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By Mike Johnson on 2016-04-11 10:09:00

TNA will be moving their corporate headquarters by the beginning of May, has confirmed.  The company will be leaving their longtime offices at Cummins Station and will be moving all operations to the warehouse the company has housed their operations out of.  The move has been planned for some time.  TNA has been at the Cummins Station location since Dixie Carter and Panda Energy first came on board with the company.  Carter's previous company, Trifecta, had been located there.

TNA's response to the cease and desist letter from Justin "Krimson" Carnes last week is that Krimson's claims wouldn't hold up as wrestlers have worn facepaint dating back to the 1980s with The Road Warriors, that there have been tons of wrestlers with clown-esque features, and that there have always been similar wrestlers who were placed together in stables.  A number of independent promoters have noted to us it was silly for Carnes to claim any sort of copyright on the character since he's written them looking for bookings in the past describing the character as being based off DC Comics' "The Joker" among other inspirations.  The bottom line here is that if you thought TNA was going to pull Crazzy Steve or Decay from TV, well, that's not going to happen.

TNA's next TV Tapings will be 4/21-4/24 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.


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