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By Joseph A. Smith on 2016-02-28 01:23:00

Here are the results from tonight's NXT House Show in Sebring, FL

Meet and Greet was Tucker Knight, Patrick Clark and Daria "The Jersey Devil"

Mojo Rawley pinned Alexander Wolfe

Peyton Royce defeated Liv Morgan by submission

Elias Samson pinned Patrick Clark

Noah Kekoa and Josh Woods defeated Blake and Murphy

Apollo Crews pinned Manny Andandre

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival Dash and Wilder defeated Tucker Knight and Rich Swan in a non title match.

Angelo Dawkins interview putting over his "Curse of Greatness Gimmick"

Sawyer Fulton vs Chris Girard ended in a abrupt "No Contest due to blood "when Girard discuss a leap over the top rope but landed hard and busted his head open.  The ref threw up the X signal and several officials came running with gloves and supplies to stop the bleeding.

NXT Womens Champion Bayley defeated Emma, Asuka and Alexa Bliss in a "Sudden Death Fatal Four Way Match" for the NXT Womens Championship when Bayley pinned Alexa Bliss with a belly to Bayley suplex.  There was one great segment during the match when Bayley and Asuka went one on one for a few minutes and if this is any indication their match at NXT Takeover: Dallas will be an instant classic.

No return date was announced.

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