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By Alex Hernandez on 2007-12-04 09:32:29

-LAX defeated. Black Reign and Rellik. Homicide pinned Rellik after he missed a charge into the corner and rolled him up. LAX were posing and Hoyt and Rave attacked them. The female Latino nation member hit Christy Hemme with the slapjack again.

-ODB defeated TNA Knockouts champion Gail Kim in a non-title match. Finish saw ODB hit Kim with her flask and get the pin. ODB was posing over Kim and Awesome Kong's music hits. As soon as Kong gets close to the ring, ODB leaves. Kong picks up Kim for the sitout powerbomb but she blocks it. They brawl with security trying to keep them away. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky also come down to restrain Kim.
-The Angle Alliance come to the ring. Angle says that his team and Christian team both lost at the PPV. He says they need each other and this will be his last chance to join. He gives him an hour to get back to him.
-The Angle Alliance comes back out. Christian and Robert Roode come down and Roode tells Kurt it would be a smart business move and shakes Kurt's hand. Christian grabs the mic and starts ripping on Roode. He then turns his attention to Tomko and says he can't believe Tomko, and that he took Tomko from being a prison guard to being a star. He then turns his attention to AJ. AJ had a sad face on, and Christian tells him he saw the most potential in him and that he took him from being a guy who couldn't even say 2 sentences to a great entertainer. He tells them all they they need Christian to be somebody. He tells Kurt he will join only if he is the leader. Kurt shakes his hand. Samoa Joe comes out to the ramp alongside Kaz, Eric Young, Booker T, and Kevin Nash. Joe says why don't they get a 10 man tag at Final Resolution. Karen says lets do it tonight, She had a few words with Sharmell, mostly making references to the old WWE storyline with Kurt and her. They have a mini catfight and the match is on for later.
-Christopher Daniels defeated. Senshi. Primetime Elix Skipper was the special guest referee. Before the match Dave Penzer told us that Hermie Sadler was at the broadcast booth. I thought the match was disappointing for what it could have been. Daniels pinned Senshi after an angels wings. Since he won, he gets Senshi's briefcase, which was number 3. They do not reveal any of the briefcase results, at least not to the live crowd.
-Team 3D and Johnny Devine defeated The Motor City Machineguns and Black Machismo. Pretty good match with quite a few spots. At one point of the ladders broke while I believe Shelley was standing on it. Finish saw Black Machismo retrieve the X- Division title, but Devon was holding the referee and Brother Ray came in with the Kendo stick and hit Lethal, took the belt away and placed it in Devine's hands. When the ref turned around he saw Devine with it and called for the bell. The way it was explained was that the winner would have possession of the title, not that there would be a title switch.
-Kevin Nash, Samoa Joe, Kaz, Eric Young, and Booker T defeated Robert Roode, Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and Tomko. Another pretty good match. At one point Kaz did a dive to the outside and Nash said my turn, he ran the ropes but then stopped and laughed it off. Finish saw Robert Roode get jackknifed and pinned by Nash. After the match, Roode and Christian have words and Angle nails Christian from behind with the title belt. Roode and Angle start beating on Christian. AJ is yelling at them to stop and he would push Angle, and then Roode would attack Christian, and when he would push Roode to stop, Angle would attack. Tomko stared for a few before just walking to the back. AJ argued with Roode and Angle and then helped Christian to the back.
-Xplosion: Sonjay Dutt and Wildcat defeated VKM. Mostly a comedy match. Dutt pinned Kip.

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