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By Mike Johnson on 2021-04-16 08:00:00

April 16th
On this day in history in .

1937 - WWE Hall of Famer George Steele is born.

1960 – Jerry & Eddie Graham defeat Red & Lou Bastien to win the NWA Northeast United States Tag Team Titles.

1960 - Former ECW manager and independent talent Damien Kane is born.

1968 - Vickie Guerrero is born.

1980 - Paul London is born.

1983 - Roddy Piper defeated Greg Valentine to win the NWA United States Championship in Greensboro, NC at the Coliseum.

1994 - The first Super J Cup, a multi-promotional junior heavyweight tournament in Japan, was held at Sumo Hall.  The event would become one of the most talked about events of the year, and became a huge hit amongst tape traders at the time. Here are the results of the tournament:

First Round:
- Gedo defeated Dean Malenko.
- Super Delfin defeated Shinjiro Ohtani.
- Black Tiger (Eddie Guerrero) defeated TAKA Michinoku.
- El Samurai defeated Masayoshi Motegi.
- Ricky Fuji defeated Negro Casas.
- Jushin Liger defeated Hayabusa.  This was the debut of the Hayabusa character.
- The Great Sasuke and Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit) were given byes into the second round.
Second Round:
- Gedo defeated Super Delfin.
- Wild Pegasus defeated Black Tiger.
- Great Sasuke defeated El Samurai.
- Jushin Liger defeated Ricky Fuji.
- Wild Pegasus defeated Gedo.
- Great Sasuke defeated Jushin Liger.
- Wild Pegasus defeated Great Sasuke to win the Super J Cup.

2000 - WCW's last Spring Stampede PPV was held in Chicago, Illinois at the United Center.  The show was the first PPV after WCW's "restart" where Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff had vacated all the championships and built the company around the "New Blood vs. Millionaire's Club" storyline in which all the veterans were positioned as babyfaces against the younger wrestlers, who were heels. Here are the results from the show:

- Ric Flair & Lex Luger defeated Johnny The Bull, Big Vito, Ron Harris & Don Harris to advance in the WCW Tag Title tournament.
- Radio host Mancow defeated Jimmy Hart.
- Scott Steiner defeated The Wall to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Mike Awesome defeated Ernest Miller to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell defeated Stevie Ray & Big T to advance in the WCW Tag Title tournament.
- Sting defeated Booker T to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Vampiro defeated Billy Kidman to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Terry Funk defeated Norman Smiley to win the vacant WCW Hardcore Title.
- Scott Steiner defeated Mike Awesome to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Sting defeated Vampiro to advance in the U.S. Title tournament.
- Chris Candido defeated The Artist, Juventud Guerrera, Shannon Moore, Lash Leroux and Crowbar to win the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Title.
- Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell defeated Ric Flair & Lex Luger to win the vacant WCW Tag Title.
- Scott Steiner defeated Sting to win the vacant U.S. Title.
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Diamond Dallas Page to win the vacant WCW World Title.

2004 - Steve Austin and WWE part ways when they are unable to come to terms on a new contract.

2006 - Chris Jericho announces that he will be writing a book about his life and career, "A Lion's Tale."

2007 - Santino Marella debuted on Raw as part of a broadcast from Italy.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:
We are live on tape from Milan , Italy.

The  show starts off with Jonathan Coachman coming out to address the Italian crowd.  Coach says that he announced the main event for Backlash with John Cena facing Rated RKO for the WWE Title but that was overruled by the Genera l Manager for the Night from the Make-A-Wish Foundation Michael Pena.  Michael might get his way at Backlash, but Coach will get his way as well.  John Cena will face Rated RKO in a handicap match tonight in Milan .  Coach brings out the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, Vince McMahon.

There is NO CHANCE as Vince comes out wearing his hat as he does his stunt walk to the ring to address the crowd.  Vince thanks the fans for their ovation and he says that he got a much better reception in Paris as well as everywhere else on this tour.  Vince says that nonetheless they are in Milan .  He points out that Milan is supposed to be the fashion capital of the world, but he wants to see the fans in the crowd and wonders if that is fashion.  Vince says that garlic is not an aphrodisiac before bringing out the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.

Umaga comes to the ring with Armando Alejandro Estrada.  Vince reminds everyone what Umaga did to Bobby Lashley with footage from last week's episode of Raw.  Vince says that at Backlash Umaga, himself, and Shane will destroy Bobby Lashley.  Vince tells us that Shane will not be here tonight.  He says that Shane has a problem with Italians and had to do with the lack of deodorant.  Vince also says that Bobby Lashley will not be here tonight.  Vince says that you can' blame Bobby Lashley after the beating he took last week as well as the Customs problem that forced him back to the US .  Umaga is here and ready for action.  Vince says that he made an open challenge in the back to face Umaga.  Vince asks for the challenger to come to the ring, but nobody comes to the ring.  Vince then says that Umaga will put up his Intercontinental title tonight.  There are still no challengers from the back.  Vince says that he is not going to compete against Umaga so he will make an open challenge to anyone in the crowd.  Vince wants to know who wants to face Umaga.  Vince says that there is probably who is brave enough to do it despite the fact that they will be destroyed.  Vince sees a kid in the front row and asks if he wants to face Umaga.  Vince asks the crowd if they want a piece of Umaga.  Vince chooses a man in the front row to face Umaga.  The challenger comes into the ring and Vince asks him his name.  Vince asks the man if he understands English and he says si.  Vince wants to know what the crowd is chanting and then tells them to shut up.  Vince asks the man where he is from and he says that he is from San Phillipe Calabria .  Vince points out that if Umaga destroys him and breaks his arm or leg or gets a concussion, he cannot sue Vince, Umaga, or the WWE.  The challenger says that he understands.  He says that his name is Santino Marella.  Vince says that he never saw Umaga humiliate someone like Santino and then he points out Santino's shoes and shirt.  Vince wants a referee to come to the ring to make this official and one comes to the ring.  Vince says that it is all on the fans when Santino gets destroyed.

 Match Number One:  Umaga versus Santino Marella for the Intercontinental Title

Santino with forearms to Umaga, but Umaga sends Santino into the corner.  Santino with a series of kicks to Umaga but Umaga sends Santino into the corner.  Umaga misses a splash into the corner and Santino gets a two count with a rollup.  Umaga backs into the corner and Vince stops things to come into the ring.  Vince says that there is a misunderstanding and says that this is a No Holds Barred Match.  Vince says that anything goes.  Vince wants to tell Santino that anything goes and there is no disqualification.  Estrada slaps Santino and Santino slaps back.

Umaga attacks Santino and then he slams Marella followed by a leg drop.  Estrada slaps Santino  and the Umaga with a diving headbutt to Marella.  Umaga pulls Santino into the corner and Umaga goes up to the second turnbuckle for a Vader Splash.  Umaga slams Marella again and then Umaga goes up top.  From out of nowhere, Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and he press slams Umaga.  Lashley with punches to Umaga and a clothesline that takes Umaga down.  Lashley knocks Estrada off the apron.  Vince brings a steel chair into the ring and Vince blocks a chair shot.  Vince leaves the ring and then Lashley hits Umaga in the head but Umaga does not show any effect.  Lashley with two more chair shots followed by a spear and Umaga is down.  Lashley puts Santino on top of Umaga for the three count.

Winner:  Santino Marella

Marella celebrates in the center of the ring with Lashley as Bobby puts the belt on Marella.  We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Santino Marella defeating Umaga for the Intercontinental Title with some help from Bobby Lashley.

Jerry Lawler has come into the ring with Bobby Lashley and Santino Marella.  Jerry asks Bobby what he is doing on Raw since he was not supposed to be there tonight.  Lashley says that he was not supposed to be there tonight but he came here anyway.  Bobby says that he is not supposed to be the ECW Champion after Backlash but he will hold on to the title.  Bobby says that tonight is not about him but it is about the new Intercontinental Champion.

Jerry asks Santino about his victory and he thanks Lashley, the WWE, and the people of Italy .  Lashley and Marella continue their celebration in the ring.

Carlito is in the locker room getting ready and Ric Flair enters to ask him how he is doing.  Flair talks about the women of Milan and then he asks Carlito if he is ready for their match.  Carlito says that he is not sure if he should be tagging with Flair since he let Flair down last week.  Flair says that Carlito did not let him down.  Flair says that they need to show everyone tonight that they are the best tag team and then get back into contention.  We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Carlito (with Torrie Wilson) and Ric Flair versus Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

Carlito and Benjamin start things off and Carlito with a side head lock and shoulder tackle.  Carlito with a hip toss to Benjamin and Haas followed by a slam to Benjamin and Haas.  Benjamin tries for a splash in the corner but Carlito moves out of the way.  Carlito with a standing drop kick that sends Benjamin out of the ring and then he clotheslines Haas over the top rope to the floor.  Benjamin returns to the ring and then he tags in Haas.  Flair is tagged in as well.  Haas backs Flair into the corner and he connects with a shoulder and punch but Flair responds with chops.  Flair with a back elbow and then he struts before connecting with a clip to Haas.  Benjamin knocks Flair down and that allows Haas to punch Flair.  Benjamin is tagged in and he stomps on Flair.  Benjamin with a back body drop to Flair for a two count.  Haas tags back in and he stomps Flair followed by a kick to the back.  Haas with another kick to the back followed by punches to Flair and a knee drop for a two count.  Haas backs Flair into the corner and Benjamin tags in and he kicks and punches Flair in the corner.  Haas tags back in and Haas with kicks to Flair.  Flair chops Haas but Haas punches Flair.  Flair with a belly-to-back suplex and Carlito and Benjamin are tagged in.  Carlito with punches to Benjamin followed by a kick and knee lift.  Carlito with a punch to Haas and a clothesline to Benjamin.  Carlito with a springboard back elbow for a two count but Haas breaks up the cover.  Flair sends Haas out of the ring.  While the referee sends Flair back to his corner, Haas trips Carlito from the floor and Benjamin hits an Exploder for the three count.

Winners:  Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin

After the match, Torrie checks on Carlito, but he will have none of it.  Flair checks on Carlito too but Carlito does not want to hear from Flair again.  Carlito goes to the back while Torrie and Flair wonder what is going on with Carlito.  We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at Michael Pena' role as the guest general manager and his announcement of the main event for Backlash.

Maria is in the interview area with John Cena.  John asks Maria if she has any questions for him.  Maria asks Cena about his handicap match tonight.  Cena says that there are a lot of players, but there is only one champion.  Shawn Michaels enters the interview area and he tells Cena that before Wrestlemania he made sure that nothing happened to Cena and had his back.  Shawn wants to make it clear to Cena that he does not care about what happens to him.  Next week when they are one-on-one, he will leave Cena on his back and he tells Cena that there is nothing that Cena can do about it.

Jim and Jerry talk about the Italian broadcast team, Luca Franchini and Michele Posa and they talk about the show in Italian.

Jerry says that one of the guys looks like Tazz but a little shorter.  It is time to take a look at The Condemned.

We go to the back where Melina is getting ready for the Fashion Show and Nitro says that she is definitely going to win.  Melina says that Nitro is going to win his match with Eugene .  Eugene enters the area and he says hello before leaving.  We go to commercial.

We are back and we have a Great Khali video package where we see the damage that Khali has wreaked on the WWE.  He will be in action next week on Raw.

Match Number Three:  Johnny Nitro versus Eugene

Nitro attacks Eugene as Eugene enters the ring.  Nitro with a series of kicks to Eugene but Eugene with shoulders but Nitro shakes it off and he kicks Eugene .  Eugene with an Irish whip but he charges into an elbow.  Nitro with a knee from the second turnbuckle into the back of Eugene R17;s head.  Nitro sets up for a "Snapshot" neck breaker for the three count.

Winner:  Johnny Nitro

We take a look at some of the famous designers who have boutiques in Milan and then we are reminded of the Diva Fashion Show.  We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the Diva Fashion Show and the emcee is Paolo Marilla.  Paolo addresses the crowd in Italian and he says that there will be a grand surprise.  Out first is Candice Michelle.  The next Diva to come out is Victoria and she almost trips so she takes off her shoes before coming to the ring in.  The next Diva is Mickie James.  Maria is the next Diva to come out.  Out next is Torrie Wilson.  Melina is the next Diva to come to the ring and she does her ring entrance in her outfit.  Paolo says that the crowd will declare the winner of the fashion show.  The fans declare Torrie Wilson the winner but Melina attacks Torrie but Mickie James pulls Melina off Torrie.  Melina and Victoria leave the ring while the other Divas remain in the ring.

Match Number Four:  Jeff Hardy (with Matt Hardy) versus Lance Cade (with Trevor Murdoch)

Cade backs Hardy into the turnbuckles and the referee forces Cade into a clean break.  Cade with a kick and forearm to Hardy and Jeff goes down.  Cade slams Jeff and then he tells Jeff to get up.  Cade slams Jeff's head into the turnbuckles followed by an Irish whip.  Hardy moves out of the way and hits Whisper in the Wind and then he hits a flip leg drop for a two count.  Jeff goes up top but Cade rolls out of the ring.  Jeff goes out after Cade and rolls him back in.  Cade with a series of knees and then Hardy is thrown out of the ring by Cade.  The referee gets in the way of Murdoch from interfering on the floor.  Jeff rolls back into the ring and Cade with a forearm.  Jeff with a baseball slide to Murdoch that sends him into the ringside barrier.  Jeff tries for a rollup but Cade holds on to the ropes and then Cade with a boot to Jeff's head.  Cade puts Hardy in the ropes and he kicks Hardy in the torso.  While Cade is with the referee, Murdoch hits Jeff on the apron.  The referee checks on Jeff and Cade with a boot to Jeff and then he punches Jeff.  Cade with a punch to Hardy and a near fall.  Cade with a slam to Jeff but he misses an elbow drop.  Jeff with a mule kick to Cade and then he slams Cade into the turnbuckle.  Jeff with an Irish whip but Cade with a shoulder that knocks Jeff down to the mat.  Cade with a snap mare and two count.  Jeff with a kick to Cade followed by a jawbreaker and punches.  Hardy with a running forearm and clotheslines that take Cade down.  Hardy with a flying clothesline and then he goes up top.  Murdoch gets on the apron but Matt takes Murdoch down.  Cade gets his knees up on the Swanton Bomb and Cade hits a clothesline for the three count.

Winner:  Lance Cade

It is time for another look at The Condemned and we go to commercial.

We are back and Chris Masters is in the ring and he says that Italy is known for great works of art by the likes of DaVinci, Botticelli, and Michaelangelo.  Not one of those men ever truly created a masterpiece like Chris Masters.

Match Number Five:  Chris Masters versus Super Crazy

Masters sends Crazy into the corner but Crazy tries for a drop toe hold.  Masters does not go down and he sends Crazy into the corner.  Crazy with a drop kick from the corner followed by another drop kick that sends Masters out of the ring.  Super Crazy with a somersault plancha onto Masters on the floor.  Crazy rolls Masters back into the ring and then he goes up top for a moonsault but Masters moves out of the way.  Masters with boots to the midsection followed by elbows in the corner.  Masters with a hard Irish whip for a two count.  Crazy blocks a punch and then he kicks Masters followed by more punches.  Crazy tries for a crucifix bomb but Masters turns it into a modified Samoan drop for a two count.  Masters with knees to Crazy's back followed by a rear chin lock.  Masters with a back body drop to Crazy followed by a snap mare and knee to the back.  Masters works on Crazy's neck and has him in a rear chin lock.  Masters turns it into a front face lock but Crazy works on Masters' legs and then he hits a drop kick that takes Masters down.  Crazy with a somersault splash followed by a standing moonsault for a two count.  Crazy tries for a wheelbarrow but Masters turns it into a wheelbarrow suplex for the three count.  We go to commercial.
Winner:  Chris Masters

We are back with another look at Milan .  We also take a look back at Santino Marella' victory over Umaga.

We return to the Italian announce team and they apparently talk about Backlash.

It is time to run through the card for Backlash on April 29th:

Bobby Lashley versus Umaga, Vince McMahon, and Shane for the ECW Title

Undertaker versus Batista for the World Title in a Last Man Standing Match

The Hardys versus Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch for the World Tag Titles

Mickie James versus Melina for the Women' Title

John Cena versus Shawn Michaels versus Edge versus Randy Orton for the WWE Title

Randy Orton comes into Edge's locker room and Edge says that he figured that Randy would show up.  Edge says that Randy probably wants to blame him for the number one contender match.  Orton says that they need to work together to take Cena out tonight in their handicap match.  Edge says that when he was about to become Mr. Money in the Bank again, Orton pushed him off the ladder.  Edge and Orton talk about the things they can blame each other for but it is necessary to rekindle Rated RKO.  Edge and Orton both say that the other was the best tag team partner they ever had.  We go to commercial.

Match Number Six:  John Cena versus Randy Orton and Edge in a Handicap Match

Edge starts things off for Rated RKO against Cena and Edge with a kick and forearm to Cena' back.  Edge with a punch to Cena but Cena with an Irish whip and fisherman's suplex for a two count.  Cena with a front face lock into a side head lock take down for a near fall.  Cena with a rollup for a two count and then he returns to the front face lock.  Edge backs Cena into the corner and Edge with a punch on the break.  Orton tags in and he punches and kicks Cena.  Cena backs Orton into the corner and hits shoulders.  Cena with an Irish whip and bulldog for a two count.  Cena with a punch to Orton followed by a forearm.  Orton with a kick when Cena telegraphs a back body drop.  Orton with a series of boots to Cena.  Orton with forearms to Cena's chest followed by a European uppercut.  Cena punches Orton and the crowd does not like it.  Edge with a blind tag and Orton with a boot to Cena followed by an elbow from Edge.  We go to commercial.

We are back and Edge punches Cena on the apron and then Edge hits a shoulder tackle that knocks Cena off the apron and into the Italian Announce Table.  Orton tags in and he hot shots Cena onto the announce table.  Orton with a boot to Cena and then he returns to the ring to break up the count.  Orton rolls Cena back in and he punches Cena in the head while the referee admonishes Orton.  Edge tags back in and he kicks Cena.  Orton punches Cena and then Edge punches Cena.  Cena punches Edge but Edge with a boot to Cena and Cena goes down.  Edge with punches to Cena and then he tags in Orton.  Orton with a drop kick to Cena and then he connects with forearms to the back.  Orton with more punches to Cena's head.  Orton with a knee drop to Cena and then he tags in Edge.  Edge gets Cena up for an FU but Edge blocks it and hits a modified driver.  Edge punches Cena and then he kicks Cena in the head.  Edge puts Cena on the top turnbuckle and he punches Cena.  Edge tries for a superplex but Cena punches Edge.  Edge with headbutts but Cena with a punch that knocks Edge off the turnbuckles.  Cena with a leg drop from the turnbuckles but Orton attacks Cena.

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring while Orton punches Cena.  Edge gets a chair but the referee stops Edge.  Michaels pulls down the top rope and Orton goes over the top rope to the floor.  Cena with clotheslines to Edge followed by a shoulder tackle and Blue Thunder Driver.  Cena gets ready for the five knuckle shuffle and he hits it.  Cena gets Edge up for the FU but Orton with a drop kick and Edge and Cena knock over the referee.  Orton with an Irish whip to Cena but Cena and Orton collide and everyone is down in the ring.  The crowd chants for Shawn Michaels and he watches from ringside.  Edge gets up first and he sets for the spear.  Cena moves out of the way and Edge spears Orton.  Michaels enters the ring and he gives Sweet Chin Music to Edge when Cena moves.  Cena with an FU to Michaels and then he gets the three count on Edge.

Winner:  John Cena

After the match, Cena stands over his three opponents from Backlash in the ring.  We go to credits.


2008 - WWE Raw ran Vienna, Austria.
Markus Gronenmann filed the following live report:

I am sending you a report on the show and surrounding events from the April 16 "WrestleMania Revenge Tour" overseas RAW house show in the "Stadthalle" arena in Vienna, Austria.  I've been greatly enjoying your work for the past years and am trying to contribute a little to the information you guys provide with this report.

There were two public events scheduled in the afternoon before the show: The first one was an autograph session at a local Toys R Us (the same one where last year's pre-show SmackDown! autograph session took place, located just outside the Vienna city borders near Austria's biggest shopping mall, in Lower Austria). It featured Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes and Beth Phoenix and went from 3.00 to 5.00 pm. We were there by 1.45 and were first in line. The wrestlers arrived shortly after 3 with a camera team in tow. Holly & Rhodes went right into the crowd, shaking hands and taking pictures with the fans. Beth Phoenix was a bit out of the spotlight in the beginning but was really nice in person, posing for pictures with me and my brother and looks far better in p erson than on the TV. On a funny note, she pointed out how good she was looking in the ic I had taken along for her to sign.

The second event was a small fan-fest at the arena, promoted by the recently launched German language edition of the official WWE magazine (which features both parts translated from the U.S. edition, as well as some original content - on an interesting note, this German edition is being produced and edited by the same people who also publish various German "inside knowledge" magazines on pro-wrestling). Tickets to this event were only available shortly before it started and could only be purchased by ticket holders for the evening card, at a price of EUR 5,00 (about USD 8,00). It went from 4.30 to 6.00 pm and featured some competitions such as guess the theme music where DVDs could be won. They did a wrestler impersonating contest where my brother won a Rey Mysterio DVD by impersonating Ric Flair and dropping an elbow on his jacket. The overall contest was won by a Jeff Hardy impersonation, the guy got 2nd row tickets to the show. There was lots of humor directed at the natural animosity between Austrians and Germans (the hosts). The advertised highlight was a Q & A session with Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, which should have started at 5.30. The session ended up lasting until close to bell-time, because the team arrived only shortly after 7 pm. Kudos to the hosts who really did their best to entertain the crowd, which was clearly exhausted after almost 3 hours of competitions and screaming.

Almost exactly one year ago, we finally got an overseas tour again (SmackDown!/ECW, which virtually was sold-out with an attendance of close to 8,000 people, the most successful show on that tour, second only to the RAW taping, IIRC) after almost 12 years. That's right, the WWE had been absent from the Austrian market since 1995 (by the way, HHH was in the midst of a feud with Henry O. Godwinn, Shane Douglas was getting his ass kicked by Scott Hall AND had a lame Dean gimmick, and Kevin Nash was battling Yokozuna for the world title on that tour. and I have to admit that I really marked out for Diesel slapping my hand on his way to the ring - hey, I was 13 and a major Diesel-mark).

Anyway, this time the RAW brand was sent over, so we finally got to see the designated "A-list talent" (you know - Snitsky, Val Venis and the whole lot) live. A pity it couldn't have been the other way around, as I really would have loved seeing Ric Flair one last time, and it would have been great for my younger brother, a wrestling fan for all his life (I hereby plead guilty), too. So as things stand, I guess my only live experience of "Naitch" will be a U.S. title match he had with Jeff Jarrett at the July 21, 1997 Nitro in Orlando. As you can probably guess, this was only the second show I ever got to take my brother to, since he was born just one year prior to the WWE's last show in Vienna, back in 1995 (on an interesting trivia note, I attended a major independent show, featuring guys like Mick Foley, Brutus Beefcake, Koko B. Ware and Marty Jannetty here in Vienna the night he was born. challenge to all readers: try finding out the date of that one :D). Enough nostalgia already (I promise.) - the show started at around 7.40 pm and was pretty much sold out (around 8,000 - 10,000 fans)

Here are the results:

1.) William Regal beat DH Smith with a kick to the face. Lots of good mat and chain wrestling from those two.

2.) Tag Team Title, Triple Threat: Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes beat Santino Marella & Carlito and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch after Holly pinned Murdoch with the Alabama Slam. Lots of stalling and attempted blind tags by Marella/Carlito in the beginning, as none of them wanted to be in the ring with Holly. Cade again chewed out Murdoch for losing after the match, as he does lately on house shows, so I guess those to will break up some time soon.

3.) Paul Burchill beat Val Venis after his neckbreaker-finisher. So-so match, but the crowd still ate it up. Venis bowed to the fans after the match, which was a nice gesture.

4.) Mickie James & Maria beat Beth Phoenix & Katie Lea Burchill in a surprisingly good match. Everyone was trying real hard with MAria seling nicely for the opposition and even hitting a few nice spots herself. Finish saw Maria cross body press Phoenix from the rops who caught her - Mickie then dropkicked Maria, back, throwing both Divas out of the ring. She then gave Burchill the Chick Kick and swinging DDT for the win.


5.) Umaga & Snitsky beat Paul London & Kendrick when Umaga gave Kendrick the Samoan Spike. Surprise of the night was how unbelievably over Umaga was, up to the point where the fans cheered when Umaga went into the ring at the start of the match and booed when he left or Snitsky entered. They played the crowd with that all night, up to Snitsky blind-tagging Umaga in and out at various times. Kendrick & London did their best Colin Delany impressions, bumping and selling like rag dolls for basically everything the big guys did.

6.) Intercontinental Title: Chris Jericho beat JBL with the Codebreaker. JBL got major cheap heat at the start of the match, bragging about how great th US were and how we should be thankful for their protection. He event went as far as singing God Bless America to a chorus of boos. Back and forth match, but I was somewhat disappointed that it didn't go longer, or that we didn't get to see a Lionsault.

7.) WWE Title: Triple H beat Randy Orton by DQ after William Regal interfered. Triple H kicked out of an RKO, Orton countered a Pedigree at which point Regal came out to distract the referee. Orton went for a belt shot, but Triple H countered with a low blow, gave Orton a belt shot and went for the pin. At this point Regal got into the ring and broke up the pin for the DQ. Triple H then gave Pedigrees to both Regal and Orton to send the fans home happy.

Overall a decent show with great crowd response and a nice overall card.

I was most impressed by the women's match, they should have had that one at WrestleMania instead. The Kendrick/London/Umaga/Snitsky match was very nice too, because it had great heat and Kendrick/London sold and bumped awesome.

Both singles title matches were somewhat disappointing and relied only on star power. Mostly predictabe spots and not exactly the best effort of all four men.

2009 - WWE Superstars was resurrected as a series for WGN.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:


We are live on tape from Atlanta, Georgia and Knoxville, Tennessee and your announcers are Jim Ross and Todd Grisham for the Smackdown matches; Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for the Vintage Raw matches; and Josh Mathews and Matt Striker for the ECW matches.

We begin with the usual pyro opening for WWE programming. The first voice that you hear is Jim Ross. Todd mentions that Shane McMahon will be facing Cody Rhodes later tonight.

We see footage from the Hardy Stretcher Match from last Friday’s Smackdown.

Match Number One: Undertaker versus Matt Hardy
Matt tries to dance away but Taker with a kick and Irish whip but Taker charges into a boot. Hardy comes off the ropes and he is met with a clothesline. Taker sets for a choke slam but Hardy goes to the floor. Taker tries to bring Hardy back in, but Hardy pulls Taker out. Taker with an Irish whip into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring and Taker starts to work on the arm to set up for Old School. Taker goes to the corner and it is Old School time and he hits the forearm to the back. Taker clotheslines Hardy over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Taker with the leg drop on the apron. Taker with a near fall and then Taker continues the assault with head butts and then he chokes Hardy. Taker scares the referee out of the way before returning to the attack. Taker sets for the choke slam but Hardy escapes and he hits a swinging neck breaker and then he focuses on the head with punches. Hardy works on the neck and then he kicks Taker but Taker sends Hardy to the apron. Taker with a series of punches that stagger Hardy on the apron and then he grabs Hardy by the throat but Hardy drops Taker on the top rope and Hardy gets a near fall.

Hardy with another elbow to the neck and then he puts Taker in a front face lock as he works on the neck. Taker picks up Hardy and tries to get to the corner. Hardy with punches and a double underhook and then he puts Taker in choke. Taker backs Hardy into the corner to escape the hold. Hardy with a punch but Taker responds. They exchange punches and then Taker with an Irish whip but Hardy with an elbow. Hardy comes off the turnbuckles but Taker with a boot and both men are down. Taker with a near fall. Taker hits the charge into the corner and he sets up for another and hits it. Taker with Snake Eyes and the big boot and the Leg Drop of Death Valley but Taker can only get a two count. Taker sets for the choke slam and Hardy goes to the floor one more time and he lets the referee count him out after Hardy teases bringing a chair into the ring.
Winner: Undertaker by count out

After the match, Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he attacks his brother. Jeff sends Matt into the ringside barrier. Matt goes into the ring and then Matt realizes that Taker is still in there. Matt gets a choke slam for his troubles.

Fit Finlay and Christian are walking in the back as they get ready for their Elimination Chase Finals Match.

We go to commercial.

We are back with page view news for

Todd Grisham and Josh Mathews show us the Wrestlemania video package that aired on the Raw after Mania.

Match Number Two: Christian versus Fit Finlay with Hornswoggle in the Elimination Chase Finals
They lock up and they go into the corner and Finlay breaks clean. Christian with a waist lock but Finlay with a take down and a key lock. Finlay sends Christian to the mat for a near fall. They lock up again and Christian backs Finlay into the corner but Finlay turns the tables and he punches Christian followed by uppercuts. Finlay charges into an elbow and then Christian with a sunset flip for a near fall. Hornswoggle grunts and that distracts Christian. Finlay is able to hit a knee to the back and Christian goes to the floor. Finlay Irish whips Christian into the apron and they return to the ring. Christian and Finlay with punches and then Finlay with a neck breaker for a near fall. Finlay with a reverse chin lock. Finlay with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a boot to the chest but Christian gets his foot up and Finlay goes down. Christian with a series of punches followed by a back body drop and then he puts Finlay in the ropes. Christian goes to the floor and he punches Finlay. Christian with a cross body but the momentum sends Finlay on top for the cover. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Finlay counters and tries for the Celtic Cross but Christian avoids the hold. Christian with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Finlay sends Christian into the ring post, but Christan is able to apply the Killswitch for the three count.
Winner: Christian

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is the Vintage portion of the show with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. Lawler mentions that wrestlers from all three brands will appear on Superstars.

We are reminded that Randy Orton and Triple H will meet on Monday.

Eve Torres is in the interview area with Shane McMahon. Eve asks Shane if he is disappointed that he is not facing Orton on Monday. Shane says that he is a bit disappointed that he is not wrestling Orton, but it is up to Hunter to do it. Without Rhodes and DiBiase, Orton would not have done what he did to his family. Retribution starts tonight with Cody Rhodes.

Match Number Three: Cody Rhodes versus Executive Vice President Shane McMahon with Shane-O Shuffle
Shane pushes Cody as the bell rings and Rhodes misses a punch but Shane connects. Rhodes tries for another punch but he misses. Shane with a series of punches but the referee pulls him off. Rhodes with kicks to Rhodes. Shane with a clothesline and arm drags into an arm bar. McMahon with an arm bar submission but Rhodes gets a near fall and Rhodes gets to the ropes. Rhodes goes to the floor to get into McMahon’s head. Shane tries for a baseball slide but Rhodes moves out of the way. Shane pulls Rhodes back to the floor and then he sends Rhodes into the ring post as he continues to work on the arm. Shane with a hammer lock and a knee to the elbow. McMahon with a Fujiwara arm bar and Rhodes tries to roll Shane up and he gets near falls. Rhodes with knees to the back and Rhdoes gets out of the hold. Rhodes goes to the floor one more time and Shane goes to the floor as well and he hits a clothesline from the ring steps. Shane gets a near fall but Rhodes is back on the floor. Rhodes sends Shane into the apron and then he tries to send Shane into the ringside barrier but Shane is able to counter and Cody goes into the ringside barrier. Shane with punches to the head and then he returns Cody to the ring. Rhodes knocks Shane off the apron and Shane goes into the ringside barrier. We go to commercial.

We are back and Rhodes is in control of the match as he works on the shoulder and neck. Rhodes with a knee to the back. Rhodes with a hard Irish whip and then he gets a near fall. Rhodes continues to work on the back and then he punches McMahon. Rhodes with a slam and then he gets another near fall. Rhodes with a boot to the back and then he has McMahon in a modified camel clutch. Shane gets up to his feet and he runs Cody into the turnbuckles. Rhodes with an elbow to the head and then he hits a bulldog from the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Rhodes with a series of boots to McMahon followed by a Ric Flair knee drop. Rhodes puts McMahon on the turnbuckles and he punches Shane. Rhodes tries for a superplex but McMahon fights out of the hold and he punches Rhodes off the turnbuckles. McMahon tries for a double sledge, but Rhodes with a drop kick and Rhodes gets a two count. Rhodes goes to the floor and he gets a chair and he brings it into the ring. The referee threatens to disqualify Rhodes. Rhodes with jabs to Shane but Shane blocks and he connects with punches. The referee pulls Shane off Cody but Shane returns to the attack. Rhodes throws Shane to the floor. Shane hits Cody with the chair and the ref calls for the bell.
Winner: Cody Rhodes by disqualification

After the match, Shane hits Cody with the chair and Cody is in the corner. Shane goes under the ring and he gets the Van TermiShaneinator trash can and Shane goes across the ring and hits it.

2009 - TNA began teasing the signing of a former World champion, which was Mickie James.


2009 - TNA broadcast Impact.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:


We start off tonight’s show with a video package about the Lethal Lockdown Match. We know who is on Team Main Event Mafia, but who will join A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Jarrett on their team? We will find out tonight and that man will face Kevin Nash to find out who gets the advantage.

We are live on tape from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and your announcers are Mike ‘Jim’s Steaks here I come’ Tenay and Don ‘Yuengling’ West.

A.J. Styles comes out and he has a mic with him. A.J. says that he had a match with Scott Steiner two weeks ago and he lost due to a miscue thanks to Jeff Jarrett. A.J. says that they talked and he understands that it was an honest mistake. A.J. mentions some rumors that he has heard and he cannot get them out of his head. A.J. says that he wants to make sure that they are on the same page at Lockdown.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and he has a mic. A.J. says that he knows that Jarrett is under a lot of pressure with Foley, the youngsters, and Scott Steiner. A.J. says that he does not envy Jarrett’s position. A.J. says that when they are in the cage at Lethal Lockdown, he wants to know that Jeff will be on his side. Jeff tells A.J. that he is insulted that A.J. would even ask that question. Jeff tells A.J. that he named A.J. team captain before A.J. turned it down. Jeff says that he wouldn’t turn on him. A.J. says that he never said that Jeff would turn on them and Jeff says that is the problem with the younger generation. Jeff reminds A.J. that he brought him into TNA and made him a man in this business. He wants to know why A.J. is questioning his integrity three days before Lockdown. Jarrett says that A.J. has a lot of balls. A.J. tries to apologize but Jeff won’t hear about it. Jarrett says that A.J. will see what kind of leader he is when the fourth member of Team Not Main Event Mafia is revealed.

The Main Event Mafia comes to the ring except for Sting. Angle has a mic and he Is not in the Velvet Hoodies. He tells Jeff that he can sympathize with Jarrett and what he is going through. Angle says that Nash cannot wrestle tonight against the fourth member of Team Jarrett because of Nash’s elbow. Nash will not be cleared until Sunday. Angle says that he wants to know if Angle can take his place.

A.J. calls this bull crap and says that Nash has to forfeit. Angle says that he did not know that A.J. was in charge this week. Jarrett tells Angle that he is in charge tonight. Jarrett tells Angle that they came here tonight for the third match to determine who gets the advantage in Lethal Lockdown. That match will happen tonight. Jarrett says that he appreciates the update on Nash’s condition. Jarrett says that he will let Angle take Nash’s place tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a video package for the Xscape Match involving Suicide for the X Division Title at Lockdown.

Sheik Abdul Bashir is in the back with Lauren and No Limit. Bashir says that Kiyoshi and No Limit volunteered to join his cause. They are sick of being the victims in this company. They will bring the pain, violence, and blood to Lockdown.

Match Number One: Chris Sabin with Alex Shelley versus Homicide with Hernandez versus Naito with Yujiro, Kiyoshi, and Sheik Abdul Bashir
Naito and Sabin go after Homicide as the bell ring. Naito runs into a boot and Homicide with an elbow to Sabin. Sabin blocks a tornado DDT. Naito holds Homicide and Sabin with a drop kick to Homicide. Sabin holds Homicide for Naito, but it is a trap and Sabin with a clothesline. Sabin with a knee to Naito but Naito with a flying shoulder tackle. Homicide with a head and arm suplex to Naito. Sabin attacks Homicide from behind. Homicide with a tope con hilo and then he goes into the crowd and Homicide hits the wall.

Naito with a somersault splash onto Sabin followed by a German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Homicide is knocked off the apron and then Sabin and Naito with a series of standing switches. Sabin with a bulldog to Naito for a near fall. Sabin with a drop kick that keeps Homicide on the floor. Sabin with an Irish whip and a running back elbow. Sabin waits for Naito to get up and he tries for a Cradle Shock. Naito and Sabin with forearms but Homicide hits a double missile drop kick. Homicide with clotheslines into the corner on Sabin and Naito. Homicide with a monkey flip to Sabin but Sabin lands on his feet. Naito with a drop kick to Sabin. Homicide with a jawbreaker to Naito followed by a neck breaker. Homicide with a Gibson Driver for a near fall on Sabin. Homicide sets for the Gringo Killer but Sabin escapes. Sabin with a tornado DDT to Naito for a near fall. Sabin with a running boot into the corner and then he puts Naito on top. Sabin is pushed off the top rope by Homicide and Homicide with a super Ace Cutter for the three count on Naito.
Winner: Homicide

A cab arrives and Balls Mahoney and Brother Runt emerge. We go to commercial.

We are back with Abyss in Jim Cornette’s office. They are interrupted by ODB and Cody Deener. ODB says that she hasn’t been in a match in weeks but she is going to wrestle on the pay per view. Cornette says that they don’t have opponents for either Abyss or ODB but they can have a mixed tag match. Abyss says that his girlfriend does not wrestle. ODB wants to know why Cody is still with her because it was just one night.

We go to comments from Jeff Jarrett during an interview with Mike Tenay. Jeff says that he has been friends with Mick Foley for twenty years and he went to heights that no other wrestler achieved. Jeff says that it was a dream come true to work hand in hand with Mick. Mike asks about the assumed weakening of the Main Event Mafia until Mick hit Sting with the steel chair. Jarrett says that it was a bittersweet victory because he wondered what the cost of that match was. Mike asks Jeff about a match on his DVD against Cactus Jack. Jeff says that it was a dream to get Foley on board. He does not know if Executive Shareholder Mick Foley or Cactus Jack will show up. Mike asks about the way that Steiner has piqued his interest. Jeff says that he goes back twenty years with Scott Steiner. They were very tight and he says that Scott was always Jill’s favorite. The business has driven a wedge between the friendship. Over the last few weeks, he has done some soul searching and he has made a lot of difficult decisions and there comes a time that he has to take care of Jeff Jarrett first.

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia and he wants to know how Kurt feels about his match tonight. Kurt says that he does not know who his opponent is and he does not care, but he is in the match for the advantage. Angle guarantees a victory tonight.

It is time for a video package for Angelina Love’s quest for the title.

Match Number Two: Taylor Wilde, Raisha Saeed, and Awesome Kong versus Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne
The brawl starts on the ramp and then they all get into the ring. Saeed deals with Sky while Kong works over Love. Wilde and Rayne fight on the floor. Kong misses a charge into the corner on Love and then Love with two kicks that take Kong to the floor. Saeed slams Sky on the floor. Kong with the Implant Buster on Love for the three count.
Winners: Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde, and Raisha Saeed

After the match, Kong has some scissors and she is going to cut some hair, but Sky and Rayne make the save for Angelina and they attack Kong. Sky puts the belt on the top turnbuckle and they hot shot Saeed onto the belt. Then they do the same to Wilde. Kong pushes Rayne and Sky and she punches both of them. Kong with a clothesline to Sky and Rayne. Love sprays something in Kong’s eyes. Love hits Kong with the title belt. Now it is time to cut the champ’s hair.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Montage of the post match attack on Awesome Kong.

We go to the back and Awesome Kong is not happy. She starts throwing things around while Saeed tries to stop her. That is not a smart thing to do.

It is time for a Rough Cut package on Team 3D. Ray talks about how things are in Japan and how important it is to be tag champions in New Japan. Ray mentions that the IWGP Tag Titles will be on the line in the US for the first time against the TNA tag champions. Ray says that Storm and Roode should be afraid of the fans.

Lauren is with Team 3D in the locker room. Ray says that for the first time in the history of pro wrestling, the IWGP Tag Champions will face the TNA Tag Champions. Brother Runt enters the locker room and he says that he was passing by and he has a surprise for Ray and Devon. Balls Mahoney stop by. Balls says that they are here to wish them luck for their match. They envy Team 3D because they are going back home. He mentions some of the former ECW wrestlers.

Match Number Three: ODB and Cody Deener versus Abyss and Daffney
The women start off and Daffney with a chest bump and ODB responds with a chest bump of her own. ODB sends Daffney into the turnbuckles. Daffney with chops to ODB. ODB with chops of her own. ODB with a slam but she misses an elbow drop. Daffney with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Daffney with punches but ODB with an Irish whip but Daffney with a kick when ODB charges. Daffney with an Irish whip but she misses a charge into the corner. Abyss tags in and ODB wants a piece of Abyss. Cody is forced in the match due to the rules. Cody punches Abyss and he wonders if Cody realizes what he just did. Cody with another punch and Abyss wonders if someone hit him. The hat is turned around and Cody means business but Abyss with a punch and he almost knocks the mullet off his head. Abyss with another punch and Cody is starting to cry. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam for the three count.
Winners: Team Dr. Stevie

After the match, Matt Morgan attacks Abyss and he punches him. Matt with a kick to the head. Morgan with the bicycle kick and then he leaves the ring.

We go to Mick Foley who is walking in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back and Jeremy Borash is with Scott Steiner and he asks Scott about his conversations with Jeff Jarrett. Scott tells Jeremy that it is personal and it will remain personal. Jeremy wants to get a hint from Scott. Scott says that it is between him and Jeff. Before the night is over, Jeff’s actions will do all the talking.

It is time for Mick Foley to come to the ring and he has two seats. Mick says that it is good to be back with the cheap pop for the Impact Zone. Mick says that things got a little crazy last week. He was busted wide open. Things will get even crazier on April 19th when he is locked inside the six sides of steel with Sting. Mick says that he wanted to interview one of the true greats that the world of wrestling has seen. It is time to bring out the man from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico . . . Cactus Jack.

Cactus asks Mick if he thinks it is a joke. Cactus asks Mick if the fans know that they share a lot but there are differences. Mick has no heart, no guts, and no spine. Mick wants Cactus to calm down because he lost an ear in Germany and continued to wrestle. Jack says ‘that guy’ was him. Mick would have found refuge in the nearest banana split. Jack talks about an autograph session that Mick was at. Jack says that Mick did nothing as two thieves walked past. Jack says that he is sick of Foley cashing the checks that Jack wrote and living off what Jack did in the ring. Inside the six sides of steel, keep the sneakers at home because he will be lacing up the leopard skin. Jack says that he will not let Mick have his moment of glory when he vanquishes his greatest rival. Mick starts punching himself and then Sting’s music plays.

Sting tells Mick that he is turning a twenty year friendship into an out of control three ring circus, Mick. Sting tells Mick that he cannot believe what he just saw Mick do. Sting says that Mick probably believes what he just did as we see the blood pour down his face. Sting asks Mick if he lost his mind or if this is just an act . . . Mick. Sting tells Mick that he believes what Mick just did. Sting tells Mick that he will not be intimidated inside the six sides of steel because it does not matter to him . . . Mick. Foley says that is the Sting he wants to see because Sting was never intimidated by him. Mick says that he never cared about human life but Sting was never afraid. Mick talks about the first time Sting heard a Cactus Jack chant in Philadelphia. Sting might not have been afraid, but he had to be concerned. Foley asks Sting what he thinks it will be like when they are locked inside and seven or eight thousand people are chanting his name.

The Main Event Mafia theme-a-gogo plays and Mick Foley attacks Sting from behind because it was a trap. Mick hits Sting with the chair. Foley says that he can play anyone’s music because he is in charge. Now it is time for Curry Man’s music to play. Foley wants a bit of Shark Boy. Foley is feeling a bit puckish for some of Sting’s music. Foley gets the barbed wire bat and he says that he runs this place and he can do anything that he wants. At Lockdown he wants to tear Sting apart.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of what Mick Foley did to Sting.

We go to the back and Storm and Roode attack Balls Mahoney and Brother Runt. The battle moves into the Impact Zone. They are in the ring and Balls Mahoney punches Roode and Storm and then Roode hits Mahoney with a chair shot. They put Runt in the Tree of Woe and Storm hits Runt with a chair. Now Roode and Storm go after security. Now they get more chairs and Roode hits Mahoney with a chair. Storm punches Runt and then Storm hits an IEDDT. Storm hits Runt with a chair and then Roode brings a table into the ring. Roode power bombs Runt through a table.

Team 3D come to the ring while Storm and Roode leave. We go to commercial.

Team 3D are in the ring and Ray wants Storm and Roode to come out so they can talk to them face to face. We see Runt and Mahoney bleeding. Ray wants to know why they did this. Why do this to two of their friends. Roode says that they did it because they could. Ray wants to know why they would treat them that way. Roode says that they hate them as much as much as they hate Team 3D. Ray wants a Philadelphia Street Fight.

It is time to run through the card for the pay per view.

Lauren is with A.J. Styles and she asks A.J. if he knows who the fourth man will be. A.J. says that he does not know what is going through Jeff’s mind because there are times when they are a team and times when he is somewhere else. A.J. says that the integrity that he used to build this company will show tonight.

Jeff Jarrett is walking down Founder’s Lane as we go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is in the ring. Jeff Jarrett comes out and he has something to say. Jeff says that he has been giving a lot of thought for the fourth member of Team Jarrett. Jarrett says that there has been some questions about where his loyalty lies. This choice will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt whose side he is on. This choice is for A.J. Styles, Samoa Joe, and the Frontline. Most of all, it is about the TNA fans. As the founder of TNA, he gets to make a lot of easy decisions and a lot of tough decisions. This was an easy decision. The final member of Team Jarrett is Christopher Daniels.

Match Number Four: Kurt Angle with Anglevator versus Christopher Daniels in a Lethal Lockdown Advantage Match
They lock up and Angle with a waist lock take down into a front face lock. Daniels with a hammer lock and Angle gets to the ropes. Angle with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Angle with a side head lock take down but Daniels with a head scissors. Daniels with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Daniels with a shoulder tackle that sends Angle to the floor. Daniels with a moonsault onto Angle and then he brings Angle back into the ring for a near fall. Daniels with a punch but Angle with an overhead belly-to-belly throw that sends Daniels to the floor. We go to commercial.

We are back and Angle with a suplex for a near fall. Angle with a side head lock but Daniels with punches but Angle with another overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Angle with a side head lock followed by forearms to the back. Daniels and Angle with a double clothesline and both men are down. Daniels with clotheslines to Angle and then he kicks Angle and hits an STO. Daniels with punches and the shirt comes off. Daniels with a chop and then he hits a Blue Thunder Driver for a two count. Daniels puts Angle on the top turnbuckle but Angle avoids the palm thrust. Daniels hits a clothesline for a two count. Angle with a kick and DDT for a two count. Angle wants Daniels to get up and Angle tries for the Olympic Slam but Daniels with an arm drag and an enzuigiri. Daniels with a version of a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Daniels pulls Angle towards the corner for the BME but Angle moves. Daniels lands on his feet but Angle is able to hit the Three Rivers Rolling German suplex combination but Angle can only get a two count. Angle with European uppercuts but Daniels with a back slide for a two count when Angle tries for a third. Angle with an Olympic slam for a two count.

The straps are down and Angle puts Daniels in the ankle lock but Daniels escapes. Daniels with punches but Angle tries for the Olympic Slam. Daniels with a rollup for the three count.
Winner: Christopher Daniels At least at this point

After the match, A.J. Styles comes into the ring to celebrate with Daniels. Angle is still yelling at the referee and he attacks the referee for making the three count.

Jim Cornette comes to the ring and he tells Angle to calm down and stop manhandling the officials. Cornette says that he knows why Angle is upset. Cornette says that he might have had a different vantage point than the referee. Angle wants the ruling reversed. Cornette says that he saw something different than what the referee saw. Angle spits in Cornette’s face and Cornette says that the decision stands as he calls Angle a loser.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is joined by some members of the Main Event Mafia. Angle says that as one of his wrestlers, he wants Jarrett to come out and fix things.

Jarrett’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Jarrett will not be stopped by Daniels and Styles. Jeff tells Kurt that he came from the truck and looked at the finish from multiple angles. He knows what is riding on the situation and how it will affect their careers. We go to the video tape. We see the footage and Jeff says that as the founder of TNA, he has some easy decisions and some hard decisions. The winner of the match is Kurt Angle.

The decision has been overturned and Team Main Event Mafia celebrates while A.J. and Daniels argue with Jarrett. Samoa Joe’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. We go to credits.

2010 - For the first time ever, WWE had to completely change their creative plans to due to weather conditions.  All flights out of the UK were grounded  due to the lingering Icelandic volcanic ash, preventing the company from getting all of their wrestlers back to the US for a scheduled  Raw in East Rutherford, NJ.   In the end, the Smackdown roster ended up working the show, while Raw talents appeared via satellite on the Titantrons.


2010 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:


We are live on tape from London, England and your announcers are Todd ‘Tardis’ Grisham and Matt ‘Boli Stoli’ Striker.

We begin with Chris Jericho making his way to the ring to address the people of London. Chris says that he is going to say it slowly and simply so the slovenly parasites can understand him. Randy Orton is on Raw, but at Extreme Rules, he will be facing Jack Swagger for the World Title that should be defended on Smackdown. Chris says that he was the man who made the World Title the greatest title. Jack Swagger cashed in his Money in the Bank to win the title so he deserves a rematch. He says that he is not getting one because Teddy Long is the most incompetent buffoon ever. Teddy needs to turn in his resignation immediately and he needs to ensure that he faces the winner of Swagger/Orton at Extreme Rules. Jericho says that he has been treated unfairly.

Edge interrupts Jericho and comes to the ring. Edge tells Chris that it is strange that he agrees with some of the things that Jericho says. The title deserves to be on Smackdown and he deserves a rematch, but he also deserves a swift kick to the canvas. He tells Chris that he is not the person to save the title for Smackdown. Edge asks Chris how many times has he speared him over the last month and how many times has he stood over Jericho wondering if his ribs were broken. Edge says that Jericho cannot beat Orton or Swagger.

Jericho asks Edge if he can do it and Edge says that he can beat them. Edge also tells Jericho that he can spear Chris right now if he wants.

Teddy Long brings his incompetent self out to address Chris and Edge. Teddy says that he does not appreciate the hate from Jericho. Chris tells Teddy if he did his job, he wouldn’t be hating on him. Chris demands what he deserves. Teddy says that if he was going to give Jericho what he deserves, he would have security kick him out of the building. Teddy says that Chris has a rematch clause but Teddy says that he is the one to decide when he gets it. Teddy says that Chris will get his rematch tonight.

Chris has changed his tone and says that Teddy has done the right thing. Jericho says that he will beat Swagger tonight and then he will beat Orton at Extreme Rules. Jericho says that since he beat Edge at Wrestlemania, he will never get a title match.

Teddy says that just because Jericho wears a fancy suit does not mean that he gets to call the shots. Teddy says that he believes Edge when he says that he can keep the title on Smackdown. Teddy says that Jack Swagger will defend the title tonight against Chris Jericho . . . and Edge in a Triple Threat Match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew McIntyre says that the people of London don’t like him. He wonders if it is because he is young, handsome, and the Intercontinental Champion. Maybe it is because he is the ‘chosen one’. Drew says that the people don’t like him, but he doesn’t like them either.

Match Number One: Drew McIntyre versus Kane

Kane misses a punch and Drew with kicks and punches. Drew with punches but Kane punches back and then he biels McIntyre across the ring. Kane with a side head lock take down. Kane with a shoulder tackle and near fall. Kane with a side head lock and snap mare. Kane with a drop kick to McIntyre and then he gets another near fall. Kane with an Irish whip and he misses a charge into the corner and Drew with a running boot to the head. Drew with a neck breaker to the knee and Drew gets a near fall. Drew punches Kane and kicks him in the corner. Drew with a clothesline in the corner but Drew runs into a boot and Kane with a running clothesline into the corner and then he hits a side slam and gets a near fall. Kane goes up top for the clothesline and hits it. Kane sets for the choke slam but Drew sees it coming and Drew goes to the floor. Drew heads to the back but before he can get there, Matt Hardy returns Drew to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: Drew McIntyre by disqualification

After the match, Kane hits a choke slam but it does not matter. Kane gives Hardy a choke slam while Hardy stands over Drew.

Jack Swagger enters Teddy’s office and he wants to know who Teddy thinks he is. Swagger says that this is the most unfair ruling he has ever made. Teddy says that he is the general manager of Smackdown and as long as he is the champion, Jack will have to deal with his rulings.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see footage of Dolph Ziggler putting Josh Mathews to sleep last week on Smackdown.

Dolph says that Teddy Long has demanded that he publicly apologize for abusing an announcer. Dolph says that from the bottom of his heart and depths of his soul, blah blah blah, he humbly and sincerely apologizes to Josh Mathews.

Truth tells Ziggler that he has no heart, no soul, he has never been sincere or humble in his life. He says that Ziggler did not mean what he said and Ziggler will learn that the Truth hurts.

Match Number Two: Dolph Ziggler versus R Truth

Ziggler with a punch and forearms followed by a kick. Ziggler with an inverted suplex for a near fall. Ziggler with a reverse chin lock but Truth with an arm drag and clotheslines. Truth floats over and then does the split followed by a leg lariat and then he hip tosses Ziggler. Truth wants to know what’s up while Ziggler stays down. Truth misses the Lie Detector when Ziggler ducks out of the way. Ziggler with the sleeper and Truth goes down. Ziggler adds a body scissors and Truth passes out.
Winner: Dolph Ziggler

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that a lot of Diva photos are seen on

Match Number Three: Mickie James versus Michelle McCool with Layla and Vickie Guerrero

They lock up and Michelle with a take down and she does push ups. Mickie does push ups in Michelle’s face and then hits a drop kick and then gets a near fall with a rollup. Mickie with a jackknife cover for another near fall. Michelle with a kick but Mickie with an elbow. Mickie tries for a tornado DDT but Michelle sends Mickie to the apron and then sends Mickie into the ring post. Michelle pulls Mickie back into the ring and she sends Mickie to the mat and slams her head in the mat and gets a near fall. Michelle with a figure four head scissors and then she turns Mickie over and drives her head into the mat. Michelle uses the ropes for extra leverage but the referee sees it. Mickie with forearms but Michelle with knees to the head. Michelle with a running knee lift to the head. Mickie with a kick and forearm. Mickie with a head scissors and clothesline followed by a flying forearm. Michelle goes to the floor and Mickie follows after her and sends Michelle into the ringside barrier. Mickie climbs onto the barrier and she hits a Thesz Press onto Michelle. She gives one to Layla as well. They return to the ring and Mickie with a neck breaker for a near fall, but Layla gets on the ropes to distract the referee. Mickie kicks Layla. Michelle hits Mickie with a kick to the back of the head for the three count.
Winner: Michelle McCool

After the match, Michelle slams Mickie’s head into the mat. Mickie pushes Michelle and Beth grabs Michelle but Layla pulls Michelle out of the ring. Layla and Michelle go over the announce table and Beth follows after them. Michelle and Layla go into the crowd.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Todd and Matt talk about the draft which is coming up in less than two weeks.

We take a look back at Jack Swagger’s World Title victory over Chris Jericho. Swagger will face Edge and Chris Jericho tonight.

Luke Gallows tells Darren Young not to let his victory get to his head because if he gets another chance, he will beat Darren and shave his head personally. Darren asks Luke what it is like to lose to an NXT rookie. Punk tells them to be quiet. He tells Gallows that he fights for him when he tells him, and he tells Young that he is on thin ice. Punk tells them that they are going to show that Straight Edge means that they are better than you.

The Miz joins Matt and Todd at the announce table to scout his potential opponents and to allow Todd to bring up that he beat David Hart Smith in his daddy’s home town. Miz reminds us that on Raw, Bret Hart has to admit that The Shiz is the greatest tag team in the history of the WWE.

Match Number Four: CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Darren Young with Serena versus Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith with Natalya

Smith and Punk start things off but Punk tags Luke in before anything happens. Luke with a kick and punches followed by an uppercut. Gallows with an Irish whip and splash into the corner. Gallows with a knee and then Smith blocks a shot into the turnbuckles and Smith with an Irish whip. He runs into a knee but Smith with a power slam for a near fall. Smith with an elbow to the head and Rey and Kidd come in and Smith with a drop toe hold to Gallows and Rey and Kidd with a double drop kick to the head. Punk tags in. They lock up and Kidd works on the arm and takes Punk to the mat with a wrist lock. Punk with a leg sweep and a cover but he gets up before the referee can make a count. They lock up in a Greco Roman knuckle lock but Punk with a kick followed by a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Kidd blocks a hip toss and hits one of his own. Smith tags in and kicks Punk. Rey is tagged in and Rey with a springboard splash while Smith and Kidd have Punk up for a double suplex. Rey with kicks to Punk in the corner but Punk sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Punk with forearms and kicks as Rey falls into the corner. Punk with kicks to the head and then he stands on Rey in the corner. Rey goes to the apron but in front o the ring post. Punk with a baseball slide and Rey goes into the ring post. Punk gets a near fall and then he puts Rey in an arm bar. Rey punches Punk but Punk with a rake of the eyes. Rey with a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow and then Rey with a drop kick to the knees and Punk falls into the ropes but Punk goes to the floor before Rey can hit the 619. We go to commercial.

We are back and Young backs Rey into the corner but Rey with kicks to Young’s leg. Rey with a forearm to Young. Smith tags in and he punches Young and kicks him in the corner. Kidd tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd with a front face lock into an arm bar. Gallows tags in and he punches Kidd. Gallows throws Kidd over the to rope but Kidd lands on the apron. Kidd with a kick but he tries for a springboard move and Gallows kicks Kidd. Kidd goes to the floor but he sends Kidd back in. Gallows with an elbow drop for a near fall. Young tags in and Gallows is in a bit of shock. Young with a neck breaker for a near fall. Young sends Kidd into the turnbuckles and tags in Punk.

Punk with kicks to Kidd and he gets a near fall. Punk with a back breaker to Kidd and he gets another near fall. Punk with a figure four head scissors to Kidd. Kidd is able to counter with a bridge while Punk maintains the hold. Punk with a slam and he tags in Young. Young goes to the turnbuckles but he misses a leg drop. Punk tags in and he kicks Rey off the apron. Kidd with a leaping spin kick and then he tags in Smith. Smith with a clothesline and flying shoulder tackle. Smith with another clothesline. Smith kicks Young off the apron. Punk with a rollup but Smith rolls through and gets a near fall of his own. Kidd with a senton onto Gallows from the apron. In the ring, Punk with a kick to Smith but he can only get a near fall. Punk with knees followed but he is given a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles. Rey with a 619 using the ring post and then Smith with a running power slam for the three count.
Winners: Rey Mysterio, Tyson Kidd, and David Hart Smith

Chris Jericho is in the dressing room with Wade Barrett and he says that some day Wade will get the chance that he is getting tonight. He tells Wade to take advantage of the situation. Chris talks about how he is going to win his seventh title tonight. Wade says that he is in awe of Chris and Chris tells Wade that he should be.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Caylen Croft with Trent Barreta versus JTG

They lock up while Shad makes his way to the ring. Croft kicks JTG and then hits a back elbow for a near fall. JTG with a punch but Croft with an elbow. Croft with a modified side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Croft with an elbow and he gets a near fall. JTG punches Croft but Croft with a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. JTG with an inside cradle for a near fall but Croft with knee drops to the back of the head and Croft gets a near fall. Croft with a reverse chin lock while we continue to see Shad walking around the ring. JTG with a sliding uppercut followed by a swinging neck breaker. JTG with a flip shoulder tackle and flying back elbow. JTG tries for the X Factor out of the corner but Croft with a running neck breaker for a near fall. JTG with a kick to Croft followed by the flying wraparound clothesline for the three count.
Winner: JTG

After the match, Shad enters the ring and hits a clothesline on JTG. Shad picks up JTG and punches him and tells JTG that he ain’t nothing without him. Shad picks JTG up again and then he misses a splash into the corner. JTG hits the X Factor in the corner and then hits a drop kick and Shad leaves the ring and goes to the back.

Edge is in the hallway with Josh Mathews. Edge says that he relates to Swagger because of the way that Swagger took advantage of the situation to cash in the briefcase. He says that Swagger is in a bad position because he can lose the title without being pinned. Edge says that he is in a good position because he can pin either man to walk out of the ring with the title.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound from Monday’s main event.

We run through the top matches for Extreme Rules.

Match Number Six: Jack Swagger versus Edge versus Chris Jericho for the World Title

The bell rings and Jericho goes after Edge and Swagger joins in. Jericho watches Swagger punch Edge and Jericho with a rollup for a near fall. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and Jericho goes to the floor. Edge with an Irish whip to Swagger and Edge with a methodical walk across the ring. Swagger with a forearm to Edge and then he punches him. Edge throws Swagger over the top rope to the floor and Jericho attacks Edge from behind. Jericho punches Edge and then Jericho chokes Edge in the ropes. Jericho misses the splash into the ropes and he hits the ropes when Edge moves. Edge punches Jericho and connects with forearms. Swagger trips Edge and Jericho with an elbow drop. Jericho catapults Edge’s throat into the rope and then Swagger chokes Edge. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex to Edge and then Jericho is sent to the floor by Edge and then Swagger charges at Edge and Edge ducks down sending Swagger to the floor. Edge with a baseball slide to Swagger and Jericho as all three men go to the floor. Edge Irish whips Jericho into the ringside barrier. Edge kicks Swagger on the floor and then he sends Swagger into the ringside barrier. Edge rolls Swagger back into the ring and Jericho punches Edge on the apron. Jericho kicks Edge on the floor but Swagger punches Jericho on the apron and then Swagger tries to suplex Jericho to the floor. Jericho tries to suplex Swagger to the floor. Edge pulls Jericho off the apron and Swagger is dropped across the top rope as we go to commercial.

We are back and Edge misses a charge into the corner and he hits the ring post. Swagger gets a near fall on Edge. Swagger works on the arm and he puts Edge in an arm bar. Swagger adds more pressure to the arm. Edge with punches to get out of the arm bar. Swagger misses a few clotheslines but he catches Edge and hits a back breaker for a near fall. Swagger turns his attention to Jericho who tries to get back into the ring but Swagger punches Jericho off the apron. Swagger hits the double jump Vader Splash on Edge for a near fall. Swagger punches Edge in the ribs and back as Edge goes to the floor. Swagger goes to the floor and Edge slams Swagger’s head into the announce table. Jericho with a running forearm to Edge on the floor. Jericho sends Edge back into the ring and he kicks Edge in the ribs followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Jericho with a reverse chin lock. Edge punches Jericho but Jericho with a knee. Jericho misses a splash into the corner. Swagger tries for the Oklahoma Stampede but Edge gets out of the corner. Edge goes to the turnbuckles and hits a double clothesline followed by punches to Swagger and Jericho. Edge then hits big boots on both men. Edge knocks Swagger off the apron onto the announce table and Jericho gets a rollup for a near fall. Jericho with a back elbow and then Jericho lands on his feet on a Lionsault.

Edge with the Edge-o-Matic and he gets a near fall. Jericho gets a boot up for a charging Edge. Edge sends Jericho into the turnbuckles on a bulldog attempt. Edge sets for the SPEAR but Jericho with a rollup into the Walls of Jericho. Edge is about to tap but he tries to get to the ropes. Jericho pulls Edge into the center of the ring. Jericho sees Swagger coming and Jericho puts Swagger in the Walls of Jericho. Edge with an Impaler DDT on Jericho and Swagger with a kick to Edge and he tries for the Doctor Bomb. Edge blocks it and hits an Impaler DDT on Swagger. Edge sets for the SPEAR but Jericho from out of nowhere takes Edge down and gets a near fall. Swagger with an Oklahoma Roll on Jericho for a near fall. Jericho hits a Codebreaker and Swagger goes to the floor. Jericho gets to his feet and he waits for Edge to get up for a SPEAR of his own. Jericho mocks Edge and Edge with a leap frog and Edge with a SPEAR but Swagger pulls Edge out of the ring and into the ringside barrier. Swagger gets the three count on Jericho.
Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger rolls Edge into the ring and he hits the Doctor Bomb on Edge. Swagger picks up his title belt and holds it up. Swagger leaves the ring and goes to the back.

Jericho returns to the ring and he stomps on Edge’s surgically repaired ankle. Edge puts the ankle behind the ring steps and then he kicks the steps into the ankle. Edge writhes in pain while Jericho has a smile on his face for the first time since he lost the title to Swagger.

We go to credits.

2011 - CHIKARA held Night Two of their King of Trios tournament at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.  Mike Johnson filed the following live report:


We are live at CHIKARA's King of Trios tournament today from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA.

CHIKARA announced that fans from 30 States and eight different countries are in attendance today.

The show opened with Archibald Peck, coming out with Veronica. Peck does a marching band leader gimmick. It's so over the top its great. He's known in ROH as Prince Nana's barrister Mr. Evans. He did some good mic work and said he wanted to see who was going to answer his open challenge. Out came Colt Cabana.

Archibald Peck (with Veronica) vs. Colt Cabana

Peck said that if Cabana wants to be the lucky one, he challenges him to a duel and slapped him with a white glove. Cabana took off his wrestling boot and nailed him with it, then said he accepted the duel.

Peck tried to grab Cabana's head for a headlock as Cabana was putting his boot back on. Cabana slipped out. Peck failed with a shoulderblock but used a single leg takedown. He marched around in celebration.

Cabana shoulderblocked Peck down and mocked him. Peck looked all upset and pouted. The crowd chanted for Cabana to say he was sorry, which was hilarious. Cabana did some fun comedy spots and mixed them in with some mat wrestling holds. Peck nailed Cabana with a kick as he charged into the corner. Peck went to the top but Cabana got to his feet. Peck demanded he lay down so he could "hit you with my finisher." Colt obliged. Peck jumped off the top but Cabana nailed him on the way down.

Peck sent Cabana into the ringpost shoulder-first and cinched in a side chinlock. He followed up with a reverse snapmare. He went to the top for a splash but Cabana rolled out of the way. Cabana nailed several strikes but was drilled with a kick. He went to the top rope for a diving move but Cabana got his feet up.

Cabana nailed a ton of offense but was caught in the eye with a finger. Cabana nailed several clotheslines and chops. Peck tried to back off. Cabana wound up and nailed him with a big elbow for a two count. Peck countered a hiptoss and turned it into a Famouser for a two count.

Peck went back to the top but Cabana crotched him on the ropes. Cabana nailed the Flying ***hole. He went to the top for a superplex but Veronica distracted the referee. Peck nailed Cabana with a twirling stick, then came off the top for a flying headbutt.

Your winner, Archibald Peck!

Cabana got a nice response as he left.

The ECW Arena is as full as I've ever seen it. They keep adding more and more chairs.

King of Trios Round Two: FIST (Icarus, Johnny Gargano, and Chuck Taylor) vs. Team Osaka Pro (Ultimate Spider Jr, Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada)

Big Osaka chant early. Harada and Icarus started out. Icarus locked on a headlock but it was reversed and Harada worked him over. Icarus caught him in a top wristlock. Harada escaped and used a single leg takedown and tied up his legs. Harada and Icarus traded near falls and faced off.

Icarus took a cheap shot at Harada, who responded with a STIFF forearm smash that sent him all the way to the floor. Gargano and Spider tagged in. Gargano worked him over early but was caught with a rana and a spinning kick that sent Johnny to the outside. Spider teased a dive but rolled off the ropes.

Kotoge and Taylor tagged in. They went back and forth off the ropes until Taylor was killed with a leaping leg lariat. Kotoge rolled him onto the mat and scissored his neck. FIST tried to interfere but Osaka ran them off. They began triple teaming Taylor.

Spider drilled Taylor in the corner with a series of forearm smashes. Taylor caught him with a powerslam for a two count. Gargano tagged in and tagged Spider with a series of strikes for a two count. Icarus tagged in and choked Spider against the ropes. He nailed a Russian Legsweet and then tied up Spider on the mat.

Taylor used several palm strikes and dropped an elbow for a pinfall but Osaka Pro broke it up. Taylor knocked them off the apron. FIST continued tagging in and out to work on Spider. Gargano and Taylor stomped him in unison. Icarus nailed a snap suple then pulled Spider up and nailed another. He then cinched in a front facelock.

Taylor drilled Spider who began psyching himself up. Spider finally nailed a big kick and tagged Harada. He nailed both Gargano and Icarus with forearm smashes and suplexed Icarus onto Gargano on the floor. Kotoge nailed a top cone hilo over the ringpost onto FIST on the floor.

Back ion the ring, Harada continued beating down Gargano who responded with a kick to the head and an inverted DDT. Kotoge broke up the pinfall attempt. Taylor nailed him with a stiff kick to the head and a powerbomb for a two count. Kotoge maneuvered him to the ropes and nailed a stiff kick to the mush. Taylor rolled out of the way of a springboard double stomp but was nailed with a superkick for a two count.

Icarus broke up the pin but Spider attacked him. Icarus nailed a great rear salto suplex with a bridge for a two count. Icarus worked him over with kicks but missed a leaing dive into the corner. Spider nailed a cutter then a measured dropkick right to the face.

Both teams battled in the middle. Team Osaka used stereo kicks to take out their opposition. It was great stuff. They hit Taylor with stereo enziguiris. Harada nailed a springboard splash for a two count.

All three worked on Taylor with clotheslines and forearm smashes. Spider hit a swanton off the top but Icarus broke up the pinfall. Osaka Pro kept hitting all sorts of cool moves but FIST would break up the pinfalls. Gargano hit the running snake eyes on Kotoge but Harada hit the ring with a springboard into a cutter.

Icarus cut off Spider. He went to the top but Harada leaped up and nailed and overhead belly to bell off the top for a two count. FIST caught him with a combination spear and moonsault for a two count. They went into near fall central with lots of crazy stuff I couldn't keep up with. This match has been awesome.

FIST finally tripled on Spider and when he kicked out, the entire building became unglued. Kotoge came off the top with a springboard dropkick. Everyone was on the floor. Spider went for a dive but was speared by Taylor, who then hooked the tights for the pin. This was just GREAT stuff.

Your winners, FIST!

The fans chanted "Please come back" and then "Stay" for Osaka Pro. Spider Jr. especially received a huge ovation.

Rey de Voladores Match: Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Pinky Sanchez vs. Marshe Rockett vs. El Generico

The winner of this and a second Four Way later will face off tomorrow to determine the Rey de Voladores champion for 2011. For those of you wondering what the hell Rey de Voladores is, it translates into "King of Flyers" so this is basically going to be one of two crazy aerial based matches.

Sanchez is a member of BDK and the referee is BDK's Derek Sabato so we will see how that comes into play.

Sabre and Pinky start out, going back and forth with reversals. They go into a test of strength, which Sabre wins. He grabs a leg and starts beating it into the mat. Sabre shoots Pinky into the air and catches him with an armbreaker. Sanchez gets to the ropes and out of frustraton, nailed Rockett, who was on the apron.

Sabre drilled Sanchez, who went to the outside. Generico and Rockett worked him over and threw him back in. Rinse, repeat. Sabre swept the leg and kicked Sanchez so hard he landed in the front row.

Generico and Rockett tagged in. They did a great back and forth. Rockett caught him with a high cross bodyblock for a two count. Rockett cinched on a side headlock. Generico fought to his feet and nailed a series of armdrags and hiptosses. Sanchez slapped him in the back to tag himself in. He stomped away at Rockett, strutted, then drilled him in the corner and strutted some more. Rockett responded with a series of hard chops.

Pinky responded in kind but was dropkicked out of the ring. Sabre tagged in. Rockett chopped the hell out of him. Sabre drilled him with a hard headbutt. Generico cut him off and covered Sabre for a two count. Sabre leveled Generico with a kick to the head and then another that spun him around.

Sabre began twisting Generico's arm, working him over. Sabre's chest is blood red from the chops earlier. Generico mounted a comeback but Pinky held the ropes as he rebounded and Generico went to the floor. Sanchez started working over Sabre. Rockett tagged in but Sabato wanted to check him for an object. That allowed Sanchez to hit a leaping kick for a two count.

Generico tagged in and worked over Sanchez. Sanchez went to the ropes but Generico kicked him to the floor. He went to do his dive through the ringpost but the referee stopped him. Rockett hit a huge dive to the floor on Pinky instead. He brought him back to the ring and nailed a suplex.

He grabbed Sanchez for a death valley driver but Pinky grabbed the ropes. Rockett tried again but the referee pulled him down. That allowed Pinky to hit a springboard DDT for the pin to eliminate Rockett at 13:19.

Generico went for a move but Sabre slipped out and turned it into a reverse pinfall combination for a two. They went back and forth with chops and stiff kicks. Generico hit a reverse suplex with a bridge but missed his running boot in the corner. Sabre leapt off with an enziguiri to the back of the head for a two count.

Generico was with a running knee in the corner for a two count. Sabre came off the ropes with a knee to the arm and locked in the armbreaker. Sanchez came off the ropes with an Earthquake splash and pinned Sabre, who was eliminated in 15:59.

Sanchez hit a running leg lariat for a two count. Generico cut him off on the top and went for the brainbuster but was stopped by Sabato. He went for another but Sanchez fought him off and hit the Earthquake splash off the top. Generico kicked up at the last second. Sanchez slapped him but Generico spiked him with a Michinoku Driver. Sabato counted slow so Sanchez could kick out. The fans chanted for Generico to nail the referee. Pinky drilled him with a superkick.

Both guys were out. The CHIKARA Commissioner came out and made Sabato change his shirt from a BDK one to a CHIKARA shirt. He was mad but complied. This pissed off Pinky, allowing Generico to drill him with a big boot and a brainbuster off the ropes for the pin in 20:20.

Your winner, El Generico!

King of Trios Second Round: The Osirian Portal vs. Team Dragon Gate (Akira Tozawa, Super Shisa, and Kagetora)

Shisha and Herokhan started out and had some nice back and forth wrestling. Kagetora tagged in, as did Amasis. Amasis hit a series of kicks. Finally, Tozawa and Ophidian faced off. Tozawa drilled him with a reverse kick. Ophidian went to the floor, so Tozawa faced a dive and then mocked his mannerisms.

Amasis attacked him and chopped away at him. Tozawa returned in kind. The Portal began working him over and took turns controlling him in their corner. Amasis nailed a spinebuster and Hirokhan covered Tozawa as the rest of the Portal tried to hold off the DG talents.

Dragon Gate finally had enough and took out the Portal. Shisha nailed an awesome dropkick on Amasis. Now it was DG's turn to work over someone and take their turns in doing so. Tozawa nailed a back senton splash for a two count.

Shisha locked him in a bow and arrow, then set him up for a Kategora dropkick to the face. He nailed a step up kick to Amasis' head. He locked in a submission hold as the other members of DG kept the Portal at bay, then turned it into a pinfall attempt.

Amasis came back with a leaping clothesline and tagged out to Hirokhan. He and Tozawa exchanged forearms in the center with a beautiful back and forth. They went into a crazy sequence I can't even describe but it was awesome. Kategora caught Hirokhan but was nailed with an eziguiri and a standing shooting star for a two count.

Shisha came off the ropes with a hesitation splash on Amasis. He went back up but was caught with a kick. Shisha and Amasis went back and forth with a series of great near falls. Shisha caught him in a submission but it was broken up.

Tozawa nailed a running boot to the face of Ophidian. Ophidian came back with a flapjack. Ophidian then hit a great twisting dive to the outside on everyone. Amasis was caught in a Tozawa armbreaker. Ophidian came off the ropes with a springboard rolling splash to break it up. Amasis went to the top but was caught with a cartwheel rana by Shisha.

They just started breaking out all sorts of back and forth crazy moves. Shisha came off with a great missile dropkick on Ophidian. In the end everyone was out and trying to recover. Amasis drilled Shisha with a series of strikes. He used the ropes to rebound and hit a stiff kick. The Portal tripled on Shisha. It ended up with Amasis hitting a 450 splash on Shisha for the pin.

This was all sorts of great.

Your winners, The Osyrian Portal!

They pointed us to the video screen. They announced a 12 Man Tournament for what appears to be the promotion's first ever singles title.

Arik Cannon vs. Eddie Kingston

They shook hands before the bell. They locked up and Kingston nailed a backdrop driver. Cannon rolled out of the ring and Kingston hit a dive. On the outside, Kingston whipped him into the crowd and then kicked him hard in the face. He whipped Cannon into the railing again.

Kingston charged Cannon but was backdropped into the crowd. Cannon pulled him over the railing and DDT'd him on the floor. When they returned to the ring, they exchanged punches and forearm smashes while on their knees. They battled back and forth to their feet. Cannon nailed an exploder for a two count.

Kingston hit a suplex and an uranage for a two count. Kingston drilled Cannon with a lariat for a two count. Cannon came back with a kick and a brainbuster for a two count. He nailed a back suplex and a twisting hanging DDT for a two count.

Cannon missed a moonsault off the middle turnbuckle. Kingston unloaded with strikes and elbows. Cannon responded in kind. Kingston nailed the spinning backfist and the roaring elbow for the pin.

Your winner, Eddie Kingston!

Total smashmouth match as they just took it to each other hard.

Nice chant for Eddie after the match.

Kingston, who came to the ring wearing a Larry Sweeney t-shirt, held it up and began crying. He and Cannon embrace and they draped the shirt over the ropes, facing the hard camera. The fans applauded and chanted for Sweeney. A nice moment.

King of Trios Second Round: BDK (Delirious, Tim Donst, and Jakob Hammermeier) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant, Soldier Ant & Green Ant)

Really hot opening with the Colony kicking ass on BDK to get revenge for earlier today at the Conclave. Jakob came out wearing Green Ant's mask, which Ant got back. The Ants hit a triple running dropkick in the corner on Delirious. Fire Ant hit a huge dive to the floor on BDK.

Back in the ring, Delirious worked over Fire Ant. BDK kept control as Donst and Jakob also took their turns working him over. Fire Ant, well, fired back but was cut off by Donst. Donst bulldogged him. BDK double teamed Fire as the referee argued with the other Ants.

Soldier Ant finally tagged in and cleaned house. Donst cut him off with an axehandle. Solider ducked a clothesline and hit a suicide dive to the outside on the other members of BDK. Inside the ring, Fire Ant and Donst battled over a suplex. Donst won and held him up for a long time. Green Ant reversed it into a small package for a two count.

He locked a Boston Crab style submission on Donst but the other members of BDK broke it up. The Ants and BDK went back and forth with stereo punches. The crowd cheered and booed appropriately. The Ants unloaded until Donst broke up. The Ants foiled an attempt to work over Green Ant. They nailed the pyramid splash on Jakob but he kicked out.

Tursas tried to interfere but ended up spearing Jakob. Green Ant bodyslammed him, which got a huge pop. Jakob was trapped in the Torture Rack and forced to submit.

Your winners, The Colony!

Rey de Voladores Match: Frightmare vs. The Amazing Red vs. Obaryan vs. 1-2-3 Kid

Kid shook hands with Frightmare and Red but Obaryan rolled out of the ring, refusing. Red and Frightmare started out. Red took him to the mat with a hammerlock. They went back and forth working over the other's arm. Red used a side headlock takeover but Frightmare fought back to his feet. They shoulderblocked the other and went into a series of near falls, then faced off.

Red went for a sliding kick but Frightmare avoided it. Red hit a rana. Frightmare charged him in the corner but was sent up and over. Frightmare went for a backbreaker but Red hit a Lucha armdrag, sending him to the floor. Red hit a springboard dive to the outside.

Obaryan hit the ring and dared Kid to enter. The crowd was bigtime behind Kid. He used some matwrestling and overtook Obaryan. He tried to go for a crotch chop but the referee stopped him since that's not family friendly. The crowd chanted "That's not PG." Cute.

Obaryan took over on Kid, working him over in the corner with right hands and chops. He whipped Kid into the corner but Waltman came out with a stiff clothesline. He went for the Bronco Buster but Obaryan went to the floor. So, Kid hit a pescado to the outside. The crowd chanted, "You still got it." Kid bowed and thanked them.

Red hit the ring and faced off with Kid. Kid kicked him in the gut and went for a slam but was taken over with a Lucha armdrag. Kid flapjacked Red and cinched in a rear chinlock. Red came back with a head scissors takeover and dropkicked him to the outside. Red then backdropped Obaryan to the same side. Red hit a twisting dive over the ropes to the floor. Nice stuff.

Frightmare perched himself on the top as Red returned and hit a flying bodypress. He sent Red to the floor and went for a dive but Obaryan cut him off with a running kick and began stomping on him. He covered Frightmare for several near falls.

Frightmare came back with a leaping kick but was caught with a nasty looking suplex. Frightmare was caught in a sleeper. Red grabbed Obaryan in one. Kid grabbed Red in one. Frightmare dropped down, giving everyone a jawbreaker. The babyfaces set up Obaryan in the corner for a Bronco Buster. Kid clotheslined Red and Frightmare on the way to hitting it.

Kid drilled Frightmare with a reverse spin kick. He slammed Frightmare and covered him but Obaryan broke it up. Frightmare and Obaryan exchanged punches and chops in the center of the ring. Obaryan drilled Frightmare with a knee to the chest as he rebounded off the ropes. He then lifted him and kicked him in the face, like a reverse GTS.

Red hit the ring and kicked Obaryan in the corner. He pulled him to the top but was shoved off. Red came back with a leaping spinning kick. Red went for the Spanish Fly but was fought off. Obaryan came off the top and DDT'd Red pinning him.

Kid immediately drilled him with a spinning kick and chopped him in the corner. He nailed his signature kicking combo in the corner for a two count. Obaryan raked his face. Kid reversed a whip into the corner and nailed the X-Factor but Frightmare broke it up. He hit a 450 knee drop and pinned Obaryan.

Frightmare immediately hit a running flip dive to the outside on Kid. He went to the top but missed a 450 legdrop. Kid went to the top but was nailed. Kid drilled him with an X-Factor off the top for the pin in 16:29.

Your winner, the 1-2-3 Kid.

It will be Kid vs. Generico tomorrow afternoon.

Kid took the mic and said for a second he forgot about the PG thing and apologized. The crowd chanted "We forgive you." Kid said that he has a lot to be forgiven for and thanked everyone for their support.

King of Trios Second Round: Mike Quackenbush & Manami Toyota & Jigsaw vs. Team Michinoku Pro: Great Sasuke & Jinsei Shinzaki & Dick Togo

Sasuke and Jigsaw started out. Sasuke took him to the mat but Jigsaw was able to reverse and tied up his legs. Sasuke escaped and locked in a camel clutch, rubbing his wrist across Jigsaw's face. Jigsaw escaped and Shinzaki tagged in. Quackenbush did the same.

They locked up and Shinzaki kicked him in the gut, then rode him to the mat with a rear chinlock. Quackenbush escaped and he and Shinzaki went back and forth until facing off. Togo tagged in and Toyota wanted in. The crowd chanted for her.

Toyota and Togo faced off. Togo kicked her in the stomach and flexed his muscles. He then kicked her again and locked on a side headlock. Toyota tried to shove him off into the ropes but failed as he held on. She succeeded a second time and shoulderblocked him. He punched her but she came back with a dropkick then a missile dropkick off the corner.

Jigsaw tagged in, as did Shinzaki. Shinzaki cartwheeled away from an attempted clothesline and kicked Jigsaw. He locked up his arm and did the rope walk across two sides of the ring, then came off with a big chop.

Togo and Quack tagged in. Jigsaw came off with a big flying bodypress. They did the traditional Michinoku Pro Lucha spots including the big bounce at the end. Then they went into a series of crazy dives, culminating with Toyota coming off the top with a dive to the floor on everyone. The crowd chanted "Holy poop."

It settled down with Shinzaki and Jigsaw battling back and forth. Shinzaki nailed the hesitation splash. Sasuke tagged in and worked over Jigsaw. He locked him in an attempted sharpshooter. Sasuke and Togo yanked his legs and made a wish. Togo hit a slingshot rolling splash and a headbutt.

Togo continued working over Jigsaw with big right hands. Shinzaki tagged in and measured Jigsaw's leg, coming down on it as it was draped across the ring. He cinched in a one legged crab. Sasuke tagged back in and continued working over Jigsaw's leg. Jigsaw tried to free himself but was grabbed and suplexed over. Sasuke covered him for a two count.

Togo tagged in but Jigsaw battled back. Jigsaw tricked him into going to the floor and hit a suicide dive. Quack and Toyota doubled on Sasuke with a double palm thrust. Quack hit a dive over the top to the floor on Shinzaki. Toyota rolled up Sasuke in her rolling pinfall combination but Sasuke kicked out.

Sasuke worked over Toyota but missed a rolling senton. Toyota hit one but Togo broke up the pinfall. Togo cut her off with a stiff clothesline. Jigsaw began chopping away at him and Togo fired back. They started slugging it out. Jigsaw avoided a charge and hit a back kick for a two count. Togo came back with a rolling snapmare for a two count.

Jigsaw missed a flying bodypress and was covered for two count. Jigsaw was locked in a crossface. Team MP took out Toyota and Quack to prevent them from interfering. Togo went to the top but Jigsaw nailed a superkick, leaving him hanging. Jigsaw hit a Van Terminator for a two count.

Shinzaki hit a thrust on Quack and came off with a shoulderblock. Shinzaki went to town on Toyota with kicks but she nailed a sunset flip for a two count.

Quack nailed a top rope rana on Sasuke, then missing a swanton. Sasuke slammed him and went to the top. He then missed a swanton. Quack went for a submission but Sasuke escaped. Quack nailed a Michinoku Driver but Sasuke kicked out.

Quack locked in the CHIKARA Special and refused to let go, even after Shinzaki kicked him in the face. Shinzaki chokeslammed him. Togo nailed a Pedigree. Sasuke nailed a big move but Quack kicked out.

Sasuke powerbombed Quack and that was it.

Your winners, Team Michinoku Pro!

Holy SH** that was AMAZING. Totally must see match. I am really bummed I will miss the finals to cover Lockdown but I am SO thankful I came tonight. Off the charts stuff here. What a great night.

2011 - WWE ran Kiel, Germany.  Christian Skrianz filed the following results:

Here are the results of tonight's SmackDown! house show from Kiel, Germany.

Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Winner: Kofi Kingston

Divas Tag Team Match
Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly def. Layla & Kaitlyn

Singles Match
Jack Swagger def. Chris Masters via submission

2-on-1 Handicap Match
The Big Show def. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Wade Barrett (c) def. Kofi Kingston

Singles Match
Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes via submission

It was then time for Edge's farewell. Just like yesterday he was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio, who challenged him to a match. Edge rejected and eventually announced Kane as Del Rio's opponent. After that, the crowd chose a street fight.

Kiel Street Fight
Kane def. Alberto Del Rio

2012  - Sal Corrente's WrestleReunion announces it is suspending operations after running a recent Toronto event.  The convention promotion noted that low interest due to the economy was the main culprit.

2012 - WWE broadcast Raw.  Mike Johnson filed the following TV report:

We open up with a lot of pyro in London.

WWE champion CM Punk vs. Mark Henry - No DQ, No Countout

Huge pop for Punk's entrance.  I can't remember the last time I've seen fans chanting for someone so loud, it was loud enough to be heard over his ring music.  That sight of everyone standing for him was a hell of a visual.  They show some clips of the last few weeks between the two to set up the match.

Punk used several kicks to the legs early.  I guess he's been watching some UWFi tapes.   Henry overpowered him into the corner and drilled him with headbutts and clubbing shots over the back.     Punk fired back with some kicks.  The crowd cheered with every kick, but Henry drilled him to the mat.  Punk rolled out of the ring and returned as Henry went to the floor.  Punk hit a suicide dive to the outside and tried to whip Henry into the guard rail.  Henry reversed it, so Punk ate the ringpost.

Henry began mauling Punk's face but was kicked off during a charge, then another.  Punk crawled away, then ran across the barriers to bulldog Henry on the floor.  That was a cool spot.   He then was tasked with trying to muscle Henry back up when he was out of it.  That allowed Henry to drill him backwards into the apron.  Punk nailed a series of kicks and went to the apron.  He dove off but was caught and sent into the barrier as they went to commercial.  So far, so good.

When we returned, Henry was working over Punk, who fired back with some kicks.  Henry cut off Punk's momentum with a clubbing shot.  Punk ends up grabbing a chair and nailed Henry with it with a series of shots for a two count.  Since it's No DQ, it's legal.    Henry kicked down Punk and snapped the chair over Punk's back.  Henry wedged it in between the turnbuckles and tried to send Punk into it head-first.   Punk chopped away at Henry, nailing him with a series of rights but was cut off with a clothesline.

Henry cinched in a bearhug.  Punk went for a flying bodypress but was caught.  Henry went for the World's Strongest Slam but Punk slipped out and kicked him.  Punk nailed the running kneelift and went for the bulldog but Henry countered and threw him off.  Henry charged but Punk sidestepped and hit the chair that was wedged face-first.     Punk retrieved the chair and  came off the top, drilling it into Henry's face.  Punk scored the pin off that.

Your winner and still WWE champion, CM Punk!

That was great and one of the better matches on Raw in awhile.  They had an excellent back and forth match.  Henry looked the best he has in awhile and it's nice to see him getting over the injuries that had been curtailing his work.  Punk looked so awesome here as the champion in peril and also as the badass fighting back against the monster.

Chris Jericho pops up on the Titantron in a bar and announces he will be fighting Punk in a Chicago Street Fight.  That is so ass-backwards.  Why isn't it the babyface Punk cutting a kickass pissed off Jericho to a Streetfight?  Things like this totally take the bite out of the heroes getting their revenge and muddies the storylines.  Punk promises to kick the hell out of Jericho in front of his family in the streets.

Jericho says Punk must have some beer goggles on because his was going into a pub earlier today.  They show the "secret" footage.  He questions Punk going there and asking why.  Punk said that just because he's straightedge, that doesn't mean he can't go to a pub for some fish and chips with friends?   Jericho said that Punk is making excuses like his father and he had to go and be around alcohol.  Jericho said he is on the path to being an alcohol because he lost his dignity, honor and personal beliefs.  Now, he will lose the only thing he has left, the WWE title.

Punk tried to respond but Jericho disappeared from the screen.  The crowd chanted for Punk.  A very good back and forth segment and a great first 25 minutes.

They promise us an indepth look at Brock Lesnar later.

We see some glamour shots of London and R Truth is dressed as Sherlock Homes, while Little Jimmy is Watson.  Awful.  They were playing silly music underneath this.  Truth finds Teddy Long and says their job is to find him a new job.  A solemn Long said that's the best news he's gotten all month.

WWE United States champion Santino Marella vs. David Otunga

Marella, on the anniversary of his WWE debut, has some silly fun with the crowd wearing a bunch of different jerseys, getting heat for the different cities before showing off the London shirt.  That was a cute way to connect with the Brits.  Marella got a nice pop for it and when he got in the ring.  One thing that makes the show stand out is that with this crowd, they react like it's an event.

Pretty silly to have a United States title bout in England but whatever  Otunga is now doing the old Chris Masters entrance.   She controlled Santino early with some power moves and began clubbing him while holding him in a somewhat but not quite a Dragon suplex.    Otunga scored several near falls and whipped Santino into the corner.  Santino came out and nailed Otunga.  He tried to avoid Otunga with a split but was kicked in the face.

Otunga nailed Marella and had one of the most awkward attempts at making a pin in history ever.  The referee counted three but Santino had his foot on the ropes, so no finish.  Marella nailed a series of hiptossed and hit the Cobra on Otunga.

Your winner and still US champion, Santino Marella!

Nothing match but they tried to work a fast pace.  Otunga seems to have found some confidence in his new role.

Backstage, Josh Mathews tried to interview Lord Tensai who simply responded in Japanese, then said that he knows what everyone should fear - him.

We go to the Brock Lesnar interview.  He said that he's not a Superstar, he's an asskicker.  They show all sorts of clips of him from different eras, including amateur wrestling, WWE and UFC (still photos).  The interview is shot to look like a UFC Countdown interview or the HBO Boxing specials.  Lesnar said he wasn't back for a happy moment.  He said Cena isn't a real guy and was only in the top spot because Lesnar left.  He said Cena would be carrying his bags if Lesnar had never left.  Lesnar said there is nothing fake about him, he's real and he showed that when he bloodied Cena last week.  He said Cena sh** his pants and p***ed himself.  Lesnar said that it's not a wrestling match on 4/29, it's Extreme Rules and he's coming to cause chaos.   Lesnar said he was coming and what makes him happy is beating people up.  It was an AWESOME video.

Kane vs. Zack Ryder

Hey remember when Ryder had momentum?  Yeah, me too.  What a waste.    I hope WWE remembers this the next time HHH makes some comment about how guys need to make their own opportunity.  This guy did (and revolutionized their entire Youtube movement) and gets crapped on weekly for it.

We see some clips of the recent Kane carnage of the Orton family.

Kane kicked Ryder off the apron into the announcer's table and just mauled the hell out of him.   Kane slammed him into the apron and threw Ryder in the ring like he was a sack of potatoes.   Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him.

Kane doesn't even bother pinning Ryder, showing us show ineffective he is and then cuts a promo about the Ortons.  He says that he expected Bob Orton to go down without a fight but was surprised how easy Randy went down.  He said, "Like father, like son" and walked off.

Why they couldn't just have had Kane cut a promo as opposed to pissing on Ryder again is beyond me but the promo was fine.

Kofi Kingston was talking to AJ backstage when Daniel Bryan told him that just because he dumped AJ doesn't make it open season.  AJ tried to claim they were just talking but he Sssshed her.  Bryan said he was going to make Kofi tap tonight in the LeBell Lock, then stopped and wondered aloud why he was calling it that, since he was better than Gene LeBell and asked who did he ever beat.  He re-named it the Yes Lock because that's what people will be screaming when they are locked in it and asked if they give up.  YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!  Bryan kept saying.  The crowd chanted along with him.  Kofi stood there smiling like a complete dork, then said he would see and walked off.  I don't know in what universe that pre-tape made Kingston look like a top flight wrestler, but it wasn't this one.

John Cena makes his way to the ring for a promo.  Cena said that it was interesting footage and it's interesting that John Laurinaitis is involved when Lesnar gives him the F-5.  He said that Wrestlemania could be the end of the John Cena footage.  The crowd chanted, "YES! YES! YES!"  That's funny.  Cena said that at Mania, Laurinaitis became the most powerful man in the WWE and now he will use his authority to end and replace Cena in WWE.  He said that Johnny went out to get Brock Lesnar and it was the most anticipated return in the company history because after a year of entertainment and movies and gladhanding fans, Lesnar is here for destruction.  Cena puts over what a bad man Lesnar is and says he is stepping into the ring with a man who is there to end Cena and replace him.   Lesnar said that Cena is afraid and Cena admits that he is, because a fearless man is a liar.  Cena said he will fight.  He said he will take the biggest asswhipping of his career if he has to but he will fight.  The promo was awesome by the end.

John Laurinaitis, with regal music right out of the Presidential campaign, comes out and says that it's the end of an era and the start of a new one, people power.  He says that he's glad Cena wants to fight, so he's making an Extreme Rules match tonight.  Big pop for that.   Johnny said that there will be a contract signing next Monday during the three hour Raw between Cena and Lesnar.  Johnny said that he won't tell Cena who he his opponent is because it makes things more creative and fun in the vein of People Power.

Backstage, R Truth walks past Hornswoggle, who is reading.  He came out of a secret passage that Hornswoggle couldn't figure out.

Kofi Kingston vs. Daniel Bryan

Bryan was absolutely the crowd favorite here.  Bryan and Kingston go back and forth.  Bryan snaps him with a big dropkick in the corner and drills him with a knee across the chest.   Bryan worked over Kingston's arm, then drilled him with kicks in the chest.  Bryan covered him for a two count.

Bryan used a keylock to take Kingston down to the mat and worked on his wrist.   Kingston fired back with chops.  Bryan nailed him with a great uppercut.   Bryanb rode Kingston on the mat but Kingston slipped out and nailed a big elbow.  Kingston charged but was sent to the floor.  Bryan went from a running knee off the apron but Kingston got out of the way, then drilled Bryan.

They showed AJ watching backstage as they returned from commercial.  Kingston hit a monster monkey flip but missed a charge and was hit with a drop toehold into the buckles.   The crowd chanted for Bryan as he kicked Kofi hard, yelling Yes each time.  He covered Kofi for another two count.  Good back and forth pace so far.

Kingston was trapped in a rear chinlock.  Kingston made a comeback and used a ton of offense, including a flying clothesline and the Boom Drop.  He set up for Trouble in Paradise but Bryan ducked and went for the Yes Lock.  Kingston escaped and nailed the SOS for a two count.  Good exchange.  

Kingston nailed several kicks and strikes in the corner but had a whip reversed.  He used the ropes to slingshot himself into a kick.  Kingston went to the top but Bryan cut him off.  They battled with headbutts.  Kingston got the better of that and sent Bryan into the ring.  Bryan avoided a flying bodypress and Kingston crashed and burned.  Daniel locked on The Yes Lock and forced Kingston to give up.

Your winner, Daniel Bryan!

Really fun match.

Bryan locked The Yes Lock back on the prove a point but Sheamus, with theme music, hit the ring.  The crowd didn't love him anywhere near as much as they did Bryan.

They show clips setting up Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Brodus Clay vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler dropkicked him immediately trying to take him out but it doesn't work.  He gets tossed across the ring.  Swagger immediately interfered for a DQ,  Clay ran them both off then faced Vickie Guerrero, who was yelling on the apron.   Guerrero was grabbed by Camewron and kicked her off.  Naomi chased her into the ring and into Clay.  Vickie screamed realizing she was trapped.  Naomi shoved her down.  Brodus and friends danced.

AWFUL match.  Complete waste accomplishing nothing.

Backstage, John Laurinaitis was counseling David Otunga when Eve Torres reminded him they missed their one on one.  Ace brought her into his office.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole pitched it to a video piece on the late Jay Strongbow.

  Backstage, R Truth told Teddy Long he found a job for him, the General Manager of Smackdown.  Long told him that was the job he just lost.  Truth said that meant he had job experience.  Long looked at him like he was crazy.

WWE Tag Team champions Epico & Hunico vs. WWE Intercontinental champ Big Show & Great Khali

They noted that the champs have been Tweeting, complaining about their lack of TV time.  Abraham Washington was scouting on the stage with an iPad.  Khali destroyed Epico and brought in Primo.  He nearly fell over nailing a big boot.  The champs tried to walk out but Show grabbed them and tossed them back into the ring.

Khali nailed a ton of chops.  Khali and Show nailed a chokeslam and Punjabi Plunge for stereo pinfalls.

Your winners, Big Show and Great Khali!

Yeah, this did wonders for all involved.  Guess we will be seeing Show and Khali getting a title shot soon.

They showed a video feature on the recent Russia debut.

Extreme Rules Match: John Cena vs. ?

John Laurinaitis announces it's Lord Tensai, who comes out with Sakaboto.  Johnny and David Otunga are at ringside as well.

Cena battled Tenai, who felt no pain.  He slammed Cena into the turnbuckles and began drilling him with kicks.   Tensai went for a suplex but Cena blocked it. Tensai nailed a running clothesline and continued the assault on Cena.  Cena was whipped hard into the buckles.  The announcers talked about the loss to the Rock and how its weighing down on Cena.

Tensai nailed a running Avalanche in the corner and Cena rolled out to the floor.  Tensai worked him over on the floor and teased powerbombing him on the ring steps.  Cena backdropped him on the floor.  Cena grabbed the steps and ran them into Tensai's head.

Sakaboto attacked Cena with kicks on the outside and Otunga tossed Cena back in.    Tensai picked up Cena for a big standing suplex and dropped him for a two count.  He locked a trapezious nerve hold on Cena, trying to wear him down.   Tensai continued the assault until missing a running splash in the corner.

Cena nailed some offense, including a back suplex.  He went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Tensai got up and chopped him, then hit a back senton splash for a two count.   He locked on an armbar submission.  Cena rolled through and locked on a STF.  Otunga hit the ring so Cena broke it and nailed the Attitude Adjustment on him.  

Cena turned to Tensai, who blew the green mist in his face and powerbombed Cena for the pin.

Your winner, Lord Tensai!

Solid match.  Not an awesome bout by any means but as a way of establishing Tensai as a player, it was fine.  Cena was calling for water, claiming he couldn't see.   He splashed water in his face and asked for a doctor saying he still can't see.  Nice way to get over the mist.

Overall, a slighly thumbs up Raw.  The first 25 minutes was great.  Bryan vs. Kingston was solid.  The Lesnar stuff was great.  The main was OK.  Lots of throwaway crap but that's because it was designed that way.  The good outweighed the bad here for the most part and the bad was short segments.

2013 - Craig Jenkins, who was Live Events Coordinator for TNA, left the company.  Jenkins had been with TNA for eight years and handled a lot of responsibility on the road when it came to dealing with venues the day of events, setting up, fan interactions, etc.  Jenkins was also the TNA exec who set off a Ric Flair tantrum when he refused to cover Flair's bar tab during a tour of Europe, which led to Ric refusing to get on a bus to the airport, missing one of the dates. Jenkins' exit followed the PR department's Chris Thomas and Jules Wortman.

2014 - WWE star Darren Young underwent surgery for an ACL tear.

2015 - The Great Sanada departed TNA.

2015 - House of Hardcore announced it was signing a TV deal with The Fight Network in Canada to build to it's first event in Toronto later that year.

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