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By Mike Johnson on 2018-01-10 19:43:00

There was a very positive vibe during and after tonight's Impact taping.  We are told that other than a slight production miscue during the Austin Aries-Eli Drake segment that will be fixed in post-production, everything went off as planned and without a hitch.

There was a backstage meeting with all talent before tonight's Impact taping, including a chance for talents to ask any questions they had from management.  We were told it was a very positive meeting.

Austin Aries, who returned tonight, was hidden from everyone backstage and came out wearing street clothes right before he was slated to return on camera.  [UPDATE: A different source has denied Aries was hidden, noting he was openly seen with other talents before the show.]

Sonjay Dutt was not backstage as he is unable to travel due to his ankle surgery.   Tommy Dreamer is working as a Producer, helping out because Dutt was unable to attend the taping.  Dutt commented on Twitter about missing the tapings:

The word backstage was that the photo of Matt Hardy and Ed Nordholm that was tweeted out today was taken a week ago when the two met to settle their issues.

Former WWE referee Marc Harris started with Impact tonight.

Kiera Hogan, who has a great look and a ton of potential, officially started with the company as well.  She had been signed awhile back but not used.

The Team Vision Dojo, which had a number of talents they are associated with working tonight's taping, tweeted out photos from the taping:


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