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By Dave Scherer on 2016-07-22 09:29:00


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WWN Alerts - July 22nd, 2016

Shockwaves were sent through the WWN Family yesterday with the announcement that Johnny Gargano was leaving independent wrestling. We have the statement on WWN about this, a newMini-Doc looking at what led to Gargano's departure and the ramifications. In addition, we have all the info on tonight's SHINE live iPPV. Let's get to it....


New EVOLVE Mini-Doc

New EVOLVE Mini-Doc
Farewell To An Icon

July 22nd: Johnny Gargano has made the decision to leave the independents. Gargano started with the WWN Family in the Bonus Match on the first Dragon Gate USA event. He rose to become called The WWN Icon. WWN VP Of Talent Relations Gabe Sapolsky has made this statement about Gargano's impending departure:


"I knew the look in Johnny Gargano's eyes when he returned to the locker room after his battle against Drew Galloway at EVOLVE 65 last Sunday. He realized it was time to go. We have grown to depend on Gargano over the years. He is our ace. However, EVOLVE is not meant to be a destination point in a wrestler's career. It is meant to be a place for pro wrestling and pro wrestling to evolve. In order for that to happen, change is necessary. The last several months have seen Johnny become more prominent in NXT, gain success in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic and become engaged in an intense war in EVOLVE. It was too much and something had to give. In order for Johnny to grow in this industry, he had to leave WWN. In order for new stars to rise in EVOLVE, Johnny had to move aside from the road he paved. It all leads to what will be the most emotional weekend in EVOLVE history. We say farewell to our icon at EVOLVE 68 in Deer Park, NY on September 10th and EVOLVE 69 in Queens, NY on September 11th. Thank you, Johnny."


Tickets for both EVOLVE 68 and EVOLVE 69 are now on sale in the Store. It will be Gargano vs. Cody Rhodes at EVOLVE 69. His opponent for EVOLVE 68 will be determined in the upcoming weeks. Join us for the biggest going away party in WWN history.


July 22nd: This announcement has sent shockwaves through the EVOLVE locker room. The structure of the EVOLVE roster is now in disarray. The icon is gone. Who will fill his shoes? Who will rise to face Drew Galloway and his cohorts? Who will be the new ace? We hope to get answers when EVOLVE returns on August 19th in Joppa, MD and August 20th in Brooklyn, NY.


Get Ready For SHINE 36 Tonight By Watching This SHINE 35 Recap

Get Ready For SHINE 36 Tonight By Watching This SHINE 35 Recap


July 22nd: SHINE 36 comes to you on live iPPV tonight at, on the WWN Roku Channel and FITE App at 9pm EDT with three title matches, new talent, your SHINE favorites and more. Here's the lineup:


Friday, July 22nd, 2016
Belltime: 9:00pm EDT
The Orpheum 
1915 East 7th Ave
Ybor City, FL 33605


Tickets will be available at the door!


SHINE Championship Match
Ivelisse defends vs. Su Yung w/ So Cal Val & Andrea


SHINE Tag team Championship Match
B.T.Y Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson w/ So Cal Val & Andrea defend vs. La Sicarias of A.C.R. & La Rosa Negra


NWA World Woman's Championship Match
Amber Gallows defends vs. Tracy Taylor


Allysin Kay vs. Xandra Bale


Santana vs. Vanessa Kraven


Thunderkitty vs. Miss Rachel


Raquel vs. Kelly Klein


Four Way Fray
Luscious Latasha vs. Kennadi Brink vs. Stormie Lee vs. Candy Cartwright


SHINE Sparkle Showcase Match
Devin Nicole vs. Ariel Monroe


Plus More including a special interview with SHINE Original & current SHIMMER Champion "The Latina Sensation" Mercedes Martinez


July 22nd: Thank you for reading today's WWN Alerts. We appreciate your time. We'll be back next week with more breaking news, match announcements, videos and who knows what else! Join us for the best women's wrestling tonight with SHINE 36!




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