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By Mike Johnson on 2023-10-05 19:01:00

Major League Wrestling will not be returning to REELZ, the cable network has confirmed to,

MLW had announced a deal with REELZ for MLW Underground, but the series ended just after 13 weeks, shortly after REELZ made a deal to have its content streamed on a Peacock channel.  Due Peacock's exclusivity with WWE, MLW could not air on Peacock.

Since then, the network has stated it in discussions with MLW for additional "seasons" of the series.

In following up today on the status of those discussions, REELZ issued the following to PWInsider:

"We evaluated wrestling on REELZ and decided that it was not a great fit with the current programming direction of the network and MLW agreed so there are no further conversations taking place."

In response, an MLW source stated that REELZ's statement did "not reflect the reality of what happened" but declined to explain further.

REELZ has aired a number of pro wrestling-related documentaries on Randy Savage, Chyna, Chris Benoit, Andre the Giant and others.  There is no word if this decision means the end of potential additional REELZ wrestling documentaries in the future.

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