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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-21 10:00:00

Did CM Punk really give out ice cream last night and if so, how was it?

He absolutely, 100% did.  They had staffers at the United Center posted at every exit giving out ice cream to fans as they left.  I did not partake as I was doing other things but I was told it was "great" by someone who did.  But, the ice cream deal was 100% legitimate, not something that was said for TV.

Any update on Sasha Banks?

The latest we have heard is that she is not expected to be able to perform at Summerslam.   

How can WWE hope to combat the level of electricity and awesome that AEW had last night?  That was just an incredible moment.  WWE has to sense the danger, right?

The only thing WWE can and should do is stop getting in their own way and put on the best product possible.  I don't see them changing their process anytime soon unless AEW really takes off in an insanely massive way.   I don't know that WWE senses the danger at all, because to them, danger would be something like AEW taking their NBCUniversal deal and I don't see that happening.  What I could see happening is AEW creating a different culture for wrestling fans and giving them something different on a major scale for the first time in many years.  That is where the danger is for WWE, another brand name growing and meaning something on a massive scale takes a piece of the pie WWE has controlled for decades.  If AEW can grab the attention of the younger fans and build fan loyalty - and maintain it, that changes the entire culture of wrestling.

Where is Dixie Carter these days?

To the best of my knowledge, working for her family's company, Panda Power Funds.

Is it true Kurt Angle was backstage at AEW this week?

No, Angle was not there and he was not in Pittsburgh last week, either.

Any word on a Summerslam Kickoff Match?

They have a production meeting this AM and that's one of the things that will be solidified.  Last night at Smackdown, there was talk of Baron Corbin vs. Kevin Owens in a rematch from last night or perhaps Corbin vs. Big E.  That could change depending on what Vince McMahon wants, however.

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