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By Mike Johnson on 2016-07-19 23:02:00

After 59 total picks on Smackdown and the WWE Network, some notes in the aftermath of the company shaking it's roster apart:

*Raw now has the WWE Tag Team, United States and Women's championship - plus the Cruiserweight division as an exclusive drawing card.

*Smackdown ended up with the WWE and Intercontinental championships.

*Heath Slater was the one remaining talent who was not drafted in what was obviously a comedy bit.

*Bray Wyatt and Eric Rowan remain together on Smackdown while Braun Strowman has been moved to Raw.  There's been talk for a long time that Vince McMahon is a huge fan of Strowman.  We might be seeing him getting quite the push going forward. 

*The Club has been split across the brands as AJ Styles is now on Smackdown while Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson are now on Raw.

*Interestingly enough, former Bullet Club founder Finn Balor is now on the same brand as Gallows and Anderson, his former stablemates when they were together in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

*It certainly appears The Social Outcasts are now done as an act.  WWE played Bo Dallas' old ring music when he was drafted.

*Alberto Del Rio and Paige, who have publicly outed that they are dating, are now on separate brands and a separate schedule, which the couple cannot be happy about.

*Although WWE gave out signs for Bayley at ringside before the taping tonight, there was no announcement about her being brought up to the main roster.  Her absence had to be seen as the biggest surprise when it came to NXT.  WWE could still book Bayley to be Sasha Banks' mystery partner this Sunday as a way to bring her into the main roster as a surprise.

*There was a minor surprise in Mojo Rawley being called up.  There were some in NXT earlier today that expected No Way Jose to get that slot instead.  This puts Rawley and his Hype Bros partner Zack Ryder on the same brand.

*With Carmella going to Smackdown and Enzo & Cass being on Raw, that means that act will not be reunited.  It also means Cass and Carmella, who are dating (as documented on WWE Breaking Ground) will now have to deal with being on different schedules and different brands.

*With Luke Harper not drafted as he is out injured, it should be interesting to see where he lands when he is cleared to return to the ring.  A move to Smackdown could mean a reunion of the original version of the Wyatt Family.

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