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By Mike Johnson on 2016-07-19 10:05:00


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Urban Wrestling Federation's "Hood Justice" opened with the promotional video breaking down the concept of the series, where those from the hip hop world have entered pro wrestling, bringing their crews with them to make money and gain respect as well as help strengthen their own turf on the streets.

Billy Blue was pouring himself a drink.  He turned to the crowd and warned everyone if they want to try and take his money, they should come and try to take it.    He showed off some jewelry and said he was going to make money off the UWF.  He said he's got the entire company on lock and warned everyone not to come over to him, or else.

Billy Blue encountered his crew.  He asked Bestia if he had his money.  Bestia said he did but when he went to grab it, it wasn't in his pocket.  He looked furiously for it, but Blue stopped him and asked him where his money was.  He asked Bestia if he thought Billy was a joke.  Blue told him that he has an hour to get it or else.  Blue told Buck Chyld he wanted his money and sent Buck with him.  He told Buck that if Bestia didn't come back with his money, it was going to now be Buck's problem.

We go to hip hop star Big Block (the shotcaller from Atlanta) who was hanging out with a scantily clad woman and hitting on her.  Rasche Brown showed up and they embraced.  Brown said that he was going to take out anyone who thought they were bad-ass.

Buck Chyld was on the phone talking up Billy Blue to someone in a hallway when Rasche Brown approached him in the hallway and laid him out, slamming his head against the wall and nailing a running kick to the face. Brown walked off.  As Chyld was out cold, Façade walked past him and entered a locker room. “Security footage” showed him entering, only to find Bestia rifling through bags, obviously stealing the money he owed to Billy Blue. So, Buck was lookout for him and failed.  Façade chased Bestia out and down the hall.

We got to the announcing team - Robby Mireno, Julius Smokes and Shawn Credle.

Larry Legend was making announcements as Facade chased Bestia 666 backstage.  They brawled out of the entranceway and onto the floor. Facade got the better of their brawl , backdropping Bestia on a ladder propped against the stage. They brawled to the ring, so we have a match!

Facade vs. Bestia 666

Facade hit a springboard into a Lucha armdrag but was backdropped over the top. He skinned the cat and returned to the ring, only to be nailed with a clotheslines. Facade nailed one of his own and then hit an Asai Moonsault for a two count.

Facade chopped away at Bestia. He whipped Bestia into the ropes but was shoulderblocked down. Bestia nailed a twisting rana. He avoided a legsweep and hit a leaping kick then a sunset flip legdrop for a two count.  They showed Billy Blue backstage watching Bestia and putting over his crew.

They battled to the outside where Bestia sent Facade into the railing with a rana, then picked up and dropped him across the railings, which broke apart. Bestia set up a table at ringside. Facade nailed him and drilled Bestia with a chair. He slammed Bestia into the table and tossed him into the ring.

Facade leapt to the top rope and nailed a double springboard into a missile Van Daminator. Bestia kicked up at two. Facade hit a springboard into a bulldog. He nailed a springboard split legged Asai moonsault for a two count

Facade went to the top rope and walked the ropes, trying to nail a move. Bestia grabbed him from underneath for a powerbomb and nailed a sit-down piledriver through a table. He pinned Façade on the floor.

Your winner, Bestia 666!

A little scatterbrained, but never boring. When the spots hit, it looked good. When it didn't hit as smoothly, you could see they were off the beaten track and trying to get back to what was planned. They were absolutely working to the best of their ability.

Billy Blue and his crew came out. He told the crowd that usually you celebrate a winner, but not tonight.  He said the crowd sees him as entertaining, but all he sees is someone who owes him his money. He demanded to know where his money was and told Bestia that his crew was going to reward him for qualifying the crew for the UWF championship.  Steve Mack, Black Jeez and Buck Chyld worked him over. They tossed him back into the ring. Mack was going to press Bestia out of the ring but Blue told them not to kill him. He asked Bestia if he understands how he does business now. Jeez kept working Bestia over but Blue told him to stop. Mack carried the beaten Bestia out of the ring.

The announcers talked about what they just so.  Mireno said that he didn't think you could even call this wrestling.

We went to a video feature showing what happened on the previous UWF PPV.  They probably spent a little too much time on this for my taste.

Backstage, Brisco was congratulating Ghetto Mafia on their win and brought in Rich Ortiz.  He said Cuban Link is now on their team.  He said he's hearing Big Bloc has brought in a crazy player (Rasche Brown) and they teased Ortiz was going to take him out.

Somewhere in The Bronx, 40 Glocc said he was here all the way from California and he had lots of surprises for anyone who faced his crew.

The Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz from Uncle Murda's crew approached someone (unidentified but played by Deranged, a NYC indy talent) and paid him off to help them get someone from Brisco's crew.  He made a drug deal with the Ghetto Mafia and one of them went to get the product.  That allowed DRS to attack the one left alone and the three of them put the boots to him.  Deranged then went to the car where the product was and was asked why he didn't wait.  They swarmed and beat down the other member of Ghetto Mafia.

40 Glocc was walking backstage with Eddie Carnage.  They came across Cuban Link.  They accused him of running with Brisco.  They had words.

UWF Title Tournament: Ricky Reyes vs. Slyck Wagner Brown

Reyes was accompanied by Cuban Links. Brown told Reyes that he was "***ing with Uncle Murda's business" and as of tonight, "this she** is over."  Reyes said they would see.

They had a hot opening sequence. Slyck missed a reverse elbow but caught him with a big kick. They went to the outside, where Slyck worked over Reyes and nailed a catapult under the guard rail, nearly finishing off one of the cameras by nailing it. They exchanged nasty headbutts.

Eddie Carnage came through the crowd and attacked Link's muscle BC Killer. They brawled up the aisle towards the back.

Reyes fought back but was tossed into one of the railings, which collapsed. They battled back to the ring, where Slyck held a standing vertical suplex for a long time before dropping it. Wagner went for an Uranage but Reyes fought him off with several elbows. Wagner cut him off and went for a hangman's neckbreaker. Reyes turned it into a backslide for a two count.

Reyes nailed a tornado DDT out of the corner for another two count. Reyes drilled Wagner with several forearms. Wagner fired back with strikes of his own. Wagner nailed a sweet looking move where he picked up Reyes in a Fireman's Carry and then flipped him into a slam for a two count. Wagner continued the assault but Reyes kicked up. Wagner locked in a single leg crab and torqued the leg hard, trying to force a submission. Reyes fought his way to the ring and the referee forced a break. Wagner didn't like that.

Wagner went for the Uranage but Reyes fought his way out. They started slugging it out. Reyes nailed a DDT and a crossface. He finally forced a submission.

Your winner, Ricky Reyes!

Good, entertaining and hard hitting back forth match.

As Reyes and company left celebrating, we went outside where Bestia 666 said he was beaten by his own crew and he deserved it, but he still has a chance at the UWF title. 

Uncle Murda was all over Slyck Wagner Brown for losing.  He said that only Homicide did what he was supposed to do and now they have to build themselves back up again.  He told Slyck to be more like Homicide. 

The cameras caught a drunk and despondent Eddie Kingston upset he lost to Homicide.    He ripped on Homicide.  He said there's a difference between being announced for a title match and actually making it to the match. 

The wrestling on the show was good.  Unlike the last PPV, this was a little harder to follow along with the story, especially in segments where the lighting was so dark it was hard to make out the players.


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