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By Mike Johnson on 2016-02-26 19:31:00

Over the past week, has heard multiple reports that TNA was seeking outside investors to come on board with the company.  We had also heard that President Dixie Carter was seen in Los Angeles specifically for those meetings, including one at the Pop offices. 

We reached out earlier this week, requesting comment from TNA.  This evening, TNA Executive Vice President,Creative & Talent Relations John Gaburick returned's request for comment via telephone.  

When asked whether the company was seeking outside investors, Gaburick confirmed that was the case, noting, "TNA has been in in strategic partnership talks with several major global media companies and investment firms about the company's next phase of growth."  

Gabrick, as you might imagine given the nature of the ongoing conversations, would not confirm who any potential partners were. 

Gaburick did confirm that Carter was in Los Angeles for meetings, adding that she and the "TNA Executive team" have spent a lot of time of late not just in LA but also in New York City.  Gaburick noted, "TNA CEO Dixie Carter has talked in recent media interviews about the company's execution of its 5 year growth plan" and that the meetings were in line with making those plans happen, adding, "It's a very exciting time for TNA."

Gaburick declined comment when asked for additional details, again citing that conversations were ongoing.

More as confirms additional details.

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