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By Vikram Prashar, Wrestling With Awareness on 2021-04-08 08:47:00

-Big Kon (Konnor) praises the growth of WWE NXT-

Big Kon (Konnor): The original NXT, you just, you didn’t know, you didn’t ever knew, you thought that this was something you had to do and then you would go to the main roster and this was just, you know, part of the job, but to watch what that, what NXT became, I never would have seen it coming. It’s just, it’s own entity, you know? To see where it was then to where it’s at now it’s unbelievable, you know? Packing out, you know, Barclays Center, you know, for the pay-per-views, like, I mean they, you know Triple H, you know he’s done such a great job with that product, you know, and it’s his baby. And it’s just so cool to see the vision unfold to what he has, or what he's seen, and watch it just grow and become this, this monster you know? But when you look back, it’s just so cool, you know? You look and you, now you can appreciate it. Then you weren’t really appreciating it because you were, you know, you were in the grind, you were clawing, and digging, and you know, you were doing whatever you could, just to kind of keep going, and now you look back at it and it’s like, wow man, like that’s really damn cool, you know when, when I look at it, you know? Still the longest reigning NXT Champions I just found out, which blows my mind. You know, which is so cool, right? And, and to be around some of the talent that we got to be in the ring with, you know, Finn, Hideo at the time who we know as Kenta, you know, Too Cool, a just Big E, there’s just so much talent we got to be in the ring with, and, and experience that, TJ! You know, you had TJ on your show, you know TJ was a part of that foundation, and just, it’s just so cool to look at what it’s become, and just to know that you were a part of that, it’s really humbling. 

-Big Kon (Konnor) on considering a return to WWE as an agent or trainer one day-

Big Kon (Konnor): The whole reason you get in the business is, you know, is to travel and to experience things, when I look back and when I look at it now with where I’m at in my life, like, I think about, you know, what would I really like to do? Where would I like to go? You know, eventually if I ever had to go back, you know, and put a suit and tie on, I would, you know, I would consider, wanting to get my job back with WWE, you know, to sit back and possibly be an agent or even a trainer! 

-Big Kon (Konnor) on The Awakening (The Ascension) wanting to sign with Ring of Honor and have a match against The Briscoes-

Big Kon (Konnor): If I was to put the boots on and get back in the ring, me and my tag partner (Vik aka Viktor), you know, I’ve just got this thing with ROH, like, there’s just something about Ring of Honor, maybe, you know, Jay, Jay Lethal and I, you know, we train, we’re trainers together at the same school, I think, you know, building that organic relationship has a lot to do with it, Angelina Love is there, she’s like my sister, who, you know, we grew up in the business, we both started in Deep South Wrestling, so, you know, you look at it, and there’s just a lot of, there’s people that are there like family, Josh Woods, you know, who I just got a chance to see last week, you know, which is amazing seeing him, so I think it’d be Ring of Honor, plus, you know, they’ve got a really good Tag Division there as well too, you know, and I know, you know, Vik (Viktor) talked to me about, you know, wanting to go there possibly and you know, stirring the pot a little bit, and honestly, like, I think it’s on our bucket list, like, we’d love to work The Briscoes. We think The Briscoes are, we think the world of those two guys. You know, so, I think if I had to pick, I would pick ROH, you know? But I would be open to, to just about anything, you know what I mean.

-Big Kon (Konnor) on becoming a new trainer at Jay Lethal’s Wrestling School “Tampa Bay Pro”-

Big Kon (Konnor): Jay knew I was looking for a school and he just asked me, “hey, do you wanna come in with us?” and I was like, “that would be awesome!” you know? And, so, I’ve been, you know, Jay, me, and David Mercury, have just been, you know, doing our thing, and it’s been so good, we’ve got over 40 students, 2 schools and of course I’ve gotta plug it, it’s Tampa Bay Pro, you know, anybody that’s in the area, you know, definitely drop a line, you know, hit us up. It’s just, it’s a blast, you know, it’s a lot of fun, and that, so I started this year, or, mid 2020, so I’m still really new at it, and it’s funny because I still reach out, I reached out to some of my trainers and, and talked to them about, “hey I’m a coach now, can you believe this?” like-

Vikram Prashar: That is crazy, because as someone who is currently training at a school, I’m very confident in my future in the business, but I just couldn’t imagine myself being on the other side of things and being a trainer, man!

Big Kon (Konnor): I didn’t! I didn’t! Haha!

-Big Kon (Konnor) on how he deals with hate/cyberbullying on social media-

Vikram Prashar: So, how do you deal with hate on social media?

Big Kon (Konnor): Wow, so that was really tough for me, because I think the first time it was during the first NXT season 4, I got the first, the first tweet, that I, that really, it hit me the hardest, because I thought that everybody just loves everybody, everybody’s just happy, and I, you know, I opened myself up, and then it ended up making me shut off, and close back in. And I remember someone said that they hope I get cancer and I die. And I remember thinking to myself, who does that? Like, who says stuff like that? Like we’re all human beings here, no matter, you know, what the situation is, no matter how high up you are in this public life, you know we were all born the same, and we’re all going to pretty much, you know, go the same. And, so, I learned as time went on, with social media, that sometimes, it’s not such a bad thing, because usually those are people that, that’s situations are probably a little bit worse than what you're going through. And, so, if anything, you just, you just tell yourself that, hey man, it’s okay, you know who you are, you can look at yourself in the mirror, and if people wanna say things like that, I would imagine they’ve got a pretty bad life, and granted, there’s more good than there is bad, of course, you know, but it’s always those bads that always stick out for some reason. 


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