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By Mike Johnson on 2021-03-24 09:30:00

Over the last day, a number of readers have sent word that they have found edits of older WWE material for shows that have been added to Peacock's streaming service.

The 4/1/90 Wrestlemania 6 event has seen Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown and a Piper backstage promo removed from the event.  This was the bout where Piper was painted half-black.  The edit appears to be why Wrestlemania VI was the last of the flagship WWE PPVs to be added to Peacock.

The 11/27/05 Survivor Series event has seen the infamous vignette where Mr. McMahon drops the "n" word to John Cena in a conversational way, leading to Booker T saying, "Tell me I didn't just hear that" when McMahon walks off, also removed.

In each case, it's material that was certainly questionable at the time and has certainly not aged well since.  None of it falls under good taste when viewed in 2021.   The same material did appear on the WWE Network versions of those shows.

Obviously, Peacock will be removing anything that goes against their community standards and practices going forward, so it should be interesting to see Attitude Era, ECW, territory-era content that pushes the envelope will be handled.  One would think we'll see additional edits of older material as it begins to materialize on Peacock.

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