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By Mike Johnson on 2023-12-08 23:00:00

As those of you watching saw, Charlotte Flair worked the latter part of her Friday Night Smackdown match against Asuka obviously hurt. is told that during the commercial break, Asuka and Flair were setting up for a move but Flair slipped and got caught on the ropes, wrenching her knee and striking her head.  The move was not shown on TV and when they returned to the live broadcast, both she and Asuka were on the mat with the announcers stating that Asuka had just taken Flair out.

Flair was walked out by officials after the bout.    She was being evaluated by WWE medical but have not heard anything additional.  There was absolutely some concern among others talents about her knee specificially, but again, nothing concrete at this time.

We will update if and when we know more.

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