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By Mike Johnson on 2023-10-18 10:27:00

Over the weekend, sat down with WWE Hall of Famer and former NWA, WCW and WWF World Champion Ric Flair to discuss the launch of Celebrity Mint at Ebay's Booth at  The New York Comic Con and more.

How Flair got involved with Celebrity Mint: "Lucky enough, fortunate enough to have Ryan Fitterman who has the largest sports memorabilia company in the world probably, introduce me to the people that are with Celebrity Mint. Have you seen their product? It's the most unique thing I've ever seen. Yeah, real gold, real silver and the coins are two ounces of solid silver. He's just got a brilliant strategy behind him and they did record numbers on eBay today already, the volume of people watching. So it's caught everybody's attention.  Ryan called and he said, "I want you to meet a good friend, he's got a good idea, you're one of the chosen few they want to work with." I said, "You're kidding me." And obviously when I saw him walk into the store, and I've been looking forward to this date, I've had it locked in October 14 for a long time. And sometimes when I get worried about health issues or something, which I...with all these guys dying I can't help but think about the relevance and importance of wanting to live through the good times and really enjoy the stuff like this. It's not only fun, it's lucrative. And it's I mean, it's big-time stuff. I'm lucky that Ryan put me in the position and we got along like, almost like a family now. He and I are for sure."

His First Reaction to seeing his Coin: "Well, my first reaction - it's real. I mean, I love jewelry. I love gold and silver, I just, I first thought God, actually, to really appreciate this, you've got to visit his store. I wouldn't want my wife in that store for a million years and a million dollars. I mean, it's a vault to begin, so massively secure like Fort Knox, but the stuff that he has in there aside from this is the coolest stuff I've ever seen."

Whether he'd like to see additional coins from different periods of his career: "I'd love to. It all depends on how well these do, but this is like the Horsemen version, this is mid-80s."

With Mike Tyson also involved in Celebrity Mint, how would a Flair vs. Tyson bout have gone in the 1980s: "Mike and I against each other? Oh, that's tough to say. I don't think I could have given Mike much of a fight, I think I'd be pretty one sided. And Ali, you saw it, it was terrible. Inoki leaned on his back, nobody got what they wanted out of that. And it really hurt Ali's legs. That would have been the fight I would have wanted to see, Mike in his prime against Ali it might get a crime against. People would have paid big bucks for that."

Debuting in Madison Square Garden: "Right after 76, right after my airplane crash. Billy Graham was wrestling in the main event. I brought my dad. I wrestled Pete Sanchez. Yeah, that's who I wrestled.  Yeah, I just thought wow. I mean, I've never seen anything like it. I've seen Greensboro, but it was '76. It was the night that Bruno broke his neck against Hansen. I'm looking at it going, wow - this is a little different than Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling."

Terry Funk: "People look at that and they don't realize we just beat the shit out of each other. But we had fun. We remained great friends over the years. And to both be in our age group, he was in his late 40s and I was in my early 40s. It wasn't like we were 30 years old, but it was just...he let me hit him as hard as I could. He didn't care. And he hit me back. It's like me and Steamboat, I just really enjoyed it and he's such a character my God, he brought so much to the business."

Founded in 2023 by the Duncan Group – led by brothers Kenny Duncan Jr. and Matt Duncan – of Houston’s industry-leading U.S Coins and Jewelry, Celebrity Mint is where the worlds of coin collecting and sports memorabilia collide. This innovative brand is pioneering a new era in collectibles by introducing the first legal tender trading coins – precious metal coins reimagined as trading cards. Celebrity Mint’s mission is to revolutionize the collectible market, uniting sports legends and iconic celebrities with the allure of precious metals. An expansive product line promises a diverse range of featured athletes and celebrities, debuting with Jake Paul, Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, Floyd Mayweather and Pete Rose. For more information, follow Celebrity Mint on InstagramTwitterFacebookTikTok and visit

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