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By Mike Johnson on 2023-09-07 15:02:00

Following the termination of CM Punk this past weekend, has learned that Chris Guy aka Ace Steel was released by AEW earlier today.

Steel, the original trainer of Punk and Colt Cabana, had been hired as a Coach/Producer by the company after being released by WWE, where he was a Performance Center Coach and NXT Producer.  He made several appearances on camera with Punk leading into the All Out 2022 PPV, which saw Punk get into a physical altercation with The Elite backstage after the show.  Steel (who's wife was in the room) got involved, alleging biting Kenny Omega.

Steel was the only person fired from the company in the wake of the incident, but was brought back, at Punk's insistence.  The plan was for Steel to work as Punk's Coach/Producer but when it came time for AEW Collision to be announced, the company made the decision that Steel would not be allowed to physically work on site at the tapings.  This caused a delay in Punk's return being announced as the two sides ironed it out with Steel working remotely via Zoom calls.

There had been talk over the last month that AEW was looking into a space in Florida for Steel to train and work with talents, but that obviously, will not come to pass.



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