women's Champion Ivory defeated Tori
WWF Intercontinental & European Champion D-Lo Brown pinned Jeff Jarrett by blocking a sunset flip
WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman pinned Test in a non-title nightstick-on-a-pole match after hitting Test with the weapon
Ken Shamrock defeated Steve Blackman via submission with the ankle lock in a steel cage match
Hardcore Holly defeated Viscera
WWF Tag Team Champions the Acolytes defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy (w/ Michael Hayes) and Edge & Christian in an elimination match; Edge pinned Jeff Hardy with the spear; Bradshaw pinned Edge after Gangrel interfered and hit the DDT
The Road Dogg pinned Billy Gunn in a dog collar match by tying Gunn's legs up following a missed Fameasser
The Rock, Kane & & X-Pac defeated Triple H, the Big Show, & the Undertaker via disqualification after the Undertaker hit Kane with a chair

2000 - WCW broadcast Nitro from Cincinnati, OH at the FirstStar Center, featuring the following results:

Big Vito defeated Buff Bagwell
Kwee Wee defeated the Artist
WCW U.S. & WCW Hardcore Champion Lance Storm defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. (w/ Gen. Rection & Cpl. Cajun) to win the title at 3:22 via submission with the Canadian Maple Leaf after reversing a hurricanrana attempt.
Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett
WCW World Tag Team Champions Kronik defeated Mark Jindrak & Sean O'Haire and Vampiro & the Great Muta
Shane Douglas defeated Billy Kidman in a Viagra on a poll match
Ms. Hancock (Stacy Keibler) defeated Major Gunns in a hardcore match
Scott Steiner defeated Kevin Nash in a straightjacket match
WCW World Champion Booker T defeated Sting 

2000 - WWE held a TV taping in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome, featuring the following results:

Dark Matches:
Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki defeated the Dupps
Just Joe pinned an unknown

Crash Holly pinned Essa Rios at 4:28 with a bulldog
Too Cool defeated the Mean Street Posse
Test & Albert defeated D-Lo Brown & Chaz

Raw broadcast:

X-Pac & the Road Dogg defeated Al Snow & WWF Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman in a hardcore match at 6:15 when X-Pac pinned Blackman with the X-Factor onto a steel chair after Snow accidentally hit his partner in the back of the head with a trash can lid
Matt & Jeff Hardy defeated WWF Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian via disqualification at 4:36 when Christian pulled referee Jack Doan out of the ring and punched him after Jeff hit the Swanton on Edge and made the cover; prior to the bout, the champions did a 5-second pose to portray the Atlanta Braves as the New York Yankees' bitch; after the bout, the champions attacked the Hardy Boyz, with Jeff sustaining a double chairshot to the head; later in the show, Matt Hardy interrupted a backstage interview with Edge & Christian and attacked both champions for their attack on his brother (the debut of the Con-Chair-Two)
Chris Benoit (w/ Shane McMahon) & Kurt Angle defeated the Dudley Boyz at 7:20 when Benoit pinned Bubba Ray after the Big Show interfered and hit the chokeslam on Bubba; during Angle's entrance, Lilian Garcia accidentally announced him as being from "Pittsburgh, Philadelphia"
The Acolytes defeated Bull Buchanon & the Goodfather (w/ Steven Richards) at 1:28 when Farooq pinned Buchanon by catching him coming off the top and hitting a powerslam; prior to the impromptu match, the Right to Censor cut an in-ring promo, during which the two hos were shown in the crowd with their signs; after they jumped over the barrier, Steven Richards had security hold them back; at the same time, a fan jumped into the ring but was quickly pulled out by security; moments later, after Richards made an open challenge, the Acolytes came out to accept; after the bout, the APA were beaten down by all three members of the RTC
Rikishi pinned Tazz at 3:33 by reversing the Tazzmission into a Samoan Drop; after the bout, Too Cool came out to celebrate and dance with Rikishi
Eddie Guerrero & Chyna defeated WWF European Champion Perry Saturn & WWF IC Champion Val Venis at 3:33 when Guerrero pinned Saturn by reversing a tilt-a-whirl slam into a hurricanrana
Kane fought the Big Show (w/ Shane McMahon) to a no contest when both men began brawling on the floor before the bout began, with Kane eventually being beaten down by Show, Shane, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle until the Dudley Boyz ran out to help clear the ring
WWF World Champion the Rock & Lita defeated Triple H & Trish Stratus (sub. for WWF Women's Champion Stephanie McMahon) at 6:06 when Lita pinned Trish with a moonsault; after the bout, Rock hit Triple H over the head with a steel chair so that he fell on top of Trish in a 69 position

2001 - WWF ran Washington DC at the MCI Center  for a TV Taping featuring the following results:

Sunday Night Heat:
WWF Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam pinned Jerry Lynn with the Five Star Frog Splash after sending the challenger off the top onto a steel chair laid out in the ring
Hardcore Holly pinned Shawn Stasiak with the Alabama Slam
The Big Show & Billy Gunn defeated Raven & Justin Credible
Perry Saturn defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WCW Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo defeated Matt & Jeff Hardy when O'Haire pinned Jeff at 5:34 after Palumbo hit the Jungle Kick
Kane defeated WCW US Champion Chris Kanyon via disqualification at 1:53 when Kanyon grabbed referee Nick Patrick as Kane prepared for the chokeslam
The Dudley Boyz & Rhyno defeated Chris Jericho, Edge, & Christian at 5:01 when D-Von pinned Jericho after Rhyno hit the Gore as Jericho had the Walls of Jericho applied on D-Von
Kurt Angle defeated WWF IC Champion Lance Storm in a non-title match via submission with the ankle lock at 5:38
WCW World Champion Booker T fought the Undertaker to a no contest at around the 10-minute mark; the Rock made the save for the challenger late in the segment.

2002 - WWE officially opened a division in Los Angeles that will work to find movie and television roles for WWE stars. The group, WWE Films (later re-named WWE Studios) was initially run by producer Joel Simon (X-Men, Wild Wild West), who was quoted in a Variety article about the launch as saying the WWE stars are an "untapped creative resource for Hollywood".   Simon describes his job as being "to show how the WWE brand and its Superstars can be used to best advantage to bring its global audience of teens and young adults to new film and television projects."   

2002 - NWA:TNA held their weekly PPV from Nashville, TN.  Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

NWA: Total Nonstop Action for July 31st started with the X-Division Title match, with AJ Styles defending against Elix Skipper.  Jerry Lynn accompanied Styles to the ring.  Skipper attacked before the bell, but Styles battled back, as Lynn joined the announcers.  Styles hit a back kick and a neckbreaker for a two count.  Skipper hit some punches, but Styles came back with a discus lariat.  The two traded reversals on a waistlock, and Styles hit some chops and punches in the corner.  Styles backflipped after dropkicking Skipper in the corner, then hit a clothesline for a two count.  Skipper bridged out of the cover, but Styles hit him with forearms and knees.  Styles hit a dropkick.  Skipper and Styles exchanged waistlocks, and Skipper went into a full nelson and a Dragon suplex.  Skipper hit a diving forearm and stomped Styles.  Skipper hit a European uppercut in the corner and a mule kick.  Skipper ran into a Styles superkick, and was kicked in the chest.  Skipper came back with a back suplex.  Skipper hit a powerslam and a twisting legdrop from the corner for a two count.  Skipper tried to cover again, but Styles kicked out.  Skipper hit a gut wrench slam for a two count.  Styles battled back with kicks, but Skipper caught one and flung Styles to the mat.  Skipper dropped some elbows to the back of the head and got a two count.  Skipper rammed Styles chin first into the ring apron, then ax kicked him from the floor.  Styles reversed a whip on the floor and tossed Skipper into the ring apron.  Skipper hit a double underhook suplex and rolled over, the underhook still locked in.  Styles punched out of it.  Skipper hit a forearm, but Styles battled back with punches.  Styles went for a rana, but Skipper turned it into a powerbomb for a two count.  Skipper did a rolling sunset flip for two, then locked in a full nelson variation using his legs.  Styles made the ropes.  Skipper hit a neckbreaker, then a forearm smash.  Skipper went for a Northern Lights, but Styles dropped down on him in a choke variation.  Skipper broke out.  Skipper went for a reverse facelock, but Styles countered into a reverse DDT.  Styles missed a top rope legdrop, but he caught Skipper in a bodyscissors near the ropes and flipped Skipper to the floor. Styles went for a moonsault off the apron, but Skipper ducked it, but Styles landed on his feet.  Skipper went on the apron, kicked Styles, got in the ring, then hit a spinning pescado on Styles on the floor.  Skipper threw Styles back in, and went for the Play of the Day, but Styles held on and went for the Styles Clash, but Skipper floated over him into a sunset flip for a two count.  Skipper went for a springboard, but Styles kicked his legs and Skipper landed hard on the mat.  Styles then hit the Spiral Tap for the win.  Jerry Lynn congratulated his partner after the match.

The announcers were talking about Ricky Steamboat, when Monty Brown ran out and faced off with Skipper, who was leaving the ring.  Brown, in streetclothes, starting pounding Skipper at ringside.  They went into the ring, and Skipper hit a few shots, but Brown laid him out with a suplex.  He started to leave, then went and gave Skipper an Alpha Bomb.

Skipper was still laying in the corner, when Jeff Jarrett came to the ring with someone in a burlap sack.  Jarrett said he was going to listen to the NWA offices, and work his way up the rankings, by starting at the bottom.  He then revealed that he had Todd Stone, the midget, tied up in the sack.  Jarrett said he was going to start at the bottom, with a midget.  He clotheslined, piledrove and slammed Stone, then gave him the Stroke. Jarrett joked he "just had a mini-stroke".  Jarrett said he was starting from the bottom, and they could bring anyone out the wanted.  Puppet the Psycho Dwarf came out.  Jarrett made some midget jokes, and asked if Puppet was hot because he killed a midget.  Jarrett said he was a "Dwarf Destroyer".  Puppet said he would take on Jarrett, but he would even up the sides, and he pulled out a gun.

No joke, he pulled out a gun.

Jarrett backed out, and security came out.  Puppet turned to face security, and Jarrett ran in and hit him from behind with a chair.  The gun fell to the apron, and no one grabbed it.

Ricky Steamboat, with Bob Armstrong and Don Harris, appeared on the stage.  Steamboat told Jarrett that his hijinks would not be tolerated, and he would have to serve his suspension.  Jarrett dared Steamboat to get in the ring, and said if he could beat him, he would take his suspension.  Steamboat got in the ring, and was going to face him, when Scott Hall ran in and attacked Jarrett.  Jarrett ran away. Hall took the mic and told Steamboat to step aside, because he was tired of being carried out on a stretcher.  Hall put a stretcher in the ring, and said he wanted Jarrett in a match tonight.  Jarrett apparently agreed, and everyone left.  The gun was still on the ring apron.

Goldylocks interviewed Sonny Siaki, who did the Rock bit of accusing the interviewer of checking him out.  He said he didn't need the other Elvises tonight, and put himself over.

Slash, with Jim Mitchell, vs. Siaki was the next match. Slash attacked at the start, with stomps and kicks.  Siaki came back with an armdrag and a flip into a legdrop.  Slash battled back and tried to powerbomb Siaki on the floor, but Siaki turned it into a rana.  Siaki pounded Slash on the floor and whipped him in the rail.  In the ring, Slash hit a elbowdrop/reverse DDT in the ring.  Slash hit the a spinning released powerbomb on Siaki for a two count.  Slash hit a jumpkick and an elbowdrop for a two count.  Slash applied a cobra clutch, and dropped into a legsweep when Siaki battled up. Slash went to the top rope, but Siaki caught him there.  They battled on the ropes, and both crotched themselves.  Siaki fell into the ring, and Slash got back up on the ropes, but missed a backflip splash into the ring.  Siaki hit some clotheslines and a pumphandle suplex for a two count, as Slash got his foot on the ropes.  Siaki hit a snap suplex, but missed a second rope senton.  Jim Mitchell tossed a bag in the ring, and got on the ring apron to argue with the ref.  Slash put the black bag over Siaki's head, then gave him a neckbreaker.  Slash pulled the bag off and tossed it to ringside.  Slash covered Siaki and got the pin.

After the match, Slash held Siaki over the ropes, and Mitchell said the "desecration" would begin with the "audad", and painted  a symbol on Siaki's face with red paint/blood.  Don Harris, who is the head of security, ran in and attacked Slash, running him off.  Malice came out, and stared down Harris from the apron, but Mitchell got him to back off.

Goldylocks (who was wearing a shirt with a picture of the Dupps crossed out on it) asked Ricky Steamboat what he was going to do to take control of the situations in the NWA.  Steamboat said he was called to restore order.  Goldylocks mentioned that Bill Behrens couldn't control things, and Steamboat refused to comment, offended that Goldylocks would even try to compare him to Behrens.  Bruce walked across the camera as the segment ended.

The Truth came out, and took the black TNA Girl to task for letting "them" expose her for their benefit, saying she was in a cage (dance cage) like an animal.  She looked bored by his spiel.  Truth made fun of her for being a dancer, and called her a "two dollar whore".  She finally slapped him, and he said "The Truth hurts".  He was about to get in the cage and do something to her, but Monty Brown attacked him.  The two brawled near the stands, and Truth hit him with a garbage can and a 2x4, breaking it over his head.  The Truth left, and security carried out Brown.

Ricky Steamboat came to the ring, and called "The Truth" by his real name, Ron.  Steamboat said he got his attention.  Steamboat said if Ron has something to say to "Them" he should have the "balls" to say it to Steamboat's face. Krush got in Steamboat's face and said he wanted respect.  Steamboat told him respect was returned.  Steamboat said if the "Them" he had a problem with was authority, then he was the person to talk to.  Steamboat then said if the "Them" had to do with the color of his skin, he had another problem altogether.  Truth said Steamboat wasn't one of "Them".  Truth talked about Steamboat's WWF run, mentioning the classic Wrestlemania III match with Randy Savage and the Intercontinental Title win.  Truth said Steamboat was held back by "Them" and not allowed to go after the WWF World Title.  Truth said he was in the same position now that Steamboat was in then.  Steamboat said that he does know what that is like, and said Ron "The Truth" Killings would get his title shot at Ken Shamrock next week.

Malice vs. Apolo was next, with the announcers putting over that Ron Killings just leapfrogged both of these men, who were in line for a title shot. Malice attacked early, but Apolo came back with a slow motion leg lariat from the second rope and a tope to the floor.  They brawled on the floor, and Malice rammed Apolo into the ringpost. Malice dominated Apolo on the floor, ramming him into the rails, and Apolo was busted open.  Apolo came back with whips into the rails and chops.  They got in the ring, and Apolo went for a leapfrog, but was caught in a powerbomb by Malice for a two count.  Malice hit a superplex for two, then a slam and top rope legdrop for another two.  Malice missed a clothesline and Apolo got a rollup for a two count.  Malice hit a clothesline, but Apolo came back with a reverse legsweep.  Both men staggered up, and Apolo hit a superkick for the pin. Malice chokeslammed the referee after the match, and went to give one to Apolo, but Don Harris ran in and gave Malice a big boot.  Harris went for a powerbomb on Malice, but Slash ran in and put the hood over Harris' head and gave him a neckbreaker.  Malice hit a chokeslam on Harris, and Mitchell said it was time for more "desecration".  They painted his head with a symbol, while some fans chanted "We Want Ron". 

Hour Two began with Don West in the ring, and he brought out Miss TNA, Taylor Vaughn.  Don started to interview her, but before she could say anything, Bruce of the Rainbow Express came out to the ring.  Bruce said he was inspired by "the Truth" last week, and said he too wanted to be treated fairly.  He said she could be like "them" and not give her an opportunity to be Miss TNA, or she could give him a shot at the title.  He called her a "bitch".  She said she would kick his "homo ass" and low blowed him.  Wearing a dress, she suplexed and slammed Bruce for two counts.  Bruce reversed a whip, and the two then had a rolling around catfight.  Bruce hit a shortarm clothesline and put her in an abdominal stretch.  Bruce missed a second rope legdrop, but hit a tilt a whirl facefirst powerbomb and pinned her.   Bruce is the new Miss TNA. He put on the tiara and sash.  Bruce cried in joy.

Low Ki was doing pullups in the back. Goldy tried to interview him.  He, again, informed her that he does his talking in the ring.

Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn was next. AJ Styles accompanied Lynn to the ring and joined in on commentary.

Low Ki and Lynn felt each other out early, trading armbars and legscissors.  Low Ki kicked out of a headscissors, then they stalemated on a series of hammerlocks. Low Ki hit an armdrag.  Low Ki applied an armbar, but Lynn reversed it.  Low Ki rolled through and kicked Lynn in the side of the face to escape.  Lynn backed Low Ki in the corner and hit a series of kicks, including stepping on the second rope to kick him in the face.  Low Ki and Lynn traded armdrags, then Ki hit an ankletrip and locked in a leglace.  Lynn went to reverse into a jujigatame, but Low Ki kept his hands locked and went back after the leg.  Lynn hit an enzugiri and stomped Ki, then tossed him into the turnbuckles.  Lynn ran into a Low Ki elbow, and Low Ki hit a headscissors, but was caught in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count.  Lynn hit a forearm in the corner, but Low Ki hit a shoulderblock as Lynn ran in. Low Ki hit a kick to the chest for a two count, and a series of double chops to the back.  Low Ki chopped him in the corner, pounding him to the mat.  Low Ki hit a powerdrive elbow for a two count, and applied a headscissors.  Low Ki hit a kick, but Lynn caught a second and turned it into a small package for a two count.  Low Ki hit a clothesline and double chopped him in the back again.  Low Ki hit some shots in the corner, and went for the Ki Krusher, but Lynn forced him to the ropes.  Lynn floated over him to the apron, but Low Ki applied the "Bite of the Dragon", which is a Dragon Sleeper done on the ropes.  Lynn hit a guillotine legdrop from the apron when Low Ki tried a shoulderblock between the ropes.  Lynn hit a legdrop in the ring for a two count. Lynn went for the Gory Special, then dumped Low Ki out of it for a two count.  Lynn hit a forearm, and went for the Cradle Piledriver, but Low Ki grabbed Lynn's arm and went for the jujigatame, but Lynn raked his boot on Low Ki's face.  Lynn hit a gourdbuster for a two count.  Lynn hit some punches, but Low Ki came back with a flying forearm and a dropkick.  Low Ki hit a Hot Shot, and then rolled Lynn into a sunsetflip with a bridge for a two count.  Low Ki and Lynn exchanged kicks and forearms, with Low Ki knocking him down with a kick, but Lynn coming right back with a clothesline.  Low Ki hit a springboard kick off the second rope.  Low Ki kicked Lynn in the chest twice, then right in the side of the head.  Low Ki covered, but Lynn got a shoulder up at two.  Low Ki went for the cartwheel kick in the corner, but Lynn caught it into a spinning powerbomb for a two count. Lynn went for a suplex, but Low Ki reversed into a small package for two, then Low Ki locked in a Dragon Sleeper.  Lynn got to his feet, then reversed the hold into a tornado DDT for a two count. Jerry set for the cradle piledriver, but Low Ki flipped into a heel kick. Low Ki went for the Ki Krusher, as AJ Styles got on the ring apron.  Lynn broke free, and went to whip Low Ki into the ropes, but Low Ki reversed it and whipped Lynn into the ropes.  Styles kicked Lynn in the head as he came off the ropes.  Ki hit the Ki Krusher on Lynn, but the referee disqualified Low Ki for Styles interfering and hitting Lynn.  Styles then stood over Lynn, talking trash, and Low Ki grabbed him and kicked him in the head.  Styles fell from the ring, but walked to the back, smiling.  Low Ki glared at Styles, and Lynn was laid out in the ring.  The announcers put over that Styles saying he got along with Lynn now was a lie.

Goldy interviewed Don Harris, who gave a profanity laced promo, saying he was going to go to Ricky Steamboat and ask for a First Blood match with Malice next week.

Disco Inferno's "Jive Talkin'" segment was next.  Disco implied he was going to replace Oprah as host of her show. Disco said he has seen a lot of "A" but no "T" and that his guest would be the first woman to reveal her breasts on his show.  He then introduced the "dumb bitch", Goldylocks.  Goldylocks said he offended her, and that she was there to talk about her music.  Disco apologized.  They started talking about her music career, and both made their share of lame jokes. Finally, Disco told her to show the world her breasts.  She suggested Disco show his "balls".  Goldy said women had better things to do than show their breasts, which the fans booed.  Disco insulted her.  She slapped him.  Disco grabbed her.  She kneed him in the gonads.  Paulina from Tough Enough 1 ran out and choked out Goldylocks with a sleeper, then helped Disco leave.

They announced that next week the following matches will take place:

- AJ Styles vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title.
- Ken Shamrock vs. Ron "The Truth" Killings for the NWA World Title.
- Malice vs. Don Harris in a First Blood match.

Don West hyped the matches, calling Ricky Steamboat: "Ricky 'The Steamboat' Dragon" while Ed Ferrara made faces at him.

Main event time, Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett.  Hall attacked Jarrett on the rampway as he came out, and brawled with him around ringside.  Hall pounded him on the announcers table, ramming him into it and slugging him at ringside.  In the ring, Hall decked Jarrett with punches and caught Jarrett in the fallaway slam.  Hall fought Jarrett up the ramp and into the backstage area.  Jarrett shoved Jerry Lynn as he ran past him.  Hall and Jarrett fought by the door, and Jarrett hit Hall with a end table.  Hall rammed Jarrett into a door, then they fought back to the rampway and into the crowd.  Jarrett hit Hall in the gut with a chair, and they brawled amongst the fans.  They made it back to the ring, and Jarrett hit a baseball slide on Hall.  Jarrett hit Hall with the stretcher at ringside. Jarrett bridged the railing with the stretcher and dropped Hall on it.  Jarrett hit Hall repeatedly with the stretcher, then put it, and Hall, in the ring.  Jarrett draped the stretcher across the second rope, then whipped Hall back first into it.  Jarrett did it again and unfolded the stretcher and propped it in a corner.  Hall reversed a whip and sent Jarrett into the stretcher twice.  Hall hit a right hand, then crotched Jarrett on the stretcher, which was between the ropes again.  Hall threw the stretcher on Jarrett twice, then delivered a Snake Eyes on the stretcher.  Hall rammed the stretcher into Jarrett's head, then called for the Edge.  Hall hit the Edge and went for the pin, but the Truth ran out and pulled the ref from the ring.  Truth ran in, and gave Hall an ax kick.  Truth put Jarrett on top, but  Hall kicked out.  Monty ran out and fought with The Truth into the crowd.  Jerry Lynn ran out and gave Jarrett a slingshot splash.  Hall got on top, but Jarrett kicked out.  AJ Styles ran out and attacked Lynn, then climbed to the top rope, but Don Harris ran out and stopped him.  Malice and Slash ran out and brawled with Harris into the crowd.  In the ring, Jarrett and Hall slugged it out, and collided.  They both made it up on the eight count.  Hall slugged Jarrett, and went to hit him with the stretcher, but Jarrett ducked and the referee got wiped out.  Jarrett dropkicked the stretcher into Hall.  Jarrett got a chair.  Ricky Steamboat came out, and Jarrett went to hit him with the chair, but Steamboat moved, and the chair bounced off the top rope into his own face.  Hall then grabbed the chair, and Steamboat went to stop him from using it.  However, this allowed Jarrett to grab Hall from behind and deliver the Stroke into the outstretched chair.  Jarrett, to Steamboat's dismay, then got the pin on Hall.

Jarrett placed Hall on the stretcher as the show ended.

2003 - WWE Raw ran Melbourne, Australia at Rod Laver Arena:

Scott Steiner pinned Test with the Flatliner
Spike Dudley pinned Steven Richards with the Dudley Dog
Victoria pinned Trish Stratus after Steven Richards interfered and hit a DDT on Trish
The Hurricane pinned Rodney Mack with the Shining Wizard
WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Sylvian Grenier & Rene Dupree defeated the Dudley Boyz after D-Von Dudley was hit with the French flagpole; after the bout, Spike Dudley helped in making the save
WWE Intercontinental champion Booker T pinned Christian with the scissors kick
Goldust pinned Val Venis with the Curtain Call after avoiding the Money Shot
Rob Van Dam defeated Kane via disqualification when Kane attacked a number of referees; after the bout, RVD hit the Van Daminator on his opponent
Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash defeated Chris Jericho & Randy Orton when Michaels pinned Jericho with the superkick.

2003 - Zero-One held an event at Osaka Prefectural Gym # 2 in Japan.  The show was lowlighted by an incident with a fan. During a tag team bout where Tengu-Kaiser and Jun Kasai defeated Tatsuhito Takaiwa & Wataru Sakata, several fans tried to hop the rail as Kasai was being beaten. Kazu Doi, a young boy in training who assists at ringside, tried to force the fans back to the ring, and one kicked him in the face with such force he was bleeding hours later. A brawl broke out and the fans finally calmed when it was threatened the police would be called. Doi was examined afterwards at the hospital and was hurting, but was OK. Zero-One is talking about beefing up security.

Other results from the show was Yoshihito Sasaki defeated Taichi Ishikari....Kohei Sato and Hirotaka Yokoi defeated Hideki Hosaka and Kuroge Wagyuta....CW Anderson, Josh Daniels, and CM Punk defeated Naohiro Hoshikawa, Ikuto Hidaka, and Vansack Acid....In Fire Festival bouts, Masato Tanaka fought Alexander Otsuka to a double countout....Yoshiaki Fujiwara defeated Arashi....Satoshi Kojima defeated Tetsuhiro Kuroda....Shinjiro Otani defeated Kintaro Kanemura

2004 -  WWE Raw ran Austin, TX at the Frank Erwin Center, featuring the following results:

Val Venis defeated Chuck Palumbo
Kane pinned the Hurricane
Steven Richards defeated Tyson Tomko
William Regal defeated Rodney Mack
Victoria defeated Molly Holly after Jazz' interference backfired
Chris Jericho defeated Batista
WWE Intercontinental Champion Edge defeated Randy Orton
WWE World Tag Team Champions Rob Conway & Sylvian Grenier defeated Rhyno & Tajiri
World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit defeated Triple H via submission with the Crippler Crossface at around the 25-minute mark, despite interference from Randy Orton and Batista

2004 - WWE Smackdown ran East Rutherford, NJ at the IZOD Center:

John Heidenreich (w/ Paul Heyman) pinned Shannon Moore at around the 3-minute mark
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Spike Dudley defeated Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero Jr. by pinning Chavo
WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Billy Kidman defeated the Dudley Boyz when Kidman pinned D-Von
Kenzo Suzuki pinned Scotty 2 Hotty after hitting him in the throat with Hiroku's fan
Luther Reigns pinned Charlie Haas with his feet on the ropes
The Undertaker defeated WWE World Champion John Bradshaw Layfield via disqualification at around the 15-minute mark when the Dudley Boyz and Luther Reigns interfered
WWE U.S. Champion Booker T pinned Rob Van Dam with a roll up
Nunzio (w/ Johnny Stamboli) pinned Rene Dupree after Stamboli pushed Dupree off the ropes
John Cena pinned Kurt Angle with the FU at around the 15-minute mark

2005 - WWE Raw ran Cohasset, MA at South Shore Music Circus, featuring:

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions the Hurricane & Rosey defeated the Heart Throbs
Gene Snitsky defeated Val Venis
The Big Show defeated Chris Masters via disqualification
WWE Intercontinental champion Carlito Caribbean Cool defeated Shelton Benjamin
Chrity Hemme defeated Victoria
Eugene defeated Kerwin White
Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair
WWE World Champion John Cena defeated Edge

2005 - WWE Smackdown ran Burlington, VT at the Memorial Auditorium with the following results:

Super Crazy & Psychosis defeated Nunzio & Big Vito when Crazy pinned Nunzio with a moonsault from the middle rope
Bobby Lashley pinned William Regal with a roll up after Regal became distracted by Scotty 2 Hotty at ringside; after the bout, Scotty fought off an attack by Regal and hit the Worm
WWE Cruiserweight Champion Paul London defeated Juventud Guerrera via disqualification when Psychosis interfered and shoved the champion off the top
The Boogeyman defeated Stevie Richards via count-out at around the 3-minute mark after Richards fell to the floor and was unable to return to the ring; after the bout, several officials came out to help Richards backstage when it appeared he had suffered an injury
WWE Tag Team Champions Road Warrior Animal & John Heidenreich defeated Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury when Animal pinned Nitro following the Doomsday Device
WWE U.S. Champion Orlando Jordan defeated Booker T, Chris Benoit, and Christian by pinning Booker with a roll up; the bout was advertised as an elimination match but ended after only one fall
Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Eddie Guerrero in a falls count anywhere match with a legdrop off the top; after the bout, Mysterio continued to attack his opponent
World Heavyweight Champion Batista pinned John Bradshaw Layfield with the sit-down powerbomb, despite interference from Orlando Jordan

2006 - TNA held an Impact taping in Orlando, Florida, featuring the following matches:

Homicide & Hernandez defeated Chasyn Rance & Jerrelle Clark
The Naturals, Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas defeated America's Most Wanted, Chris Harris & James Storm (w/ Gail Kim) at 2:04 when Stevens pinned Storm with a roll up after Storm accidentally hit Harris with a clothesline; prior to the bout, Stevens & Douglas were escorted to the ring by Shane Douglas; after the match, Harris and Storm argued over the loss
Petey Williams defeated Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal, Frankie Kazarian, and Sonjay Dutt
Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, & Sonjay Dutt defeated Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine, & Kevin Nash
Homicide pinned NWA Tag Team Champion Christopher Daniels
Abyss pinned Shark Boy at the 30-second mark
Christian Cage fought Scott Steiner to a no contest

2006 - WWE ran East Rutherford, NJ at the Continental Airlines Arena with the following results:


Hardcore Holly pinned Simon Dean with the Alabama Slam at around the 9-minute mark


WWE Intercontinental champion Johnny Nitro (w/ Melina) defeated Shelton Benjamin and Carlito Caribbean Cool at 7:15 by pinning Carlito with a roll up and grabbing the tights for leverage after sending Carlito into Benjamin, knocking Benjamin to the floor
Trish Stratus & Candice Michelle defeated WWE Women's Champion Mickie James & Candice Michelle at 4:15 when Trish pinned Mickie with the Stratusfaction; Torrie Wilson was the guest referee for the bout; prior to the bout, footage was shown of Torrie's photo shoot for the cover of FHM
John Cena defeated Matt Striker via submission with the STFU.
Rory McAllister (w/ Robbie McAllister) pinned WWE World Tag Team Champions Johnny with an inside cradle at 4:24; the four other members of the Spirit Squad were in Johnny's corner early on but were sent backstage after the referee caught them trying to interfere
Umaga (w/ Armando Allejandro Estrada) pinned Shawn Michaels at 11:42 with the thumb strike to the throat after Michaels fought off an interfering Vince & Shane McMahon; prior to the bout, federal agents escorted Triple H out of the building after finding Cuban cigars in his bag, planted there by the McMahons; after the bout, Vince whipped Michaels with his belt and Shane superkicked a steel chair into Michaels' face


William Regal defeated WWE U.S. Champion Finlay via disqualification at 5:03 when Finlay stole his shillelagh away from Regal and hit Regal in the midsection with the weapon; after the bout, Finlay fought off an interfering Bobby Lashley with the weapon before leaving ringside as Lashley dropped Regal with a running powerslam
Elijah Burke (w/ Sylvester Terkay) defeated Scott Wright via submission with a Rings of Saturn after a Russian legsweep at 3:03; prior to the bout, Terkay - who Wright was to have fought - told Burke to take his place in the match; after the bout, Terkay assaulted Wright before locking him in a submission hold
Kristal pinned Ashley at 2:00 by grabbing the tights for leverage; during the bout, Ashley broke her hand
Tatanka pinned Sylvian with a modified urinagi at 4:28; prior to the bout, a vignette was shown recapping Tatanka's journey with the Lakota tribe
Batista pinned Ken Kennedy with the sit-down powerbomb at 8:39; after the bout, Michael Cole attempted to interview Batista at ringside but Batista told him to save his congratulations until after he regains the World Heavyweight Title
Vito defeated the Brooklyn Brawler via submission with a standing armbar at 2:40; prior to the bout, footage of Vito working out at a Brooklyn gym was shown
KC James & Idol Stevens (w/ Michelle McCool) defeated Scotty 2 Hotty & Sho Funaki at 5:34 when Stevens pinned Funaki following a catapult / missile dropkick double team.  This was James & Stevens' TV debut.  Stevens is now known as Damien Sandow.
The Undertaker defeated World Heavyweight Champion Booker T (w/ Sharmell) via disqualification in a non-title match at 13:06 when the Great Khali, with Daivari, interfered and attacked Taker after Booker sustained the chokeslam; moments later, Taker clotheslined Khali to the floor before grabbing the mic and challenging him to a last man standing match for Summer Slam

2007 - Matt Morgan signed with TNA.

2007 - WWE broadcast ECW on Sci Fi.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

 CW champion John Morrison made his way to the ring.  Morrison began praising himself and speaking in phrases similar to Jim Morrison.  You'll either like it or think it's corny.  I'm unsold but his delivery is good so far.  Morrison said that if his opponent can beat him, he'll get a future ECW title shot.  He began ripping on Arizona's athletes, then claimed he found the greatest athlete in Arizona (WSX's Joey Ryan).  Morrison asked him if he was ready to be famous, then kneed him low as the referee called for the bell.  He hit a corkscrew neckbreaker and scored the pin.

Morrison asked if anyone else wanted a shot and no one answered.  He said no one else was worthy of being in the ring with him.  Tommy Dreamer's music hit and he came to the ring with a mic.  He said that he's been around a lot longer than 15 minutes in this industry.  He says that there's nothing he wants more than to be ECW World champion again.  He says, "Is there someone in this building that can beat you?  Yes, there is.  Me."

Elijah Burke came out.  He said that when it comes to ECW, Dreamer is prehistoric.  Burke said, "15 minutes?"  He told Dreamer he was 15 years past his time.  Burke said Morrison needs someone young and athletic and that person is him. 

CM Punk's music hit and he walked to the ring smirking.  Punk said that last week, Morrison claimed he was done with Punk and was going "onward and upward."  Punk said if he's so confident, let's go one more time and if he can't beat him or last 15 minutes, Punk will never challenge him again.

Morrison said he had already had a "grueling match" so he wouldn't defend his title tonight.  He then suggested they have a Triple Threat match and the winner would face him next week.  He said that if they can last or beat him next week, they'll then earn a future ECW title match.

So, it's Dreamer vs. Punk vs. Burke later.

Stevie Richards vs. Kevin Thorn

They showed clips of Richards' upset win over Thorn last week.  Thorn charged Stevie into a turnbuckle, then picked him up and drilled him into another.  He began mauling Richards.  Richards came back with several roundhouse kick to the legs, then a dropkick.  Thorn caught him and powered him down.  Thorn dropped down with an over the shoulder backbreaker.  He locked on a rear chinlock. Thorn locked Richards in a Torture Rack, then dropped down with Shock Treatment.  Richards gets his shoulder up at the last second, upsetting Thorn.  He draped Richards over the top turnbuckle, measured, and kicked him in the back.  He tries to do it again, but Richards moved.  Thorn hit the ringpost shoulder-first and was rolled up for the pin.

Stevie wins!  Stevie wins! Stevie wins!

We went to a video feature on Big Daddy V.

They aired a quick video feature on CM Punk.

Big Daddy V vs. Jeff Michael, Brandon Gatsen and John Ostroff - Handicap Match

V destroyed all three in entertaining fashion.  It was a great old school monster heel squash.  It ended up V clotheslining one, slamming the second atop of the first wrestler, hitting a sideslam on the third and pinning the pile of bodies.  Simply glorious.  The Boogeyman's music began and he made his way to the ring.  He came to the ring and began eating worms as Matt Striker pulled V to the back.

Extreme Expose are next and they Michael Jackson.  Seriously.  Layla El took the mic and they introduced the Miz. 

The Miz vs. Balls Mahoney

Extreme Expose sat at ringside.  Joey and Tazz talked about Miz being aggressive.  Mahoney hit the Nutcracker Suite but Miz got his leg on the rope.  Miz hit a kneelift then a neckbreaker, scoring the clean pin.  Miz left with all the women.

They showed a video footage on Tommy Dreamer from the original ECW.

Backstage, Elijah Burke promised he was going to take out not one, but two of ECW's most beloved superstars at once, leading him one step closer to the ECW World title. 

Hey, did you know HHH was returning at Summerslam? No? Me neither.

Tommy Dreamer vs. CM Punk vs. Elijah Burke

We joined the match on progress.  Punk tried to roll up Dreamer, who kicked up.  As Punk hit the rope, Elijah Burke held the ropes down.  Dreamer grabbed Burke and drilled him into the turnbuckles.  Punk returned with a senton splash.  Burke cinched in a rear chinlock on Punk.  Burke backdropped Punk over the top to the floor, with Punk taking a nasty looking spill.  If he wasn't hurt, he's lucky.  Burke clotheslined Dreamer, sweeping his leg at the same time for a two count.  Burke whips Dreamer into the corner.  Burke did a handstand on the top rope, then drilled Dreamer with an elbow.  Punk grabbed him and tossed Burke into the ring steps.  Punk got a two count with a sunset flip into the ring.  Punk tossed him to the floor.  Punk hit a tope suicida to the floor on Dreamer and Burke.  Punk drilled Burke with a series of kicks to the face.  Dreamer DDT'd Punk.  Burke broke up the pinfall with an elbow to the head.  Burke was bleeding pretty bad from the lip.  Burke began unloading stiff shots on Dreamer and Punk.  Dreamer grabbed Burke and cinched in a Texas Cloverleaf.  Punk kicked Dreamer in the head and tried to pin Burke, who kicked up.  Punk hit a butterfly suplex into an over the knee backbreaker, scoring another near fall.  Punk put Burke on the top and they exchanged shots with Burke getting the best of it.  Dreamer superplexed Burke as Punk slid under and powerbombed Dreamer.  Punk covered Dreamer who kicked up at two.  Punk hit his kneelift in the corner on Burke and went for the bulldog, but was shoved off.  He and Dreamer butted heads.  Punk finally hit the GTS on Burke for the pin.  A really entertaining main event.  This was probably the best Burke has looked yet.

Punk goes on next week to face John Morrison in a non-title "15 Minutes of Fame" challenge.  Dreamer raised Punk's arm to close the show.

2008 - WLKY Channel 32 in Indiana reported that a beatdown of wrestler Mike Levy in an incident that took place on IWA Mid-South event in Sellersburg, Indiana several weeks prior was being investigated by the local police.  The investigation was prompted by emails of the footage (posted on a video account) being sent to the local authorities and WLKY.

North Carolina independent wrestler Mike Levy, who was booked into the female Death Match tournament as a substitute, took an insanely violent beating following a loss to Mickie Knuckles.  The beating appeared to be in retaliation to Knuckles receiving a knot on her face during the bout as she was due to head to TNA for television just after the event.   Following the bout, Devon Moore and Tank hit the ring and began beating Levy, with Moore taunting him to learn how to sell.  Ian Rotten and his young son also got involved and Levy took a massive amounts of stiff shots, including a double stomp off the top rope onto his head, into a ladder, unprotected chair shots and  more.  The beating sparked a lot of online outrage as it made the rounds.

WLKY featured footage of the beating on their piece, although some of the footage claimed to be part of the Levy beating were actually spots from his match with Knuckles.

IWA promoter Ian Rotten later responded to the reports of the beating on the IWA website at the time, writing, "If you want the real story, buy the DVD. The kid got an ass whipping for what I, and many others, feel was all the right reasons. He did not go to the hospital. As a matter of fact, he came back after getting cleaned up to watch the rest of the show. He was told he would be brought back and was grateful for that so I guess he could not be too bad off.  I promise, he's face does not look anywhere near as bad as Mickie's does these morning. The kid was not beat up as people are putting it. If he was beat up by the wrestlers who were out there, he be lying in a hospital bed right now. End of story!"

Rotten was interviewed by WLKY for their piece on the incident, claiming the beating was supposed to look like a "gang-style beating of this guy, and it did."  Rotten, noting Levy wasn't seriously injured, said it was an angle, part of the show.  He admitted that Levy took some "brutal strikes" but commented, "it's not ballet."  Rotten also claimed Levy was scheduled for a Fall Death Match event being promoted by the company.

The officer investigating the incident said, "It was hard for me to know whether everything was part of the show.  I was assured that it was.  I'm not so sure."  No charges have been filmed, which the report said was due to Levy not pressing charges and a "lack of evidence" into the matter.

A sidebar of the investigation that came out was that the bowling alley which hosted the event didn't have the proper zoning variances to hold outdoor entertainment, claiming they were unaware they were needed.  Should they promote further wrestling events, they would get the permits first. 

2008 - WWE developmental Florida Championship Wrestling ran a TV taping.  Mike Spears filed the following results:

FCW Diva Angela Fong is the ring announcer.
FCW Broadcast team is Bryan Kelly & "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes.

"The Canadian Bad Boy" Shawn Spears def Colt " Boom Boom" Cabana with a  neckbreaker.

Tyrone Jones, Vic Adams & Black Pain vs. Lupe Marinez, Kevin Kiley & "The Stampede Kid" TJ Wilson
Kiley pinned Vic Adams. Post match brawl involving all 6 men

Special Edition of the VIP Lounge with MVP and guest: "The Natural" Nic Nemeth
MVP mentions how Nemeth was a RAW superstar, a major player in FCW and wonders why he hasnt seen him back up on the main roster. Nemeth says how everyone is jealous of him. Evan Bourne's music hits and comes out.  He says basically he's got a problem with Nemeth, and MVP eggs on the two of them to fight. Just as Bourne is about to strike Nemeth, "The Campus Legend" Brad Allen just Bourne from behind. The three gang up on Bourne and at one point he breaks loose, shoves off MVP and delivers spin kicks to Allen & Nemeth. MVP then attacks Bourne and the 3 continue to beat him down.

Drew McIntyre vs. DH Smith
Smith wins with a German suplex

FCW Tag Team Title Match
Afa, Jr & Sterling Jack Gabriel vs. The Puerto Rican Nightmares (Eddie Colon & Eric Perez)

Nightmares retain. Colon pinned Gabriel with a small package after Gabrien tagged himself in.

10 min intermission, WWE Superstars, Edge, Beth Phoenix & World Champion, CM Punk are announced for next week's event.

Shamus O'Shaunassy def "Handsome" Heath Miller

Jay Bradley & "The Carnival Freak" Sinn Bowdee vs. Gabe Tuft & Kafu. Tuft & Tafu win when Tuft pinned Bradley following a second rope

Nicolle & Brianna Bella & WWE Women's Champion Mickie James defeated Daisy, Roucka & Alicia Fox.  James pinned Fox following the implant DDT

Stu Sanders def Greg Jackson
Post match Sanders grabs the mic, says what we have all witnessed was supremacy. At that moment, Kane's music hits, he comes to the ring and Sanders gets into Kane's face. Kane then gives him a chokeslam, stands
over his victims and backs away and heads to the locker room.

Florida Heavyweight Title Match
Jake Hager (champion) vs. Johnny Curtis

During the match, Curtis is injured outside of the ring, Gabe Tuft comes out to check on him. Hager attacks Tuft from behind. Curtis gets back into the ring and rolls up Hager. As the referee goes to count the pin,
Tuft jumps Hager, resulting in a disqualification. Post match, referees & Tuft are helping Johnny Curtis to the back, Hager then attacks Curtis and adding to his already injured knee and taking everyone out.

Angela thanks us for coming and reminds us that next week's guests are Edge, CM Punk and Beth Phoenix.

2009 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filled the following TV report:

We start off tonight’s show with a look back at Jeff Hardy’s victory over CM Punk to regain the World Title at Night of Champions.

We are live on tape from Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Jim ‘Boog Who’ Ross and Todd ‘I went to the Inner Harbor and all I got was a case of crabs’ Grisham.

We see footage from Night of Champions when Punk offered his hand to Hardy after losing and Jeff accepting before Punk left the ring dejected after losing.

Jeff Hardy comes to the ring with his World Heavyweight Title belt. Jeff says that if it is a dream, don’t wake him because he is enjoying being the World Champion. He thanks all of the outcasts, rejects, and freaks, the people who stayed with him. Punk said some rotten things to him and to his fans going into Night of Champions. Jeff says that everyone said no to his point of view. Hardy says that if everyone was like CM Punk, it would be a boring world. Hardy says that the only thing that he is high on is being the World Champion. He says that he was born a free spirit and has he says that everyone has the right to choose how they want to live. Jeff says that he knows that Teddy Long has given CM Punk his rematch at any time. Jeff mentions his opponent tonight and he says that John Morrison is one of the most talented in the business. Jeff says that he does not intend to have his title reign be so short this time so he tells John to expect a fight.

Cryme Tyme comes out to the ring and they celebrate in the ring with Jeff. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: The main event from this week’s Raw featuring Cryme Tyme and Shaq.

Match Number One: Cryme Tyme versus The Hart Dynasty with Natalya in a Number One Contender Match for Summerslam

Smith and Shad start things off and they lock up. Smith with a punch but Shad responds with forearms. Smith with a knee and side head lock. Shad with a POUNCE to Smith and Kidd does not really want to get into the match at this point. Smith and Shad lock up again and Shad with forearms followed by an Irish whip and flying butt bump into the corner. Kidd makes the blind tag and Smith goes out of the ring. Kidd with a drop kick to the back of the knee while Shad wonders why Smith left the ring. Kidd works on the knee and sends Shad’s knee into the apron. Smith tags in and he Irish whips Shad into the ring steps and we go to commercial.

We are back and Smith works on the knee as Shad tries to make the tag to JTG but Smith keeps him away from his partner. Smith with kicks to the leg followed by a single leg trip. Smith with a single leg crab and he stands on Shad’s head to add extra pressure and insult to injury. Shad kicks Smith away but Smith is able to tag in Kidd. Shad is still unable to make the tag after many attempts. Shad kicks Kidd off and then JTG is tagged in. JTG with a flying shoulder tackle, drop kick, and back body drop. JTG drop kicks Smith off the apron and then JTG hits a leg lariat from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Kidd with a kick to JTG and he goes to the apron for a springboard blockbuster for a near fall. JTG with an inside cradle for a near fall. JTG with a sunset flip for another near fall. Kidd with a kick to JTG to try to stop the momentum. JTG with a neck breaker but Smith breaks up the cover. Shad kicks Smith away when Smith tries to work on the already injured knee. Shad with a clothesline from the apron onto Smith. Back in the ring, JTG with a rollup for a near fall. JTG with a the Shout Out for the three count.
Winners: Cryme Tyme

After the match, the Unified Tag Team Champions Big Show and Chris Jericho come out and they have something to say. Jericho mockingly applauds their victory and then tells them to enjoy their moment because things are going downhill from here. Jericho says that he can see it in their faces that they are riding high as number one contenders with an attempt to achieve their childhood dream of being WWE Tag Team Champions. Jericho tells them that Cryme Tyme will be just like the fans who are failures because they will not win the titles. Jericho points out that him and Show have forty titles between them. He says that they are the perfect synergy of strength, agility, intelligence, ruthlessness, and honesty. Shad interrupts Jericho and he says that he is looking at Han Solo and Chewbacca. Shad says that he speaks Wookiee and he talks to Show. Jericho asks Shad if he thinks this is some kind of joke. JTG says that if Shaq is around, Jericho did not have too much to say. JTG tells Jericho that he has a present from Shaq and blows a kiss to Chris. JTG reminds Show that Shaq knocked him on his back.

Show says that the only reason Cryme Tyme is able to run their mouths is because him and Jericho are allowing them. Show says that they are used to being champions. Show points out their credentials and he says that he is a giant so he is bigger than all of them. He says that he is also better than everyone. Jericho tells Cryme Tyme to enjoy their party with the criminals in the building because at Summerslam, the party is over.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Michelle McCool and Layla versus Eve Torres and Melina

Layla and Melina start things off and Layla with a waist lock but Melina with an elbow to get out of the hold followed by a punch. Melina goes after Michelle but she gets to the floor too quickly. Layla with forearms to Melina but Melina with a hip toss and Eve is tagged in. They hit a double elbow drop for a near fall. Eve with a power slam for a near fall. Eve with a drop kick followed by a forearm. Eve with an elbow and then Eve goes to the turnbuckles, but Layla kicks the leg to force Eve from the turnbuckles. Michelle tags in and she connects with a knee to the head. Michelle gets a near fall after a leg drop and then she applies a sleeper. Eve gets to her feet and hits a jawbreaker. Melina tags in and so does Layla. Melina with clotheslines. Melina with a flap jack and a boot to the head into a split. Melina sets for the step over leg drop but Michelle with a kick to the head. Eve with a drop kick to Michelle that sends her to the floor. Michelle with a kick to Eve’s head and then Michelle tags in and she kicks Michelle. Michelle tries to finish off Melina, but Melina counters with a Code Red for the three count.
Winners: Melina and Eve Torres

Josh Mathews is in the interview area and he is excited to introduce his interview subject, CM Punk. Josh asks Punk if he said that Hardy’s victory was an upset. Punk says that it was an upset. Punk says that some thought that Hardy was the better man on Sunday but he does not know how someone who lives the lifestyle that Hardy does can be a better man. Punk says that he does not respect anyone who lives that lifestyle. Punk says that he wishes everyone was straight edge. Punk says that Hardy says that he loves to live in the moment so he better enjoy this moment because it is not going to last. He wishes Hardy and Morrison luck because he is taking on the winner.

Dolph Ziggler and Maria are in the back and Dolph kisses her hand before starting the long and lonely walk to the ring for his tag team match.

Match Number Three: Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox versus Fit Finlay and Rey Mysterio

Ziggler and Mysterio start things off and they lock up with Ziggler applying a side head lock. Ziggler with a shoulder tackle followed by a kick. Rey with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors followed by a kick but Knox tags in and Rey does not realize it, but he does when he sees Knox flying at him and hitting a cross body for a near fall. Knox follows that with a hard Irish whip. Knox with a forearm to Rey followed by another Irish whip but Rey with kicks to Knox. Rey tries for a rana from the corner and Knox catches him. Rey is able to hit the rana and Knox assumes the position in the ropes but Knox is able to avoid the 619. Rey with an enzuigiri that staggers Knox and Finlay is tagged in. Finlay with two clotheslines and a seated splash for a near fall. Finlay sends Knox into the turnbuckles and hits a shoulder followed by a fireman’s carry slam for a near fall. Finlay knocks Ziggler off the apron. Finlay goes to the turnbuckles, but Knox with a kick to the head. Knox works on the leg but Finlay kicks Knox to escape the hold. Knox catapults Finlay’s throat into the middle rope. Ziggler is tagged in and Dolph with a drop kick followed by shoulders in the corner. Ziggler gets a near fall and then he stops Finlay from making the tag. Finlay with a reverse chin lock and then he works on the back briefly before going to the leg. Knox tags in and he hits a leg drop and gets a near fall. Knox works on the knee and Finlay tries to make the tag again, but Knox stops him and he applies an arm bar. Knox punches Rey to make the tag by Finlay even more difficult. Ziggler tags back in and he kicks Finlay and then Finlay with a splash and a near fall. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Ziggler misses a second leaping elbow drop. Finlay is trying to make the tag again but Ziggler pulls Finlay back into his corner and Knox is tagged in again and he stomps on Finlay’s back. Knox with a knee drop to the leg and then he tags in Ziggler who gets a near fall. Knox tags back in and he kicks Finlay in the chest and then he slams Finlay. Knox misses a knee drop and Ziggler tags in and he is able to stop Finlay from making the tag. Finlay avoids a splash in the corner and he tags in Mysterio.

Rey with a springboard seated splash followed by forearms. Ziggler with a kick and sunset flip but Rey rolls through and Rey kicks Ziggler in the head for a near fall. Rey with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Rey with more forearms and then Rey with a drop toe hold that sends Ziggler into the position. Rey hits the 619 right in front of Knox who does nothing on the apron. Rey with a drop kick to Knox’s knee and then Rey hits the diving splash but Knox breaks up the cover. Knox throws Rey under the ropes but Knox is sent to the floor by a Finlay clothesline over the top rope. Ziggler attacks Finlay from behind and Rey with a rollup after a Finlay elbow for the three count.
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Fit Finlay

Josh Mathews is in the interview area with John Morrison. Josh asks John if he is ready for Jeff Hardy later tonight. John starts off by congratulating Jeff Hardy on his victory on Sunday night. John points out that they have a date with destiny. Jeff was right that they will create history. John says that they are not going to hold anything back. Tonight, he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Great Khali and Runjin Singh are walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that Men like watching Smackdown on Friday nights and WWE now uses underlining on their Did You Know graphics?

Match Number Four: Charlie Haas versus Great Khali with Runjin Singh

Haas avoids Khali and then he punches Khali and the punches have no impact. Khali throws Haas into the corner. Haas with forearms and then he charges at Khali but Khali grabs Haas by the throat and sends him into the turnbuckles. Khali chokes Haas and then hits an elbow in the corner followed by a chop. Khali hits the chop to the top of the head and then Khali waits for Haas to get back up.

From out of nowhere, Kane enters the ring, but he leaves the ring as soon as Khali sees him. Kane sees Runjin Singh and kidnaps him. Khali comes after Kane and Khali releases his hostage. Kane is able to escape the clutches of Khali and Khali goes to check on Singh.

We see John Morrison and Jeff Hardy getting ready for their match in their own special way. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

Match Number Five: John Morrison versus Jeff Hardy for the World Heavyweight Title

Hardy with a waist lock and Morrison with an arm bar. Hardy is able to apply a hammer lock and then has a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Hardy gets a near fall and then he goes for a reverse chin lock. Morrison with a take down and a kick to the head for a near fall. Morrison with a hard Irish whip. Morrison with a chin lock that uses Hardy’s own arm for extra leverage. Hardy with a rollup for a near fall but Morrison with a clothesline for a near fall of his own. Morrison misses a clothesline and Hardy with a series of forearms followed by a reverse atomic drop and then Morrison is able to block the leg drop and Morrison responds with a catapult that sends Hardy over the top rope to the floor. Morrison goes to the apron and then Morrison kicks Hardy and hits an Asai Moonsault onto Hardy. We go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison has hardy in a reverse chin lock. Morrison with forearms but Hardy with a kick and he tries for the Twist of Fate but Morrison escapes and gets a near fall. Morrison goes to the apron and he drops Hardy on the top rope. Morrison appears to set up for the corkscrew split legged moonsault but he tries for a standard moonsault but Hardy moves. Morrison lands on his feet and he charges into an elbow. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind but he can only get a two count. Hardy with a snap mare and rear chin lock. Hardy with a slam and Hardy goes to the turnbuckles for the screaming Hardy leg drop from the second turnbuckles for a near fall. Hardy with a reverse chin lock but Morrison escapes the hold with a snap mare. Morrison with an STO into a backbreaker followed by a side Russian leg sweep and standing shooting star press for a near fall. Morrison with European uppercuts followed by punches in the corner and a neck breaker for a near fall. Hardy sends Morrison to the apron and then they each connect with punches. They fight on the turnbuckles and they each go down after punches with Hardy appearing to take the worse fall after bouncing off the apron. We go to commercial.

We are back and Morrison with punches and Hardy responds with punches of his own. Morrison with a clothesline and drop kick. Hardy with a clothesline and both men are down. Hardy with the reverse atomic drop and this time he hits the leg drop followed by a drop kick for a near fall. Hardy with a shoulder to Morrison on the apron and then Hardy tries for a sunset flip power bomb to the floor but Morrison with a knee drop. Hardy with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier. Hardy moves the ring steps and then hits Poetry in Motion off the steps onto Morrison and both men are down. They return to the ring and Hardy with a near fall. Morrison escapes the Twist of Fate and then Hardy misses the Whisper in the Wind. Morrison with a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Morrison sends Hardy into the turnbuckles but Morrison misses the springboard spin kick. Morrison does not miss a leg lariat but he can only get a two count. Morrison puts Hardy on the top rope and then Morrison hits the springboard spin kick for a near fall. Morrison with a forearm to the back followed by a European uppercut. Morrison misses Moonlight Drive and Hardy is able to hit the sit out gourdbuster. Hardy goes to the turnbuckles and hits the Swanton Bomb but he takes too long to make the cover and Morrison kicks out at two. Morrison kicks Hardy away when he tries for the hesitation baseball slide. Morrison sets for the corkscrew split legged moonsault and Hardy gets his knees up. Hardy with a Twist of Fate followed by the Swanton for the three count.
Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, CM Punk comes to the ring and he raises Hardy’s arm and Hardy wonders why Punk is doing this. Punk gets a mic and he tells Hardy that for the last few weeks . . .

Punk hits Hardy with the microphone in the head and then he throws Hardy out of the ring. Punk throws Hardy into the ringside barrier and then he gets a running start for a second throw into the ringside barrier. Punk with kicks to Hardy. Punk picks up Hardy and runs him into the ringside barrier for a third time. Punk punches Hardy and then Punk with elbow strikes to the head. Punk heads to the back but before he leaves, he connects with knees to the back of the head and then he picks up Hardy and throws him over the announce table.

2010 - TNA ran Fayetteville, NC at the Crown Center of Cumberland County featuring the following results:
Ink, Inc., Jesse Neal & Shannon Moore defeated Beer Money, James Storm & Robert Roode.
Douglas Williams defeated Jay Lethal to retain the TNA X-Division Title.
Madison Rayne defeated Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockout Title. At one point in the match referee Earl Hebner got in Rayne's way as she was whipped into the corner. Rayne stopped herself and yelled at Hebner, but Love then pushed her into the referee's arms and Hebner laid a big kiss on her. Hebner then did a Ric Flair-style strut to a big pop from the North Carolina crowd.
Jeff Jarrett defeated Desmond Wolfe.
Jeff Hardy pinned Matt Morgan after hitting a Swanton Bomb.
TNA champ Rob Van Dam pinned A.J. Styles after a Five-Star Frog Splash. Mick Foley was the guest referee. 

2011 - Adam Pearce won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship for the fourth time by defeating Chance Prophet, Jimmy Rave and Shaun Tempers in a four-way match to win the vacant title as previous champion The Sheik was stripped.

2011 - CHIKARA held Chikarasaurus Rex 2: King of Sequel Night 2 at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.  Joshua Higham filed the following live report:

ICEx60 Champion Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated Makoto in an Ice Ribbon Showcase. 


Archibald Peck defeated Dasher Hatfield with a reverse Styles Clash after Veronica hit Hatfield with the baton. A lot of comedy with Peck inadvertently hitting referee Jonathan Barber three different times. Peck as a character is such a perfect fit for Chikara. 


Daizee Haze countered a suplex attempt by Mima Shimoda to get the win. After the match, Shimoda attacked Haze with a chair. Then, she seemed confused when the crowd booed her. Haze had to be carried to the back. 


The Spectral Envoy defeated 3.Ole. During the match, Tim Donst came out with a chair and attacked Frightmare. 3.0 chased off Donst, which brought out the rest of the men of the BDK. While there was a standoff in the aisle between 3.0/Incoherence and the BDK, Mantis hit Generico with a Praying Mantis Bomb for the win. Mantis offered Generico his hand after the bout. And 3.Ole still haven’t picked who is team captain. 


After intermission, it is announced that Team FIST’s opponents did not arrive so we go to the hat to pick new opponents. The first name Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur picked is IWGP Tag Team Champions, Bad Intentions (Giant Bernard and Karl Anderson). Obviously, they're in Japan on tour with New Japan, so they miss out. Next names pulled are Rey Bucanero and Atlantis. Surprisingly, the luchadors from CMLL are in the building. Gargano and Taylor pull out the win after Johnny fakes being fouled and Derek Sabato falls for it. That is three points for Taylor and Gargano, who now earn the right to challenge Quack and Jigsaw for the Campeonatos de Parejas. 


In 12 Large Summit action, Eddie Kingston defeated Jigsaw with a bridging Saito suplex. They beat the hell out of each other with Eddie favoring his knee and Jigsaw favoring his arm. They both kicked out of multiple finishers and fought back hard. Kingston remains perfect in the 12LS with 6 pts. Jigsaw isn't on the board yet. 


In the British Legend Dream Partner Match, Mike Quackenbush and Johnny Saint defeated Johnny Kidd and Colt Cabana when Saint pinned Kidd. 25+ minutes of wrestling joy. All four participants looked like they were having an absolute ball in the ring. Postmatch, Johnny Kidd attempted to thank Quackenbush for the opportunity to wrestle in America. Quack, however, grabbed the microphone and thanked Saint and Kidd for coming and the fans for their enthusiastic response, citing Dean Malenko's initial reluctance to come to Philly, worried about the fans' response then. Saint then grabbed the mic and thanked the Philly crowd for the love as well. 


In 12 Large Summit action, Sara Del Rey (seconded by Daizee Haze) defeated Claudio Castagnoli (seconded by Tursas) with a crucifix reversal. At the start of the match, Claudio expected Del Rey to lay down. Sabato even rang the bell to start the match and immediately went to a counting position. Sara refused, shouting “No, I hate you,” and they traded shots. Claudio had her beaten twice, but pulled her up both times, which set up her crucifix. After the match, Claudio attacked Sara with a bicycle kick and Daizee with a chokeslam. The crowd was loudly behind Sara Del Rey throughout the match, and the reaction was loud when she got the pin.


Notes: Mike Quackenbush, Colt Cabana, Gavin Loudspeaker, Tim Donst, Ultramantis Black, and Leonard F. Chikarason rotated doing commentary. Paul Turner again appeared as a referee in Bryce Remsburg’s absence. It was announced that “High Noon,” Chikara’s return to Philadelphia on November 13, will be an iPPV. That event will include the finals of the 12 Large Summit. We also got a video announcing the return of Manami Toyota. That video also included a reveal of Aja Kong, announcing Joshi-Mania for December. Chikara’s next event is the Young Lions Cup tournament, the last weekend of August in Easton, PA.


2011 - reported the following:

"Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan, who has long been open about his love for professional wrestling, will be launching his own independent wrestling promotion this Fall

Corgan, who is being billed as the creative director for the new group, titled Resistance Pro, will be making an official announcement at Wizard World Chicago the weekend of 8/13 regarding plans for the promotion, which will be Mid-West based and feature at least some independent performers from that area.

Corgan has dabbled in wrestling since his feud with Lou E. Dangerously in the late 1990s in Extreme Championship Wrestling as well as appearances at many other wrestling events."

The promotion, titled Resistance Pro Wrestling, has been running the Chicago area since November 2011 and recently cleared TV there.

2013 - Memphis wrestling personality Corey Maclin has died. Details are sketchy but the reports we have heard was that he was killed in a one car accident on Interstate 55 in Panola County, MS, about an hour south of Memphis, around 11 p.m. last night. Police believe he passed away after rolling his car.

2014 - TNA broadcast Destination X 2014.  Cory Strode filed the following TV report:

It's another episode of TNA Impact taped in New York City, and tonight it's the first half of Destination X. Last week Team Dixie Carter left team ECW beaten and defeated, will they be able to get revenge?

Our announcers are Taz and Mike Tenay, they are coming from the Manhattan Center in New York City!

The show starts with Austin Aries states that he will become the TNA Champion again. They build up that this is a special show with a video package setting up that TNA is seeing a return to greatness and that this is Destination X!

The show proper opens with Team Dixie coming to the ring. Dixie cuts a promo slagging on the New York wrestlers and the fans. She will give the fans ECW, but not the older wrestlers, saying that EC3 is the real star of a real company. EC3 introduces Team Dixie, Gene Snitsky, Rhyno, Rick Lawn (I's Big Zeke and they didn't give a graphic for his new name) and state that they will destroy Devon, Dreamer and Bully Ray. Decent heel promo and the crowd was really into hating this team.

The first match is for the Tag Team Titles Jeff and Matt Hardy and the Wolves.

We come back from commercial in the middle of action with the Wolves working over Matt, who is able to tag Jeff in. This leads to the Hardys dominating the match, quick tags in and out.
When Eddie gets in, he turns the tide and they lead the match and they dominate for the next section until they get a two count. As Jeff recovers, the Wolves take time to set up a big move, giving Matt a chance to get in and toss the Wolves out. Jeff does a GREAT move over the top rope to hit the Wolves on the floor. They dominate for a short time as Jeff gets the Swanton. Again, a bit of set up for Matt to do the Shooting Star for another two count.

Matt puts Eddie in the Icepick submission, and as Davey come in, Jeff catches him and put him in the same move. Davey falls into Matt and Eddie and breaks up the holds. The momentum shifts to the Wolves who both hit a double foot stomp off the top rope to Matt. This leads to a see saw with a LOT of close near falls. As Matt takes FOREVER to set up a top rope move on Eddie, Davey clocks him. Puts Matt on Eddie's shoulders and does a backstabber for the pin. Impressive move!

Winners and Still Tag Team Champs The Wolves

Solid match with a lot of action. Good see-saw battle and while the Hardy's lose, they don't look bad doing so. After the match, the Wolves put the belts on the mat, and shake hands with the Hardys as the crowd chant “This is Awesome”, and oddly for TNA, it was after the match, not before anyone hooks up, and it really was awesome.  Great opener for the show.

Taz and Tenay push that the show is loaded,  push the main event and through the macth the crowd switches off cheering for each team. .

Low Ki gets a short video package where he puts over TNA and the X Division. Good clips and a good introduction if you don't know who he is. It ends with him Face to Face with Samoa Joe.

When we get back from commercial, they show highlights from the previous match, putting over that it was a dream match.

DJ Z is in the ring for the first X Division Qualifying match. Next to the ring is Manik and he's followed by Low Ki for a triple threat match.

Taz says he picks Low Ki as they are both from Brooklyn. Manik starts with Low Ki, and DJ Z comes in, drops them both and we have DJ vs Low Ki. DJ dominates, taking care of Low Ki in the ring and flying out of the ring to take out Manik. OK, I am NOT going to be able to keep up with this match, but the highlights are: Manik has DJ in a leg lock and then hits a backdrop bridge on Low Ki at the same time. Great move and something I haven’t seen before. No one dominates for long and all three men look strong, until DJ s out of the ring, Low Ki hits the Key Crusher and pins Manik.

Winner and advancing in the tournament for next week: Low Ki!

Teney puts over that later tonight we have Aries against Lashley!

When we come back, we see Sanada last week attacking the Great Muta. And to get an explanation, in the ring is James Storm. He explains that Sanada is not a student turning on his teacher, but a student being awaken. Storm says he is the new leader of a revolution and Sanada is a man who destroyed the Great Muta. Storm cut a heel promo, but the crowd didn't react to it much that I can see.

Sanada comes to the ring and Storm leaves. Brian Cage enters with regrettable facial hair designs and here comes the Menagerie with Crazy Steve.

Page starts the match by taking out both, tosses out Crazy Steve and then works with Sanada. Crazy Steve comes in for a comedy spot and then back to Cage who lifts both other guys and tosses them both backward/ Impressive show of strength, but he doesn't follow up it, so the tide turns and Sanada takes over for a short time. Sanada is tossed out and it's Crazy Steve's turn to take FOREVER to set up a move in the corner. Cage is down and we get Steve and Sanada for a short time and then back to Steve vs Cage.

At this point my cable stutters and shoots right to the ending Sanada wins with Tiger Suplex and a bridge on Steve.

Winner and advancing to next week: Sanada!

From what I saw, a solid match the built up Cage as stronger than the other two guys and probably shouldn't be in the X-Division.

After another break, Bully, Devon and Dreamer are on their way to the ring. They play to the crowd giving Taz and Teney time to push how what is coming between them and Team Dixie is going to be a war. The crowd is hot for these guys!

Devon starts amid shouts of ECW and Welcome Home. He lets the crowd know they the three of them know how to finish a war. Dreamer states that he has been in wars with and against the guys in the ring, and how he would give everything for the fans. He puts over the TNA guys as people just as good as the guys he worked with in ECW. He ends by saying it's time to get things done right now.

Team Dixie comes out and EC# states that the match with take place on “Carter Time”, next week.

Bully states that no one wants to wait next week to a huge cheer from the crowd. “Do you know where you are???? You're in New York City, Baby, you're gonna DIE!” Bully states if he wanted to, he could start a riot which starts a crowd chant of Start a Riot. Bully states if they name the time, he'll name the terms, 8 man weapons extreme hard core war. Bully says by this time next week, Dixie is going through a table. AWESOME promo.

We cut to the back with Angle talking to Samoa Joe who wishes him good luck. Kurt tells the unseen cameraman that Destination X is about to have No Limits.

Impact lists their upcoming TV taking and a bunch of house shows. I honestly had no idea they were still doing those.

Backstage, EC3 is pumping up his team stating that next week, it ends one way or another. Dixie tries to talk tough and instead looks like a woman sending back a steak that wasn't done well enough. She actually brought down the segment and brought down the excitement a couple fo levels. We then have the cameraman talking to the Beautiful People who put themselves over. Next week, Angelina Love will make an announcement worthy of Destination X.

We are shown that Havok is coming.  Good for him. 

Our third qualifying match with Samoa Joe BACK in the X Division. He cuts a promo that puts over that Kurt Angle has rebuilt the X-Division and he'll be the next X Division Champion. Tigre Uno enters the ring, and we're told that he's come THIS CLOSE to winning the X Division title and it is a Must Win for him. Homicide returns and Taz puts him over.

Sanata vs Low Ki vs Samoa Joe

Quick start to the match and they are outside the ring within minutes...and we go to commercial!!

We come back to Tigre Uno with a drop kick on Homicide and Samoa Joe as the crowd chants Joe's Gonna Kill You. Joe and Homicide face off after Tiger Uno is knocked the outside. They trade blows until Joe pulls power moves on Homicide. He is setting up for a power bomb as Tigre breaks it up. Tigre works over Homicide until Joe breaks it up, leading to Joe dominating Tigre. Once Homicide recovers Tigre is out of the ring again and we get Joe and Homicide. Joe tries to set up a muscle buster and Homicide escapes, fights for a bit until Joe gets the Muscle Buster set in setting up the pin.

Winner and our final entrant: Samoa Joe!

Decent mix of styles with Tigre doing lucha stuff, Joe doing power moves and Homicide providing the glue keeping it together. All three of the X Division matches have been quick paced, great TV matches.

There's a video package showing what Bram has done to Abyss to set up next week's Monster's Ball match. Abyss cuts a promo about the new version of Janice. Not a lot in the promo, just the promise of Violence for the sake of Violence.

Aries gets a video package to set up our Main Event.

Back from commercial, we get a run down on all of the set up for next week, who won the X-Division matches and that the WAR is next week.

We get our entrances with Aries coming in first as the announcers put over that he won the World Title the last time he cashed in the X-Division title. Lashley comes to the ring and he is put over as an unstoppable monster who is about to fight in MMA.

They face off in the ring and Lashley towers over Aries. As they trade some opening moves, the announcers talk strategy, Aries has to use his speed and Lashley will be able to dominate with strength. Aries starts by working on Lashley's legs with kicks and then wrapping the leg in the ropes. Lashley takes over when Aries leaps off the top rope into Lashley's arms, and Aries gets tossed backwards onto the floor as we go to commercial.

They run an ad for Guardians of the Galaxy and I wince a little inside because the movie started at the local theater an hour and a half ago...and I wanted to see the first showing. But, Mike Johnson asked if I could cover the show and I figured it was the cheapest present I could get him.

And then Dave asked, and it's pretty much impossible to say No to Dave.

Good thing is, Impact is good enough I don't mind that I have to wait a day to see a new Marvel movie.

We're back, and we're told that Lashley has been in charge during the commercial break. Here's a minor complaint...the show is taped, do we really have to have so much of the match cut? Lashley tosses Aries out of the ring and rams him into the ring posts repeatedly. Then, back in the ring an Lashley keeps Aries down into a bear hug. The crowd is solidly behind Aries and he slowly mounts a comeback to get out of the move and then Lashley puts him back in a bear hug. Aries tries boxing the ears of Lashley to get out of the hold and after he gets out of hold, Lashley presses him over his head with full arm extension before dropping him.

Lashley looks like a monster with that move. Aries is able to get out of power bomb and rallies with a series of chops and punches in the corner. Lashley shoves him off and goes to run into him but Aries dodges, gets Lashley out of the ring and gets a good series of moves off the ropes, whipping Lashley into the corner.

Aries counters the spear and puts Lashley into a submission move that Lahsley powers out of. Aries works another series of moves as Lashley looks as if he is about to drop, and both guys are drenched with sweat. Aries is able to get Lashely up for a brain buster into a near fall. The continue until Lashley is outside the ring, Aries tries a dive and instead hits the rail.

Back in the ring, Lashley spears Aries for the pin.

Your winner and still World Champion Bobby Lashley!

Great match and it really had a Big Match feel.  All in all a solid show and enough to get me watching again.  We’ll have an audio up about the show later tonight!

In our “Coming next week” Will Dixie go through a Table?  They show the set up, the screen goes black and you hear the sound of Dixie going through the table.  They show #ithappens and the show ends.

So, TNA spoiled their own show next it a good idea?  We’ll see on Next Week’s Impact Wrestling!

2015 - One of the greatest performers and talkers in the history of professional wrestling, Rowdy Roddy Piper, passed away at the age of 61 from cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, CA. 


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