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By Mike Johnson on 2016-05-09 10:24:00

For those asking about whether there are more releases coming, the word making the round internally in the company is the answer to that is yes.  There was an expectation among some that there would be additional releases coming before the end of the month.

WWE will announce their first quarter earnings for 2016 tomorrow morning.   There will be the usual conference call tomorrow with Vincent K. McMahon, and WWE Chief Strategy & Financial Officer, George Barrios tomorrow at 11 AM EST.

WWE will broadcast a live Raw tonight from Omaha, Nebraska continuing the build to Extreme Rules.

WWE will tape Smackdown and Main Event tomorrow in Des Moines, Iowa.  If anyone is attending either TV taping this week, we are seeking live reports.

Although he was off the live events over the weekend, Kofi Kingston is scheduled for tonight's Raw.

Enzo Amore is not slated to appear on this week's TV Tapings.

Damien Sandow commented on his WWE release:

Set for this Wednesday's WWE NXT:

*The main event of the next WWE NXT Takeover will be announced.
*Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Alex Riley.
*WWE NXT Tag Team champions American Alpha vs. Cory Hollis & John Skyler.
*Finn Balor vs. Elias Samson.
*Alex Bliss vs. Rachel Ellering.
*Also appearing are WWE NXT champion Samoa Joe, William Regal, The Revival and more.

Rob Schamberger’s latest WWE’s ‘Canvas 2 Canvas’ video, "The WWE Women's Championship hits the canvas,” which Rob painted last week at WWE Raw and Smackdown, has been posted:





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