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By Dylan Solis on 2022-04-01 11:15:00

MLW Intimidation Games Results 

-Matt Cross defeated TJP in a standard opening match. 

-Danny “Limelight” Rivera comes out with Julius Smokes to cut a promo. He tells a story about why Slice Boogie couldn’t make it tonight and insults the Von Erichs, saying they’re weak like their father. This brings out the Von Erichs who are attacked from behind by Hernandez of Impact Wrestling fame. 5150 continues the beat down and Hernandez hits the Border Toss on Ross Von Erich through a table on the outside. All of this to set up a Bunkhouse Match for later tonight. 

-Richard Holliday w/Alicia Atout defeated Davey Richards. Straight forward match used to make Holliday stronger as he continues his feud with Hammerstone. 

-MLW Tag Team Championship Match: Calvin Tankman and EJ Nduka defeated Mr. Thomas and Alex Kane to retain. Fun tag team match, Nduka scored the pin on Thomas and got a nice hometown reaction being from Dallas. 

-nZo came out and cut promo on some of the greats of the business, specifically naming Dwayne Johnson, heeling them and saying that he is better because he is the “BOAT” (Best of All Time) and challenged someone to come and “rock the boat”. 

Budd Heavy came out and nZo attacked him before the bell, running him into the ring post. nZo demanded some real competition and out came ACH. nZo pinned ACH after a hard fought match. After the match, referees had to restrain KC Navarro from going after nZo. 

-They showed a backstage segment with Dave Marquez interviewing the Von Erichs. The Von Erichs played up the idea that Ross may not be able to compete tonight due to the attack from 5150, but claimed they were going to fight through it for the people of Texas.

-Next was the MLW World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat between Alex Hammerstone, Mads Krugger, and Jacob Fatu. Richard Holliday came out to do commentary but got into a pull apart brawl with Hammerstone before the bell, leading to Holliday being ejected. 

The match itself was a fun brawl and the best thing on the show. Krugger and Fatu both had their moments and the crowd was invested, thinking that any of the three could have walked away with the belt. Richard Holliday came back out of the crowd and hit his finish on Hammerstone, trying to screw him out of the title. It didn’t work and Hammerstone was able to kick out. Hammerstone finally was able to score the pin on Krugger after the Nightmare Pendulum to retain. 

After the match, Los Parks attacked Jacob Fatu on the stage before Hammerstone ran them off. LA Park and Jacob Fatu are scheduled to face off in an “Apocalypto” Match on Friday afternoon’s Azteca Underground show. 

-Next up was Los Parks (LA Park and LA Park Jr.) vs. Pagano and Gangrel. Cesar Duran makes his way to the stage (the first time we had seen him all night) and says we need more violence, and makes it a Mexican Death Match. This was a decent brawl that ended with LA Park scoring the pin on Pagano after a big Spear. 

-Then we had a Four Corners match between King Muertes, Octagon Jr, El Dragon, and El Hijo de LA Park for the Caribbean Championship. This was a surprise as Octagon Jr. won the championship after pinning El Dragon. Solid lucha libre match. It will be interesting to see if Muertes goes back after the championship or if they take him in a different direction. 

-Myron Reed comes out and says that for the first time in a while, he has been suffering some injustices and demands answers from Cesar Duran. Cesar comes out and informs Myron that he had to open the forbidden door to find Myron’s opponent tonight, former MLW World Heavyweight Champ, Shane “Sw3rve” Strickland, even making reference to Sw3rve’s “Killshot” persona from the Lucha Underground days. 

Myron pinned Sw3rve to retain the MLW Middleweight Championship. This came off as a one time homecoming for Sw3rve, which makes sense due to his AEW commitments. After the match, Sw3rve took it all in and thanked the fans, then left to his music. 

-In a six man tag, Gino Medina, Arez, and Mini Abismo Negro defeated KC Navarro, Aramis and Microman. Gino scored the pin on Aramis.

-Holidead w/Gangrel and Dr. Dax defeated Shazza McKenzie. Solid back and forth match. 

-The Von Erichs defeated Danny “Limelight” Rivera and Hernandez in a Bunkhouse Brawl. The Von Erichs won with the Claw/Back Suplex combo on Hernandez. 

After the match, Richard Holliday came out for a promo, insulting The Von Erichs. Ross and Marshall challenged Holliday to get in the ring. Out came Mads Krugger and King Muertes, who it became evident were paid off by Holliday. The three of them attack the Von Erichs until Hammerstone makes the save, setting up a six man tag for tomorrow’s Azteca Underground event and sending the crowd home happy. 

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