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By Mike Johnson on 2019-09-30 09:29:00

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston appeared this morning on FOX & Friends on the FOX News Network, appearing outside in a wrestling ring set up outside their studios at FOX Square before a WWE banner that featured a number of WWE personalities and a WWE countdown clock promoting this Friday's 10/4 Friday Night Smackdown debut.  There were a few hundred fans around barricades for the appearance, making a lot of noise.

They noted Kingston won the WWE title in April.  Kingston said he had been trying to get a title shot for 11 years and fans came from all over the Wrestlemania, calling it "Kofi Mania."

Kingston noted he spent most of his youth in Boston but lives in Austin, Texas.  He loved Ricky Steamboat doing high flying and karate and Kofi loved both of those things.  He followed his dream.

He said moving to FOX is a big deal and there's been a huge movement, event for WWE, with the move.  He said it feels like hand and glove and he praised all of the promotion.  He said everyone wants to make it something big.

Kofi promoted the 10/4 debut.  He promised it was going to be incredible with energy "off the clock."

That was it - no mention of the Brock Lesnar match.  Just a short, fluffy interview putting over the WWE-FOX relationship.

The appearance came at the very end of the three hour FOX & Friends broadcast, promoted in the hour three several times with live shots of Kingston in the ring riling up the fans.

Stephanie McMahon will appear tomorrow.



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