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By Mike Johnson on 2018-08-03 14:52:00

Attorneys for World Wrestling Entertainment filed an application on 8/3 with the United States District Court of Connecticut, seeking to receive the attorney fees the court has ordered they are eligible to receive from attorney Konstantine Kyros following Kyros being sanctions by the court in regard to ongoing concussion-related lawsuits that have been filed against the company.  WWE is seeking to be reimbursed for legal fees incurred in connection to the motion for the sanctioning.

In the 104 pages filed with the court, WWE claimed that the legal costs they were “forced to endure” were significant because there were “extensive efforts” by Kyros to avoid complying with a 5/19/16 order by the Court backing a WWE motion that Kyros’ clients respond to a number of questions providing further information and detailed proof of their allegations against WWE.

Despite that order, instead, Judge Richardson found that a second set of responses from Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton “{continued to be either incomplete, unchanged in any material way, or evasive.”   This forced WWE to have to spend time, money and resources preparing to file a 41-page motion seeking sanctioning that was supposed with 62 pages worth of exhibits backing that motion, then had to go back and forth legally, take part in a three hour-plus hearing over the sanctioning that including WWE creating a PowerPoint presentation featuring “excerpts of the videotaped depositions of Singleton and LoGrasso juxtaposed against the text of Plaintiffs’ deficient interrogatory responses.”

WWE is seeking a total reimbursement of $176,486.74, broken down to $154,745.50 in legal fees for K&L Gates LLP, $19,663 in legal fees for Day Pitney LLP as well as travel and lodging costs for Jerry S. McDevitt and Curtis B. Krasik in the amount of $2078.24.  WWE noted in their application, “Notably, this figure does not include the full amount of the legal fees charged by K&L Gates LLP and Day Pitney LLP to WWE in connection with the Motion for Sanctions. In this Application WWE has excluded numerous time entries, and prorated the fees associated with the March 2, 2017 hearing before Judge Richardson based on an allocation of the time spent on the Motion for Sanctions at the hearing, in an effort to be as conservative as possible with respect to the legal fees for which it is seeking reimbursement. WWE also is not seeking reimbursement for the time of additional attorneys who did limited work related to the Motion for Sanctions.” 

WWE also noted they were also not seeking reimbursement for the time and lodging of another legal staffer who attending the aforementioned hearing.

Kyros has until 8/23 to respond to the court.

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