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By Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson & Richard Trionfo on 2018-10-27 13:40:00

Here’s our takes on what will happen at WWE’s Evolution PPV.

WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair: Last Woman Standing Match.

Dave: This is the main event, no matter what goes on last.  Becky has been so awesome for the last few months I think it would be a huge mistake to take the belt off of her now.  She needs to go over here and if it takes a really nasty thing to make it happen, all the better.

Mike:  Easily the heart and soul of the show, this match will likely get the most time out of anything on the show.  I also think that from an in-ring perspective, it will easily steal the show.  I know the company plans to have Ric Flair there, but to me, Becky should retain.  She is on a hell of a roll right now and is generating some great heat.  Flair doesn't need the won but Lynch retaining helps to legitimize her as the star on Smackdown. 

Richard: This has been the best feud in WWE over the last few months and I hope the stipulation of this match does not keep this from being one of the better, if not best matches on the PPV.  Becky has done so much with her character that she is turning into a female version of Ric Flair, where she can do whatever she wants and the crowd will cheer her.  Becky should retain and for the sake of the women's division on Smackdown, it is time for this feud to be put on the back burner for a bit so others can challenge Becky.

WWE Raw Women's Champion Ronda Rousey vs. Nikki Bella.

Dave: Even when you take into consideration how important Nikki is in the WWE hierarchy, there is no way that she should win here.  Ronda is over and with all due respect to Nikki, she is a part timer with a history of injuries.  It would make no sense at all to have her win here.  So I expect Brie to help her sister but ultimately the champ retains.

Mike: I don't expect this to go long.  Bella's had a history of neck issues and I don't see WWE giving her 30 minutes to work.  Rousey is scheduled to go on last and that makes sense, since she's the biggest female star they have.  I suspect Bella stalls, gets some heat on Rousey, Ronda makes a comeback, Brie gets involved, Rousey makes the final comeback and makes Nikki tap.

Richard:  Ronda should win this match because not only is it the right thing to do, it would show the evolution of the mentality of the women's division.  Ronda brings a different style in the ring than many of the women and that is a good thing for the product.  Also, if WWE wants the women's division to evolve, you don't focus on the part timers (like they did with Super Show Down and the show on Friday).  Will there be any 'If Nikki wins, We Riot' signs in the crowd.  Speaking of Riot(t), I would love to see Ruby Riott jump into the title picture to face Ronda.

WWE NXT Women's Champion Kairi Sane vs. Shayna Baszler

Dave: I want to see Baszler win just so the feud keeps going.  These two are a lot of fun together and if Shayna wins here, they can set up something really good for Takeover.

Mike: I like the idea of Baszler winning.  With the other Four Horsewomen scheduled to be there, it makes sense to have her get the title back, but I think Sane will retain.  I feel like there are a lot of other heel women making their way towards the title right now and it makes more sense for Belair, Evans, etc. to work with Sane.  This should be yet another goods match between the two. 

Richard: NXT has done a good job of turning the women's division from one where everyone was afraid of Shayna into one where people finally stood up to her and felt that they could beat her.  I expect this to be a good match, but I see Sane retaining.  I think Bianca Belair is the next challenger for the title after this match, but I will not complain if they keep this feud going a little longer.  Depending on what happens in this match, maybe Shayna could show up to help her fellow Horsewoman to control the Bellas.

Lita & Trish Stratus vs. Alexa Bliss & Mickie James.

Dave: There is no way that the legends were going to lose if Alexa Bliss were able to work the match.  With her out, there is no doubt how this one goes.  Lita and Trish get the win.

Mike: We've heard there are plans ahead for Trish and Lita and I suspect them to get the win with Fox taking the fall.

Richard:  I guess Mickie gets a reprieve from the governor and might not take the fall in the match since Alicia is replacing Alexa.  I wish they would have thought about putting a 'legend' from their era to team with Mickie (even though it wouldn't make sense, Molly Holly in this spot would have been nice). 

2018 Mae Young Classic tournament final: Io Shirai vs. Toni Storm.

Dave: This is a toss up so I will use bizarre logic.  Since this is happening on PPV instead of in the NXT universe I will say that WWE breaks the Japanese winner pattern and Storm gets the duke here.

Mike: Storm should win here.  She's obviously going to be a big player that they can build the NXT UK brand around.  Both of these women tore the house down in the Mae Young Classic episode that just aired and I suspect we'll see more of that here but this time around, it's Storm's time.

Richard:  This is going to be a very good match, and could steal the show.  Based on their performances in the Mae Young Classic, I would go with Toni since she had more dominant performances as the tournament progressed.  Also by having Storm win, it strengthens the UK division by having the Mae Young Classic winner on the show to raise the prestige of the division and the Mae Young Classic.

WWE NXT UK Champion Rhea Ripley defends her title.

Dave: We don’t know much so I will go with Ripley retains!

Mike: Is this even still happening?  I hope so.  Either way, Ripley retains.

Richard: I hope this match happens because Ripley was so impressive in the Mae Young Classic and I think more people need to see her work in the ring.  I would assume she retains against whoever her opponent is.

The Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley & Natalya.

Dave: The Riott Squad seems to still have their heat going for them despite Ruby getting injured.  Now that she is back, I put her team over here since they are actually a faction.

Mike: Maybe this will finally be the moment where Sasha and Bayley have their nuclear meltdown?  I know that's been on the backburner here but given that the two sides have been feuding forever, something important should go down here.  I'd bet on that and a Riott Squad win.

Richard:  The Riott Squad should win this match since I see Ruby as the next opponent for Ronda so give her the momentum out of this show.  I wonder if they would have Bayley or Sasha take the pin or submission since it is assumed that Natalya will be the one to be looking at the lights.  Maybe Raw creative will remember the talent that they have in this match and use them better going forward.

Battle Royal for a future Championship Match,

Dave: I would love to see Zelina Vega get the win here.  She is outstanding all around.  But I see the win going to a bigger name.  I will go with Ember Moon taking her (probably former if this happens) friend Nia Jax out to get the win.

Mike: I like the idea of Zelina getting the win, but the biggest storyline going into this match is the Ember Moon-Nia Jax relationship.  I suspect the finish will come down to one fo them tossing the other and winning and the loser ending up being really angry about it.  My guess is we'll see Moon get the win and Nia quickly turn sour on her.  It's pretty damn cool Madusa is getting back in the ring for this.

Richard: It is curious that as I am writing about this match, no one from NXT is included in the match.  Since it does not appear that the Women's Title match for Takeover was revealed at the last tapings, what if Bianca Belair or Lacey Evans wins it and challenges Shayna or Kairi at War Games.  Belair has been ignored by Regal when she asks for a title match and Evans' character is about showing class to the women's division so this could be a good way for her to hold this over everyone.  I hope a 'legend' does not win since the match is for a title match.  Of the people who are 'officially' announced, I think Ember would be a good pick.  Maybe with the build of a confrontation between Nia and Tamina, that they are the first two eliminated by everyone else.

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