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By Mike Johnson on 2022-07-01 11:59:00

The storyline for NWA star Mercurio (Bryan Idol, who debuted at the most recent set of TV Tapings) is that he is a fashion model from Italy, but this week, on 6/15, he found himself playing a real life detective after he and fellow NWA star Natalia Markova flew home from to Tampa, Florida after the most recent NWA TV tapings and learned Markova had been robbed.

When the pair exited their flight upon landing in Tampa, Markova realized her purse was missing.  After having the airline double-check that it was not accidentally left on the plane, they realized it was stolen during the flight.  Idol asked Markova if she had air pods in her purse and since she did, they were able to track the purse using the Find IPad app via her telephone.

The pair were able to track the air pods to a Wal-Mart in Pinellas Park, Florida 40 minutes away and entered the store just as Markova received a fraud warning text on her phone that someone was attempting to purchase a $700 television set.  Idol realized that at that moment, someone must be at the store’s registers using the card and began checking, recognizing a male who was also on their flight.

Idol and Markova confronted him, at which point the male tried to flee, leaving Markova’s credit card sitting at the register.  Security footage from the store shows that Idol chased him down and tackled him and held him down despite the man trying to fight back. has acquired the video from the incident:


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Police arrived after getting a call about a fight in the store and according to a police report on the incident, after speaking with Idol, Markova and the man who attempted to flee, put the man Idol and Markova tracked down under arrest. 

Idol spoke with the officer who arrested the man and advised that as long as all of the items were returned, Markova would not press charges.  

The man advised the purse was turned into the American Airlines information desk at the Tampa airport, admitted he had taken $600 from the purse as well as the credit cards and the air pods and returned the stolen items.  Markova later retrieved her purse from the airport. is not identifying the man as Markova declined to press charges given she had regained possession of all of her items.  The police report noted that the man “apologized for stealing the money and the cards and knew it was wrong.”  He was released after no active warrants for him were found.  Authorities consider the case closed as Markova signed documents declining to prosecute.

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