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By Mike Johnson on 2019-10-01 09:32:00

WWE’s Stephanie McMahon appeared this morning on FOX & Friends to promote Friday Night Smackdown’s debut this Friday on FOX.  Like Kofi Kingston yesterday, McMahon was interviewed outside in FOX Square inside a wrestling ring.  Fans were chanting “Stephanie” as the interview began.

One of the hosts noted he grew up a WWE fan back when the company was known as the WWF, naming George Steele and Ivan Putski as stars that he watched.  Stephanie noted that her first run-in at a live event was with George.

McMahon was asked what it mean to join FOX.  McMahon said she’s not allowed to say WWF as they lost a lawsuit to the World Wildlife Fund, but when her father started the company, it was a Northeast regional company and now it’s a global media enterprise valued at over $5.5 Billion.  This is her family’s business.  Her father always saw it as something bigger and broader.  To be on FOX Friday with the Rock is great.  They said that WWE brings everyone together.   Everyone in every State loves wrestling.

McMahon said we need something to bring everyone together and they have fans from every State and background at Wrestlemania every year.

McMahon was asked what her title as Chief Brand Officer means in terms of WWE's day and day.  McMahon said that it means she’s responsible for WWE’s brand.  To have all of this right here right now.  When people think of the brand, she wants them to think of the most exciting brand in sports and entertainment.  The best part of it is the fans.

McMahon noted her favorite wrestler growing up was Andre the Giant.

That was it for the appearance.

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