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By Mike Johnson on 2021-02-23 20:48:00

Taya Valkyrie, the longest reigning Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion in history, officially reported to the WWE Performance Center today, has confirmed.

Valkyrie debuted for Impact Wrestling in 2017 and evolved into one of the top and most important female personalities for the promotion over the last several years.  In her final appearance for the company this past January, she revealed that she had Bravo shot to protect her friend Rosemary from marrying him, not realizing Rosemary, a Demon in storyline, was using him to get to his virgin blood.  She was then apprehended and taken away by police after an emotional final scene with Rosemary.  At the time, Tommy Dreamer commented that she might be looking at two years with an option for a third at Stamford Correctional.

After training under Lance Storm, Valkyrie broke out in Mexico for AAA.  She then had a long run for Lucha Underground before making her way to Impact, where she became a cornerstone of the Knockouts division.  From a character standpoint, she is absolutely excellent and if NXT creative has her continue on with the same persona, she will absolutely stand out as unique and that's not even considering how strong she is inside the ring.

Taya is married to WWE Raw star John Morrison, who she had an incredible on-screen partnership with in both Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground so that is something WWE could always tap into down the line as well.

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