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By Mike Johnson on 2016-07-07 08:34:00

Dwayne Johnson will have a "Rock the Promo" show on his new Youtube channel where people can send in wrestling-style promos to be judged by wrestling personalities. The show will be structured as a 32-person bracket competition.

Oddly enough, former WWE star Taz has been doing pretty much the exact same concept (minus the tournament aspect) since the launch of his daily CBS Radio series "The Taz Show", having callers doing "Wednesday Hump Day" promos which Taz would then judge.

Taz, as one might imagine, was not happy about this infringement on something he has been doing for a year:

After a lot of fans began taking up for Taz being "hacked" by The Rock.  Johnson eventually responded, at first telling Taz he could have contacted him instead of Tweeting.  When Taz pointed out that he did indeed do that, Dwayne Johnson wrote:

Stay tuned to see how this shakes out, but Johnson was certainly getting roasted on Twitter by Taz Show listeners.

Full disclosure: I appear on The Taz Show every Tuesday.

Thanks to Steven Fernandes.

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