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By Dave Scherer on 2016-03-28 09:59:00

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So, if the Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania, he's fired? That's got about as much bite in it as my grandmother without her false teeth. I didn't think that WWE could possibly make the stakes lower. I really would like them to add something more compelling to this match but I don't have very high hopes with this paint by numbers approach. With time still to go, what do you think they could do to add some excitement? 

I hear you.  We have seen so many fired people become reinstated.  Hell, Shane himself could just hire Taker back if he wins and takes over Raw.  It’s a ridiculous stipulation.  Frankly, no matter what they add to the match, I don’t think it will change the perception.  I mean, if they say Shane will be thrown in a leaf chipper if he loses, we know it won’t happen.  About the only thing that they could do for me is have Shane pick a proxy to fight for him, like say The Rock.  If that announce that on Raw, it would get people talking, for sure.

What state is Dudleyville in? 

The state of mind.

Do you think Vince is more focused on his family (including HHH) being the key attractions at Wrestlemania than booking what the fans want to see, or laying the foundation for the future?  Follow-up: How sad is it that Vince had a reason to elevate new stars after the injuries to Cena & Rollins, but opted for Shane and HHH to fill those spots?

In the case of HHH, no.  He is still a big asset to the company and had the fans not turned on Roman Reigns (again) the story of him beating HHH for the Title at Mania would have been a feel-good moment.  I do think Vince made a mistake by not adjusting his plan when it became clear the fans were not behind Roman, but I don’t fault him for originally booking the story.  In the case of Shane McMahon, yes I do think that was a mistake.  It was great to see him come back and the pop was strong, but at the end of the day, he is a 46 year old non-wrestler taking on one of the greats.  Once the excitement of seeing Shane wears off and you think about what the match means, it definitely is kind of a head scratcher logically.  But, Vince felt with John Cena (the original opponent for Taker) out, he had to go with a big name.  Shane is that, if not necessarily the best opponent for Taker.

Do you guys work out of an office? Or you work from home? Where do the day to day operations of PWinsider actually occur?

We all work out of our homes, in different parts of the country.  Basically, we are a finely tuned machine.  Everyone knows what their role is and does it.  I am very lucky to have the great team that I do.  They make things happen seamlessly.

If I had the money to start my own wrestling company, who would you suggest to get to run the company for me? Bischoff? Ross? Heyman? Cornette? Anyone else?

I suggest you hire me.  Unless you have a TV deal that pays very well, you are going to quickly go through your money and shut down.  So if you want to give money away to someone until that happens, it may as well be me.  

You can send us questions for the Q and A by clicking here.

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