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By Mike Johnson on 2018-03-05 10:07:00

This Thursday's Impact Wrestling episode on Pop has been titled "Crossroads" and will feature:

*Impact champion Austin Aries vs. Johnny Impact.
*Impact champion Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie.
*Title vs. Title: Grand champion Matt Sydal vs. X-Division champion Taiji Ishimori.
*Impact Tag Team champions LAX vs. Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley.
*OVE vs. Bobby Lashley in a handicap match.

To hype up the Crossroads episode, Impact will be released a preview show via YouTube later today.

The promotion held two tapings over the weekend in Canada, a One Night Only PPV taping in Windsor, Ontario co-promoted by Scott D'Amore's Border City Wrestling and a Twitch taping in with Santino Marella's Destiny Wrestling in Mississauga, Ontario.    The show in Windsor was beyond sold out and was said to have had a really awesome live atmosphere.  D'Amore has been running Windsor forever, so if that building wasn't sold out, I'd have been shocked.  Marella made an appearance before the crowd but will not appear on the Twitch special.  The Destiny building was said to be really cool and intimate.

A big priority over the weekend was locking in talents to new deals.  We've heard management sat down with Alberto el Patron and Eli Drake about new deals.  It's possible others were spoken to as well.  Sources indicated to that the talks with the aforementioned were all positive and that it was believed as of this morning that they would be staying with the company.  One source noted that locking Matt Sydal in was being seen as a priority as well.

Ed Nordholm was at the One Night Only PPV taping on Saturday, but not the Twitch taping on Sunday.

The company brought in a lot of their regular production team and referees as well as Josh Mathews for the events.  

Cody Deaner and Tyson Dux were used as agents over the weekend.  Jimmy Jacobs and Scott D'Amore were working as agents as well.

The Desi Hit Squad, Gursinder Singh & Rohit Raju, worked over the weekend prior to their official TV debut.

There was a funny moment before the doors opened before the Destiny Wrestling event last night where Impact management realized that all the ringside seats were actually WWE PPV commemorative chairs as apparently WWE gifted them to Santino's school.  Once Impact voiced realized the set-up and voiced it could cause an obviously embarassing issue if WWE-related content appeared on the Twitch broadcast, even in passing, the chairs were all swapped out before doors opened.

There will be a media call with Taya this Wednesday.

Rey Fenix is confirmed to be working the 4/6 Impact Wrestling vs. Lucha Underground event at Wrestlecon, which will air live on Twitch.

Impact's Twitch special this Friday 3/9 will feature:

*Impact champion Austin Aries vs. Kongo Kong vs. Matt Sydal.
*Knockouts champion Allie vs. KC Spinelli.
*Moose vs. Alberto el Patron.
*Eli Drake vs. Marcus Burke.
*Trevor Lee vs. Josh Alexander.
*Idris Abraham vs. Petey Williams vs. Phil Atlas vs. Brent Banks.
*Desi Hitsquad vs. Cody Deaner Jake Something.
*Braxton Sutter vs. Tyson Dux.

Taped for the "March Breakdown" One Night Only PPV on Saturday in Windsor:

*Austin Aries and Alberto El Patrón vs. Kongo Kong and RJ City.
*Moose vs. Joe Doering 
*Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Trevor Lee
*Eli Drake vs. Cody Deaner
*BCW Tag Team champions Jake Something and Phil Atlas vs. Aiden Prince and Brent Banks
*A-1 and Allie vs. Braxton Sutter and KC Spinelli 
*Desi Hit Squad vs. Sheldon Dean and Stone Rockwell
*Idris Abraham vs. El Reverso

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