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By Mike Johnson on 2022-08-30 19:45:00

Former WWE NXT star Patrick Clark is slated for a court appearance tomorrow at 2 PM EST in Seminole County, Florida, has learned.  Clark was transferred to the custody of The Seminole County Sheriff's Department today and removed from Orange County Jail in Orlando.  

It appears that Clark's arrest on 8/20 by Orlando Police for First Degree Battery and Trespassing on property after a warning, may have violated a previous probation from a criminal case that had been publicly unknown.  That would explain Clark's arrest for an out of county warrant for "possession of drug paraphernalia"  in Florida..  

Court records in Seminole County, Florida note that Clark was arrested back in November 2021 by The Alamonte Springs Police Department and charged with with possession of cocaine, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, destroying/altering/concealing physical evidence and having no lamps/illuminating devices in his vehicle.

Court records indicate that on 4/21/22, Judge Donna Goerner sentenced Clark to 12 months probation on the possession of drug paraphernalia charge, $213 in court costs as well as community service as part of a plea agreement.

Given that Clark was only four months into that probation, it would appear his arrest back on 8/20 likely triggered a warrant for his arrest as it violated the existing probation.

More as we confirm.

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