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By Mike Johnson on 2024-02-14 11:00:00

Matt Camp, who had been with WWE for a number of years hosting The Bump as well as a lot of other content, was released last week, has confirmed with multiple sources.

The reaction to Camp's release has been something of a shock among a number of people in the company we spoke with over the last several days as worked to confirm the story.  There's been no real explanation as to why he was cut and the company hasn't made any statements internally, we are told.

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Camp had been with the company from September 2019 on and during his tenure, never missed one episode of WWE's Wednesday talk show The Bump once it was launched until last week, as it went on the air after he was quietly released.  There was no mention of Camp's departure last week at all, nor any reference to him missing the show. 

Beyond the Bump, Camp appeared on up to four shows a week for WWE including Raw Talk and Smackdown Lowdown on the WWE Network and Peacock, was a regular on the PPV Kickoff Shows, most recently the WWE NXT Vengeance Day Kickoff and lots of WWE Network compilation specials.  He was absolutely seen as a reliable, no drama workhorse for the company and someone that was knowledgeable about the product, able to speak about the history off the top of his head and nail it factually every time.

Before joining WWE, Camp was the lead announcer for Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore promotion, was a regular on SiriusXM's Busted Open and was the lead Fantasy Football Analyst for WBD's Bleacher Report.

There is no word on what Camp’s next move may be as of this writing.

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