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By Eric Sturrock on 2013-08-02 14:28:43

DirecTV will not be airing the "TNA One Night Only: TNA 10 Reunion" PPV. It was listed on DirecTV's channel guide & on on Monday but was removed Friday Morning. All week I tried ordering the PPV in HD on for $25 but it said "Not able to be ordered at this time, check back later" while the SD button on would let you order the PPV for $15. During Impact last night I tried again with the same results. I tried after 12am this morning and did not show any mention or page for the TNA PPV. At 6am the DirecTV channel guide no longer showed the PPV airing instead on channel 121(HD) it show "To Be Announced". Which is what it says when nothing is airing on that channel. The TNA PPV was removed on channel 122(SD) and replaced with a marathon of "Up the Skirt: Thongs Revealed". So if you ordered the PPV in SD and go to watch it tonight at 8pm you will tune in to another kind of T n' A. I called DirecTV and they said the PPV is not airing on DirecTV according to their computers. I'm guessing those who ordered in SD will get a refund.

So if you have DirecTV and want to watch tonight's TNA PPV you will have to order it on TNA's youtube page when it's up or go to a friends house who does not have DirecTV. On TNA's youtube page they uploaded TNA One Night Only Hardcore Justice 2 one week after it was originally premiered on PPV for $15, the other two TNA One Night Only PPVs prices were dropped to just $3 after the latest TNA ONS PPV was uploaded. So I'm guessing when TNA 10 Reunion is uploaded, Hardcore Justice 2 will drop to just $3 as well.


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