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By Mike Johnson on 2016-04-16 23:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of House of Hardcore 13 from Philadelphia, PA at the 2300 Arena!

HOH 13 opened with the entire roster coming down to ringside as well as a number of talents entering the ring, including Shane Douglas (who was here for the convention earlier), Tommy Dreamer, Rob Van Dam and more.  Dreamer gave a speech about Balls Mahoney's passing and led the crowd in singing "Big Balls" in his honor.

The show officially opened with So Cal Val coming out to introduce a special guest, Ricky Steamboat.   Steamboat gave a speech about signing and getting to meet the fans earlier today.  He put over the level of talent that came out of ECW and said Tommy Dreamer was one of the best minds in the business today when it came to the psychology of wrestling.  Steamboat said he wanted to come out and see everyone up close and personal.  He said places like this is like where he started and he was happy to come and see the people.  He wished everyone a good show and tried to leave but Vik Dalishus came out with a mic.  He said that when he heard there was a memorial, he thought it was for Ricky Steamboat because he thought Steamboat was already dead.  The crowd chanted, "Shut the f*** up" at Vik as he ranted at Steamboat.   He called Steamboat an old man.  Steamboat pointed out how slim he was in comparison to Dalishus.  The crowd chanted, "You fat f***" at Vik.  Steamboat said that Vik got in the ring so he could go home and tell his incestious family he was in the ring with Ricky Steamboat.   Steamboat told him, "F*** you!" Vik went to hit Steamboat who blocked the punch and chopped away at him, sending Vik out of the ring to a huge pop.

Thea Trinidad vs. Jade

Thea started off strong but was caught in mid-air going for a high cross bodyblock and was nailed with a Fall Away Slam.   Jade took over with some stiff kicks to the back, scoring several three counts.   She stepped on Trindad's back.  Jade pushed her against the ropes and chopped her hard.  Trinidad avoided her as she came off the ropes and nailed a crucifix.  Jade went for a powerslam but Trinidad turned it into a tornado DDT.  She nailed a series of kicks and came off the ropes with Sliced Bread #2 for a two count.

Trinidad called for a moonsault but was nailed as she ascended to the top.   She fought off Jade and nailed a leaping rana into the ring.  Jade nailed a spinning backfist and a belly to back suplex for a two count.  She went for a package piledriver but Thea slipped out and nailed a bulldog for a two count.  Jade went for a running powerbomb.  Thea tried to fight it off but Jade finally nailed it for another near fall.

Thea nailed a Code Red.  Thea went for a moonsault but Jade got out of the way, then nailed the package piledriver for the pin.

Your winner, Jade!

Really good opener with some good athletic wrestling.  Tons of nice near falls.  They told a good story and got the crowd really into it.  Very enjoyable.

Ben Ortiz & Eddie Kingston vs. Team Tremendous

Vik Dalishus cut a promo saying no one deserved to see him wrestle, so Eddie Kingston would be replacing him.  Kingston and Dan Barry started out.  Kingston was putting the mouth on Carr.  He worked over Barr but Carr tagged in and they double teamed Ortiz.  Carr nailed a springboard flip onto Ortiz.  Ortiz cut off Barr and worked him over.   Ortiz tagged out to Kingston, who continued the beating.  He mouthed off to the crowd. Barry rolled him up from behind for a two count.

Kingston worked Barry until he nailed Kingston with a big clothesline.    Carr made the hot tag and went at it with Ortiz, including hitting a rana, which is quite the sight to see, I assure you!   Carr then hit a big flip dive over the top to the floor.  They returned to the ring, where the battle continued.   Kingston nailed a backdrop driver on Carr.  Ortiz came back with a leaping leg lariat.  He placed Barry on the top turnbuckle.  Carr came from behind and drilled Ortiz, then placed him on his shoulders.  Barry came off the ropes with a Blockbuster and scored the pin.

Your winners, Team Tremendous!

Another good match.  Tremendous have really worked themselves into the position of being the ones to deliver a good match every time out here.

Bull James vs. Billy Gunn

The story early was that Gunn was using his speed to try and tire out James.  James wiped him out with a big shoulderblock.   They ended up fighting on the floor.  When they returned to the ring, Gunn tried to come off the ropes but was kicked.   Dempsey nailed a series of clotheslines and kicked off Gunn as he charged in the corner.    He went for the Doink Drop but Gunn moved out of the way.  Gunn went for the Pedigree but Dempsey broke free and tackled him down.  James went for a flying bodypress but Gunn rolled out of the way and nailed the Famouser for the pin.

Your winner, Billy Gunn!

Gunn took the mic and said he was a little blown up right now.  He said he had the honor to Coach "this awesome kid" James.  He invited him to do the "Suck It" routine but Kevin Thorne, yes Kevin Thorne, hit the ring and laid them out.  Sean Waltman hit the ring for the save to a BIG pop and laid out Thorne.  Gunn went ahead with the "Suck It" routine with all three doing it with him.

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