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By Mike Johnson on 2017-02-26 21:43:00

As Dave Scherer noted a few minutes ago, former TNA champion Drew Galloway announced this evening that he was departing Impact Wrestling.  We are told by multiple sources that Galloway informed the company of his plans this evening. 

While TNA and Galloway had talks about a new deal, we are told the company did not attempt to get a new deal finalized until the last two weeks or so, which led to Galloway opting to depart and see how he might fare elsewhere.   We are told that the company made him a nice offer with the promise of being one of the top stars in company, but it may have been too little, too late.

Galloway had been with the company since 2015 and had been a major part of storylines for the entirety of that run.  He had a run with the TNA Grand championship over the last set of TV tapings.  His work had been excellent with the company and it's pretty surprising they did not get their ducks in a row much sooner in order to keep Galloway happy and signed, especially since he was obviously in demand all over the world.

Galloway may not be the only departing talent this week, has also learned. 

Numerous sources have confirmed that while all sides agreed to terms some time ago, no official deal has been signed with Matt and Jeff Hardy and that those deals expire this week.  Given how the Hardys and the "Broken Universe" have been the one major act that TNA has been able to hang its hat on over the last year or so, not to mention the Hardys being the biggest "name" act the company current has, losing them would be a major blow, especially after losing Galloway. 

So, not only have they lost Drew Galloway but there's a good chance Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Reby Sky, Senor Benjamin, etc. won't be a part of Impact Wrestling going forward as well.  Considering they were important enough to build entire TV episodes around (and that the company had announced plans for a Total Nonstop Deletion DVD release), the fact the Hardys could be gone in a matter of days is extremely mind-boggling.

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