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By Mike Johnson on 2016-06-02 10:58:00

Former ECW World champion Taz was interviewed by Sports Illustrated yesterday, discussing his thoughts on the potential WWE brand split this July as well as CBS Radio's Taz Show and dropped an interesting tidbit - there were discussions to carry the show live on the WWE Network.

“People tell me every week that ‘The Taz Show’ would be great on the WWE Network,” Taz told Sports Illustrated. “They had interest in it and we did have talks with them. The talks didn’t go far, but you have to understand that my bosses [at CBS Radio] are not going to allow my content to be tweaked or tainted with, and the show is not the show with me having a filter. The show is the show because it’s unfiltered. I’m speaking from the heart and giving my true opinion. That doesn’t mean I’m right–I’m just giving my opinion built on three decades of experience in every facet of the wrestling business. My opinion is formed off experience, and I don’t think WWE wants that, at least not to that degree.  I criticize their booking a lot, but I also praise their booking a lot. I sometimes promote their brand better than their announcers do. The WWE Network is an online, video-streaming network, and that is exactly what I am on with CBS. I don’t need to be on WWE’s network. It would be awesome to bring ‘The Taz Show’ there, but I don’t fall in line. I’ve never fell in line, and Vince [McMahon] knows that. I wouldn’t bash their content if I was on their network, but I would critique it. I don’t think they want that, but that’s exactly what their network needs. Someone on their show sometimes takes a shot at the internet hardcore fan, but that’s who is paying for the WWE Network–the internet wrestling fan. So why not give them a real unfiltered show? So it’s one of those things where we talked a couple of times, but it never really took off. Maybe it eventually will.”

The interview features a lot of insight into Taz as a broadcaster and he noted that he learned more about the business as a broadcaster than he did as a wrestler.

There has been talk of CBS expanding the Taz Show to three hours daily.  Taz hosted a post-Wrestlemania live broadcast that was syndicated across 200+ CBS Sports Radio affiliates and more than 15 CBS Radio sports stations.

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