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By Andrew Twiss on 2016-03-17 23:08:00

- Maria and Mike Bennett came out and cut a promo about the Queen of the Knockouts 2016. She will provide an opportunity for 8 "Aspiring Knockouts" to face 8 TNA Knockouts. Each winner will meet in a Gauntlet Battle Royal. She then introduced the 8 Aspiring Knockouts and each got some time on the mic to introduce themselves. 

They were: 

- Allysin Kay

- Shelly Martinez

- Deonna Purazzo 

- Leva Bates

- Barbie Hayden

- Cherry Bomb (working under the name Lauren Dennis)

- Veda Scott

- Jayme Jameson

They were introduced to their opponents and we were off.

- Allysin Kay defeated Gail Kim by countout. Maria and Mike Bennett attacked Gail while the ref was distracted.  Gail got upset after the match and challenged Mike and Maria to a tag match later. Gail said she would find a partner.

- Rebel defeated Shelly Martinez.

- Laura Dennis defeeated Velvet Sky.

- Jade defeated Leva Bates.

- Rosemary defeated Veda Scott.

- Barbie Hayden defeated Raquel. Hayden won with a distraction from her number 1 fan (who was a female wrestler, but not sure who she was).

- Marti Belle defeated Jayme Jameson.

- Madison Rayne defeated Deonna Purazzo.

- Maria Kanellis Bennett and Mike Bennett defeated Gail Kim and DJZ.

- Jade defeated Madison Rayne at the end of the Gauntlet Battle Royal to become Queen of the Knockouts 2016.

Also taped for Xplosion:

- Rockstar Spud defeated Robbie E.

- Jessie Godderz defeated Crazzy Steve.

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