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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-30 08:58:00

During FOX Sports' UFC post-game broadcast last night, Jon Jones was asked about his challenge to WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar and why he wanted to fight the former UFC Heavyweight champion.

Jones commented, "I’m up for it. It’s about time for me to be in a super fight. Fans want me to challenge myself and get to heavyweight and challenge the biggest and scariest guy in the Octagon. There’s a lot of fresh blood in the light heavyweight division. We’d like to rule the division. But I feel like I don’t have much to prove. But I’d like to challenge myself and get paid. I haven’t worked much.”

There have been rumors of the Jones-Lesnar fight in recent weeks following reports that Lesnar has returned to the drug testing pool for competitive MMA fighters.  Of course, UFC has denied Lesnar will be fighting but stay tuned...

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