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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-23 13:10:00

Some follow-up on the Becky Lynch-Charlotte Flair confrontation at last night's Smackdown taping, which we broke overnight:

*As we noted last night, Charlotte Flair had been arguing against being made to "look weak" in the segment and among those we've spoken with, she was seen as the person responsible for the segment not going as scripted.

*At no point was Flair to pull away the Raw Women's Championship belt from Becky Lynch.  We are told that was not rehearsed or even suggested to the talents.  When Flair pulled the title away, the belief among those backstage we have spoken with is that it was done to make Lynch look stupid by being "one upped" and having to pick up the belt. 

Sonya Deville instead made Flair get the belt and hand it to Deville, leading to Lynch throwing the Smackdown Women's title belt at Flair, which we are now told was originally scripted to happen.  Our original report last stated that it wasn't, but we are now told that it was, but that it happened "differently" than originally planned.  We have updated our original report from last night to reflect this.

*The backstage argument after the segment took place in the gorilla position.   After the confrontation, we are told Flair was asked to leave the venue to avoid any further issues.  We are also told she was escorted out by a WWE official.

*There is heat on Flair in certain circles for disrespecting Lynch and some who felt Flair took a segment that was supposed to build herself vs. Sasha Banks and instead put all the attention back on herself and Lynch when Banks was being placed in a position to be the top babyface for the Smackdown brand.  There are some who felt this undermined Banks, whether that was a planned strategy or not.

*There is no heat on Lynch as it was seen as she was pushed to a boiling point, leading to her confronting Flair.  Had it gotten physical, it may have been seen different but after, it was seen within the locker room as Lynch standing her ground and protecting herself after being pushed too far.

*On the Flair side, we are told that she was very upset coming out of the situation.   There are some who wondered if Andrade el Idolo's "FU WWE" Tweet was in relation to the Flair-Lynch situation, not his match on AEW Dynamite, given it was sent out within an hour of when the confrontation would have gone down in Wichita.

*As for those who asked whether Flair was using this as a way to get out of her WWE deal and go to AEW, that's likely not the outcome here.  We are told Flair has years left on her current deal.  It's not likely WWE is going to let anyone walk out to head to TNT if they deem them an important asset.

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