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By Mike Johnson on 2018-10-26 18:42:00

Shayna Baszler appeared on the Breaking Kayfabe podcast this week, discussing the WWE Evolution PPV.  You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.

Some highlights:

Why she and other WWE NXT talents missed the Raw taping where the PPV was announced: "They pulled aside the girls the Monday morning of the announcement and were going to fly us to Raw since they wanted NXT representation. We were suppose to be on the stage when Stephanie was making the announcement. We hustled to get to the jet, not a commercial plane. We packed our bags, and since it's a big to do, I had to get the title shined up, race to the airport which was a 30-40 min. drive and when we get there we found out the flight was delayed, and we're sitting there and it jeeps keeps getting delayed. So we finally land and  we're told it will take another 30 min. to fuel up the plane. We know the segment will be the first one, so we decide to do our makeup and get our gear on right there since we'll need to get off and go straight to tv since it will be the first segment on Raw.  So during the walk through the pilot, who was hired by WWE, we're told he hits his head on a crossbeam of the plane and split open his head and had to get stitches. All this time, we were in contact with the WWE and they finally said it's not gonna happen, so I had to watch it on TV."

How Triple H treats the female talents: "He's really invested in building up the women, he treats us like wrestlers,he'll talk to me like he does to Adam Cole. I wish people would understand how much freedom he gives us. Just the fact we're getting a creative say is making it different."

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