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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-29 23:08:00

Several days ago, Ricochet and Will Ospreay faced each other as part of the New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of Super Juniors tournament.  The bout received raves from our own Matthew Macklin [Elite subscribers, click here](and after watching it this morning, I can 100% concur that it was a great match), but also received criticism from several online, including former WCW World champion Big Van Vader for the aerial, futuristic style.

Interesting to note is that WWE's William Regal, who is very instrumental in the company's scouting and tryout process, responded to the criticism with a bit of a history lesson mixed with some important advice via Twitter.  Regal's complete, unedited comments are printed below:

"I watched the match and was shocked.You need to start doing real stuff like people from my era like kip ups,flying head scissors,cart wheels and criss crosses.Get a grip!When I started the job in '83 a lot of the older fellas used to say that Marc Rocco and Marty Jones(who were the real pioneers of the CW style) had killed the business because they did to much.Although they may not admit it anymore,most of the heavyweights in Europe thought the brilliant lightweight and middleweight wrestlers were bad for the job because their style was "not believable enough"..Every country I worked in before I came to the US had different styles and ways of doing things.As long as there's effort then it's right.If the people paying you are happy and you get reactions then make your stuff as good as it can be with what skills you have.May not be for everyone but that's ok.In the match I saw two fellas who looked like fighters having an excellent,hard competed match in a different style.Win win!"

Regal later noted he was not specifically replying to Vader, but was entering the conversation after seeing others, including MVP, Tweeting about the bout.


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