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By Mike Johnson on 2023-11-17 11:04:00

With rumors of issues within the National Wrestling Alliance in terms of finances and reported cutbacks in the promotion, reached out to NWA owner Billy Corgan this morning for a quick conversation about where things stand with the company.  

On the financial health of the NWA today, Corgan commented, "[The] Financial health is fine. I’m 100 percent owner, still. No investors. So I answer to no one on expenditures except myself. For those who have noticed, this has been an incredibly successful period in my musical life; including a massive summer tour in 2023 and two more tours on the books for 2024 with an arena and festival summer run in Europe flowing into stadium tour with Green Day. So if I needed additional funding (I don’t currently) I can get it easily, because I also own all my songs as well as my recorded work (what they call ‘masters’) since 2001; and which one could get loans on against future earnings, etc. if needed."

On reports of the company cutting back on expenses, Corgan responded, "This is where the stupidity of this kind of ‘reporting’ shows itself. Sarasota, Florida [tomorrow's NWA event] is a live-to-tape event which will turn into future episodes of Powerrrr. So we try to balance who’s flying in from where, etc. to ensure the quality of the show is very high against the cost of running a live remote. [The live remote] is much more expensive than running, say at Skyway in Nashville in a TV studio. So by definition, this live ‘taping’ is more expensive than Powerrr in the studio. So we are actually spending more money, not less.  2023 has been the most expensive year yet of the Lightning One era and that’s a good thing because the wrestling and quality of our productions has never been higher, which feeds into landing TV deals."

On the TV deals and what has been floating around, Corgan played coy to an extent, noting, "As I’ve said I cannot comment on TV deals, but I stand by what I have said previously: which is, we do have two TV deals and nothing has changed in that regard despite countless false reports - and those deals have been in place for a good, good while.  How that all plays out is yet to come, obviously, and we certainly look forward to that day when the reality (no pun intended) of our situation comes to light."

As to whether there are planned roster cuts, Corgan immediately denied that rumor, stating, "None. The territorial system being reinstated is partly to make sure that if key roster talents are not in a particular tv taping cycle they keep working in our NWA ecosystem. We value everyone that works for us; and some are under contract and some are not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want everyone working for us all the time. [If I didn't want them], I would not have invested time (and money by extension) in storylines and promotion of a character they own."

The NWA's next TV taping will be a live event tomorrow in Sarasota, Florida.  For tickets, visit

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