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By Mike Johnson on 2019-03-19 10:53:00

As of last night, the announcement that Baron Corbin would be facing Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 35 was not a swerve to lead to something else.  WWE obviously was aware of the negative fan response when the announcement was made, weaving it into their commentary and even Kurt Angle’s own comments about the match on social media.  They could always change course but the plan backstage before Raw was 100% Corbin vs. Angle on 4/7 at MetLife Stadium.

The idea that Kurt Angle picked his own opponent for Wrestlemania is obviously storyline. 

The word we have heard is Angle was hoping for a more high-profile final opponent.  His wife actually responded to some comments online about the bout being underwhelming before deleting several tweets.

Angle vs. Corbin has been billed as the WWE Hall of Famer's "farewell" match.

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