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By Grant Fletcher on 2016-06-28 08:35:00

Wildkat Sports XXX-Rated Report

6/25/16 in New Orleans

Socorro w/Hardbody Harper def. Scott Phoenix via countout.  This match took the rivalry between Socorro and Phoenix to a whole new level.  Socorro looked to escape the ring early on, going back to his old ways.  The retreat proved to be a ruse, however, as he set in on Phoenix as soon as he left the ring.  Battling it out both in and out of the ring it showed the Socorro has been stepping up his power game.  Certainly this is meant to help him compete with the might of Phoenix.  Socorro even delivered a massive elbow drop from the rafters of the building  A Northern Lights suplex to the hard floor on the outside winded Phoenix badly, but it was Harper sneakily binding Scott Phoenix’s legs to the ringpost that allowed Socorro to pick up the victory.  This rivalry is sure to get more intense before it’s over.

Katie Forbes def. El Saiko Gato via pinfall.  El Saiko Gato took to the ring to bemoan the fact that his opponent, Al Snow, had to drop off of the show in order to attend to some business of his own.  Gato boasted that he was prepared to take on anyone, and he issued a challenge to the locker room.   His challenge was met in the form of Joel Gerner who introduced El Saiko Gato to his new opponent, Katie Forbes.  Gato attacked hard and fast, looking to make a statement.  Forbes countered by sending him end over end with a series of arm drags and monkey flips.  Forbes scored the victory when she caught an unaware Gato with a sunset flip from the turnbuckle for the three count!

The Handouts def. ‘Mean’ Mike Swantek and Krazy with a K via pinfall.  The Handouts continue their path of destruction through the locker room, this time demolishing a pair of visitors.  As soon as the bell rang they had pounced on their prey.  Stomping and slamming and punching they made short work of their opponents.  The Handouts mercifully ended this one quickly with a double chokeslam!  My only question now is who’s next?

‘Chalmation Sensation’ Danny Flamingo def. ‘Outlaw’ Matt Lancie via pinfall.  The fans got their money’s worth from this contest!  Before the match Joel Gertner appeared to challenge Danny Flamingo to a dance-off.  Try as he might he couldn’t coax the especially agitated Flamingo into participating.  This made Gertner more than happy to call out Matt Lancie to deal with Danny Flamingo.  Flamingo set in with a cheap shot using the microphone that immediately sent the fight out of the ring.  Chaos ensued as the two literally fought all the way around the building, bringing chairs, arcade machines, daiquiris and just about anything else you could imagine info the fray.  Lancie even used the bowling equipment on hand to send a bowling ball up Flamingo’s alley!  Back inside the ring it was Danny Flamingo who took the upper hand.  He kept on the pressure with repeated chair shots, but try as he might he couldn’t keep the former heavyweight champ down for the count.  As Lancie was starting to show signs of life again, his current nemesis in J. Spade showed up from the locker room to taunt him.  The distraction allowed Danny Flamingo to hit him with a DRS Jawbreaker and cover him for the three count.  After the match Danny Flamingo thought it would be best to gloat, stating that he beat Matt Lancie all by himself.  His pride would be his undoing, however, as an angry Lancie returned from the locker room to spear ‘The Chalmation Sensation.'  Lancie versus Flamingo may be over, but Lancie versus J. Spade is far from finished.

‘Southern Stomper’ Luke Hawx def. ‘Wildcard’ J. Spade via pinfall.  Following intermission, the show was kicked off once again with a student versus teacher scenario.  They set in with some solid chain wrestling.  It was clear that Spade surprised Hawx with skill beyond his years, but Luke’s experience and strength kept him from being bested.  The athleticism of J. Spade makes him a handful for any opponent, but let’s not forget that Luke Hawx is an athlete himself.  The two wrestled a crisp and clean match that was a nice blend of power, skill and high spots (like when J. Spade leapt over the turnbuckle for a rolling senton to the outside!).  Despite the punishment they both doled out on one another, neither man could keep his adversary down for a three count.  It seemed as if they were determined to fight until the break of dawn.  That is until Matt Lancie ran in to spear J. Spade… at least that’s what it seemed like at first.  Lancie rolled out of the ring at the last second and began taunting Spade from the outside.  The diversion allowed Hawx to deliver a blockbuster from the top rope and end the contest with a three count. Something tells me that J. Spade doesn’t see this as being fair and even.

‘The SituAsian’ Bu Ku Dao(c) def. Tracy Smothers via pinfall.   Tracy Smothers came to the ring with an entire entourage of Hardbody Harper, Socorro and his son and daughter.  Led by Smothers they began berating and threatening the crowd.  Having heard enough the Wildkat Heavyweight Champion Bu Ku Dao, emerged from the locker room to shut his opponent up.  The two jawed for a bit, until things got incredibly heated.  Bu Ku set in on Smothers with an intense anger.  Clearly being outmatched by Dao’s speed and vigor, Smothers immediately went to using dirty tactics.  He was especially fond of accusing Bu Ku Dao of pulling his hair and tights, and kept complaining that ‘The SituAsian’ was throwing closed-fisted punches.  That didn’t curb the ferocity of the champ, and Tracy Smothers nearly walked out of the match in frustration.  Smothers turned things around his way by choking Dao with a chain while his posse distracted the official.  His cheating backfired, however, when he accidentally struck his son with his Confederate flag as he was attempting to restrain Bu Ku Dao.  While trying to assess the damage he had done to his son, Bu Ku rolled him up for a three count and the victory!  This was an absolutely fun match put on by two true wrestlers and performers.

BWO def. Pump Patrol via pinfall.  Now for the moment everyone had been waiting for:  Curt Matthews, Jared Wayne and Big Johnny Flex of Pump Patrol versus The Blue Meanie and Wildkat Revolution Champion Stevie Richards of The Blue World Order!  Our contest started with Stevie Richards and Curt Matthews wrestling to a stalemate, so Richards tagged in ‘Da Blue Guy’ to see how he’d fare against ‘The Stud’.  The two proceeded to lock-up… in a thumb wrestling match?!  Yes an impromptu thumb wrestling match between The Blue Meanie and Curt Matthews brought the crowd to their feet.  The only thing that stopped it from deciding the entire contest was Jared Wayne running in and accidentally stomping Matthews’ hand.  Pump Patrol gained the upper hand by cheating their way to the lead.  Proving to be especially pesky was Big Johnny flex with a variety of cheap shots.  Eventually the BWO was whipped into a fury by the underhanded ways of Pump Patrol, and Big Stevie Cool and Da Blue Guy went wild on them!  A Stevie Kick put this one away, but Pump Patrol decided that that wouldn’t be the end of the night.  The three used their numbers after the match to punish the BWO for their victory.  Just when it seemed like Pump Patrol was going to seriously injure the BWO they were interrupted… by Raven!   Swinging a kendo stick into each of them, Raven made short work of The Pump Patrol as ravenous fans cheered him on.  He took extra time to torture Curt Matthews with the Singapore Cain who had to be dragged from the ring by Jared Wayne.

As the crowd chanted, “ECW!  ECW!” the three Extreme Championship Wrestling alumni raised their hands high in the ring.  Raven then took to the microphone to sing the praises of Wildkat for making sure he made it there despite the other shakeups that took place on the card.

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